Different names for musicals

Dear Evan Hansen: lies
Hamilton: political screaming children
Heathers: death by slushy
Be More Chill: don’t take that chill pill
Shrek: it’s not easy being green
Newsies: newsboys slay the day
Rent: broke and dying
Book Of Mormon: offensive
Wicked: it’s not easy being green 2
Waitress: pergenat??
Something Rotten: tap dancing eggs
Come From Away: smol beans with accents
Tuck Everlasting: whoops hamilton

Songs to make your Non-Broadway Friends Listen to with no context at all
  • My Unfortunate Erection: 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
  • Sugar Daddy: Hedwig and the Anrgy Inch
  • Hasa Diga Eebowai: The Book of Mormon
  • Blue: Heathers
  • Totally Fucked: Spring Awakening
  • Black Death: Something Rotten!
  • Friki-friki: Honeymoon in Vegas
  • Spooky Mormon Hell Dream: The Book of Mormon
  • You Can Be As Loud As the Hell You Want: Avenue Q
  • Telly: Matilda
  • Over The Moon: RENT
  • The Ballad of Farquaad: Shrek
  • Magic Foot: 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
  • The Word of Your Body reprise: Spring Awakening
  • Die Vampire, Die!: [title of show]
  • Something Rotten/Make an Omelette: Something Rotten!
  • Joseph Smith American Moses: The Book of Mormon
  • Hello Little Girl: Into the Woods
  • Angry Inch: Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  • It's Eggs: Something Rotten!
  • The Internet is for Porn: Avenue Q
[a joke about cowboys here]

The seats in the bunker’s kitchen are hard.

The bunker is great—really. It’s the first place they’ve been able to call home since ever. Hot showers, great water pressure, and somehow an even better wifi connection. Seriously, no complaints.

Except, the seats in the bunker’s kitchen are hard. Really fucking hard.

“You gonna sit down or just hover like the creep at the playground?” Sam asks, not looking away from his laptop.

“Shut up,” Dean says.

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Do demons really exist?

Demons are often the subject of many modern horror films, with the prospect of possession being one the most terrifying plot lines out there. But is there any truth behind all the Hollywood makeup and special effects? Paranormal investigators such as the Ghost Adventures team insist that a demonic entity in the home is very real and it is extremely dangerous. Here are some warning signs they think you should to look out for:

  • Activity that starts at in the morning- This hour is widely thought of as being linked to demons and the devil, as it represents an upside down cross when shown on a clock face. If the paranormal activity you experience in your home starts around this hour, then it may be a bit more sinister than a haunting from an old-timey widow or sorrowful ghoul.
  • Nightmares- Demons can supposedly haunt your dreams while you are asleep and give you terrible nightmares. These nightmares often contain violence and dark images that may upset the sufferer. This weakens the subject so they are more likely to give in to the demon. The demon may also be able to control behaviour during the dream state, such as making seemingly asleep people sit bolt upright and have disturbing conversations with others.
  • Sulphur smell- If you smell rotten eggs frequently around your home, don’t be too quick to blame the dog. It has been documented that demons give off a foul smell when they manifest themselves in our homes.
  • Scratches- Scratches, bruises, or any other unexplained injuries may be the work of a demon trying to harm you. As most aren’t powerful enough, they rarely do any real damage. A good example of this would be the incidents recorded at the Sallie House.
  • Shadow people
  • Three knocks- This one is debatable, as it’s unknown whether this has actually been reported, or if it’s another Hollywood legend. A demonic entity will reportedly only knock in three as this mocks the Holy Trinity.
  • Growls and hisses- If the spooky ghosts in your home are mostly communicating to you with a range of guttural growls and hisses, then you should be alarmed. Ancient-sounding languages are also said to be spoken.
What To do if you wake up with Scratches and Bruises.

Hello! So I’m really interested in the Paranormal, and I realized that some people don’t know what to do if a demon is near them. Although many witches do, here’s a post about it anyways;

First, Ask yourself these Questions:

1.Have you done anything Different?

-For example, have you moved to a new place? Did a spell go haywire? Did you buy something that feels negative? Did a Ouija board session go wrong (Even though I don’t believe that the boards open portals or are evil, I still believe that you can get demons, or if you don’t use it right something bad can happen.)? Did someone evil you knew in real life die ? Did you make enemies with a witch that does curses ? These can all lead up to a possible demon/negative entity.

2.When do  these occurrences happen?

-If you know the old folklore belief, then you know that 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. is called “The Witching Hour”. It goes that “ witches, demons, and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful. “ Do you often wake up at this time? Although it could just be a coincidence, it never hurts to have some old wives tales.

And if this is all happening during night, just be aware that sometimes we can give ourselves bruises in our sleep, if our body is restless or you’re prone to kicking, thrashing or falling off the bed. Animals and pets can also play a role in bruises, bumps and scratches.

3.Have you been getting Sleep Paralysis?

-Demons are often associated with sleep paralysis. Though, if you’re prone to it and get it often, even before you’ve started getting bruises/scratches, it might not mean anything.

4.What do the Bruises and Scratches look like?

-Demons are often associated with the number “3″, and sometimes “6″. Most people who deal with demons often get scratched with three claw marks. Demons and negative spirits are strong, and can and will do some serious damage. How big are the bruises? How many are there?

5.Do you smell Horrid Scents?

-Demons and negative spirits can give off bad scents, such as sulfur, rotten eggs or rotten/burned flesh. Although, they seem that they can give off bad scents as well. For example, in my Freshman year of public high school, I had smelled a horrible poop smell, after angering a witch I used to be friends with. She had always told me that she and her friend would send ghosts to each other. But, anyways.

6.Do you feel a Presence?

-Ghosts and demons will often make you feel a presence. It’s a little different for everyone, but it is normally a feeling of dread and fear.

7.Do you see Shadows or hear Sounds?

-If a demon or spirit is strong enough, it can manifest and show itself to you, or can talk or, if very strong, can move objects around.

What to Do if you answered ‘Yes’ to some of these Questions:

1.Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse some more

-Cleanse this thing. Cleanse yourself, cleanse everyone that lives in the home, cleanse the home itself, and cleanse the whole property, if you can.


-Banish the thing. Make sure to protect yourself and others, so to make sure it doesn’t possess anyone.

3.Set up wards, immediately after banishing.

-There’s many different kinds and types of wards, but make sure they’re charged and will work, once you set them in place. Wards will help keep the thing out.

4.Cleanse again.

-I personally like to cleanse a couple of times every time something like this would happen, To cleanse again right after is optional, though.

5.Line the windows and doors with Salt, Holy water or Rose water.

-Although I don’t know much about holy water and rose water, salt is a good form of protection. Simply line the doors and windows with salt. Or for extra protection, mix salt and garlic together and leave under the moonlight, then put on doors and windowsills (this was my very first thing I did as a witch)

6.Fill the space with Good Energy.

-Live plants, flowers, Himalayan salt lamps, or even herbal pouches and poppets made to bring good energy can work.

7.Continue to be Careful.

-These beings are far different from us. Be careful.

Note; Scratches, bruises and panic attacks can also be traced to health problems. Go to your doctor as well to make sure you’re in good health. Also, if you make yourself paranoid enough, you will put yourself on edge, which can make you see/hear things.

Imagine Wade & Peter getting turned on by you.

“Really Wade!” You yelped bending down onto the ground, “I just cleaned this damn place up!”

Wade snickered next to you, throwing a thumbs up to Peter. It was movie night and the three of you were watching Amityville Horror, much to Wade’s dismay. He wanted to watch the Saw movie, but Peter protested, saying it was “too much” for him. So mid way through the movie when you were snuggled between the two men,Wade decided to scare you. Suddenly during an intense moment in the movie, Wade grabbed you by the shoulders, making you scream and on pure natural instinct, you threw the bowl of popcorn forward. Sending popcorn everywhere and causing Peter to roar in laughter. Groaning you reach down for the bowl and move down to the floor. You quickly gather all the popcorn, crawling around to make sure you got every last one. But then you see there are a few under the tv stand, so on all fours you try reaching for the popcorn. What you don’t realize is that you had just put yourself in a compromising position. Your ass was sticking up in the air, while you tried grabbing the remaining kettle.

“Jesus, look at that ass Peter,” Wade leaned over and whispered into the man’s ear. Peter tried to advert his eyes, but it was far too late.

“Imagine that ass on your lap,” Wade continued, his mask brushing against Peter’s ear.

“Shut up Wade,” he warned, shifting in his seat. The hero couldn’t tell, but under his mask Wade’s eyes had wandered to Peter’s crotch.

“Doesn’t take much huh, baby boy?”

Peter blushed profusely, grabbing a throw pillow and placing it over his lap.

Finally you stood up in victory, holding up the bowl to show the two men.

“I got it all,” smirking you noticed both men had pillows pressed against their laps.

“What did I miss?” You questioned, placing the bowl on the coffee table.

“Your delicious ass that’s what,” Wade exclaimed before pointing over to Peter, “And Spidey over here popping a boner.”

Peter turned red, fumbling to get words out, but you just laughed quickly taking your place back in between the men.

“Well, Ryan Reynolds kinda sucks in this movie, so how about I help you out with that Peter?” You removed the pillow from his lap, tossing it toward Wade. Peter’s face turned about ten shades redder, before taking your hand in his.

“HEY, HEY! I HAVE A BONER TOO!” Wade whined, chucking both pillows away from him and jumping in between Peter and you.

“I declare movie night over, last person to the bedroom is a rotten egg !” You yelled, laughing with Peter as Wade skipped to the bedroom.

Factors that Influence Your Dreams

Sounds: Real-life sounds can find their way into your dreams’ storylines. For a restful sleep, play  white noise in the background: It drowns out the other sounds around you and should improve your sleep, allowing for organic dreaming.

Smells: In a small 2008 study, German researchers introduced either a positive smell (roses) or a negative smell (rotten eggs) when women entered rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep – a prime time for dreaming. When the women were woken up, they were asked about what they’d dreamt. Smelling roses yielded positive dreams, while smelling eggs yielded negative dreams.

Sleeping Position: A recent study out of Hong Kong found that sleeping on your stomach increases the chances you’ll have a sexual dream. 

Your State of Mind: Not surprisingly, your mental state – not just what happens to you and around you – has a huge impact on your dreams.

Quitting: Ever wonder why you’re haunted by pizza and ice cream in your dreams when you’re trying to lose weight? Whenever you quit something – drinking or smoking or even just cookies – you’re going to dream about it. That is, if you diet or cut out sugar, your dreams are likely to feature a delectable buffet of treats. People who quit smoking tend to have dreams about smoking for the first couple of years afterward stopping the harmful habit – and some are visited infrequently by such dreams even 30 years later.

Drugs and Vitamins: Nicorette, for example, tends to give people intensely vivid dreams. Drugs can also affect dream recall: Since depression makes you less likely to remember your dreams, anti-depressants can counteract that effect. Vitamin B6 has also been shown to help people remember their dreams more vividly and easily.



Aliens do not understand our idea of fun and they just don’t know what to do with us when we’re bored. I mean, come on, we do some pretty bizarre stuff when we’re bored. I’m not talking balancing-things-on-your-face weird (don’t lie, we know you’ve done it.), I’m talking straight up strapping-knives-to-a-roomba-and-promoting-it crazy. Aliens quickly learn that a bored human is one of the most terror-inducing things in the galaxy.

En’thaar was going to his quarters for a bit of rest before evening-meal. It had been a busy day. He had finished analyzing the results from the tests on Veshra, summarized the results and wrote the exploration report for the captain. He even got a chance to read some of the updates in the fleet. En’thaar had just passed the central commons when he heard shouts. Immediately recognizing the source, he tensed up and doubled back. Bracing himself, he walked through the door… and froze.

“…wha?” was all he could manage.

A group of humans had gathered in the middle of the room, sitting in a rounded shape on the floor. In the middle of the group was one of the ship’s mobile cleaning units. En’thaar’s upper limb muscles relaxed a bit when he realized it was the same as any of the other cleaning units on the ship, except for a stack of small papers on top of it, or at least it appeared to be. Word had spread throughout the fleet about a group of humans on one ship that had taken a cleaning unit and attached knives to it. None of the stories said for sure which ship it was. En’thaar wasn’t sure if the stories were true or not. Honestly he thought it was too crazy to be true.

‘But not too crazy for our humans to try.’ He thought to himself, shaking his head.

One of the humans looked up. “Hey Enth!” He smiled, half-waving.

“Greetings, Human-Max, everyone.” En’thaar nodded. He looked around the room at the others. Cassie, David, Ana and Max’s twin brother Ben all smiled and said hello.

“You’re just in time to see David lose!” Max grinned mischievously.

“Yeah, yeah, get on with it already!” David rolled his eyes, an action En’thaar learned humans use to express annoyance or exasperation.

“Truth or dare?” Max asked, barely able to contain his glee.

“Truth, obviously. I’m not taking a dare from you again after that incident in Shar’lan’s quarters.” All the humans turned to look at Shar’lan. En’thaar hadn’t noticed her standing there earlier. She did not look pleased.

“Uh, right.” Max cleared his throat, awkwardly. “So, we all know how you met Cassie. it was your first day on the ship, you were soaked, aliens didn’t know as much about humans, etc.” Maxed waved his hand. “So, my question is… when you first met Cassie, how did you really feel about kissing her?”

The group broke into a chorus of ‘oohs’ and laughter. En’thaar noticed a slight pink hue to Cassie’s cheeks.

“You win.” David glared at Max, picking up the top paper from the cleaning unit as it rolled by him.

“Mix two parts hot sauce, three parts habañero juice… and six parts kunjar nectar.” He shuddered then glared at Ben.

“The habañero juice is for flavor.” The chemist smiled cheerfully.

En’thaar closed his eyes, imagining the flavor such a formula would have. He had never tasted hot sauce or habañero juice, but he had heard plenty about them from the humans. As for kunjar, he was more familiar with the plant than he would have liked. The humans compared it’s scent to that of rotting meat that had been sprayed by a skunk then soaked in rotten eggs.

“If I may interrupt…?” En’thaar asked hesitantly.

“Sure, what’s up Enth?” David asked gratefully.

“What are you doing?

“Playing truth or dare.” Ana answered.

“It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I can tell you about it later.” Cassie added. Grinning, she turned back to David. “Cheers.”

David looked at the mix in his hand and sighed. En’thaar winced as David drank the gruesome concoction.

“Ok Cassie…” David started. His torso jerked and he quickly covered his mouth. He closed his eyes for a second and swallowed, shuddering. “Truth or dare?” He choked.

“Oh no you don’t. I pick dare.” Cassie replied, hands on her hips.

“I dare you to kiss Max or Ben,” David said, regaining his composure. A small, weak smile played on his lips as he glanced over at the brothers. “Whichever one you want, there really is no difference.”

“Hey!” The twins protested as Ana laughed.

“I’d rather kiss a grogin!” Cassie snorted, grabbing the mix from David and downing the rest of it in one go.

En’thaar watched in horror as he moved closer to Shar’lan. “What… why are they…?” He whispered.

“I gave up figuring it out space hours ago.” She replied. “I just know they find it to be fun.”

En’thaar pondered this for a moment then imitated a human shrug. “I suppose it could be worse.”

Shar’lan agreed. “Yes. They could be putting knives on it.” She gestured at the cleaning unit.

“Wait…” Max froze, holding Ben in a headlock in one arm, a new batch of the revolting drink in his other hand. “Putting knives… on a roomba?!” Max’s eyes widened.

Ben broke free and grabbed the cleaning unit. “Beat ya to it!” He yelled, running out of the room.

“Hey!” His brother shouted, right on his heels. The rest of the humans laughed.

Shar’lan shrank sheepishly, smiling at En’thaar. En’thaar squinted at her, his lips forming a straight line.

He rolled his eyes, turning back toward his quarters. “Starmaker help us.”

So there’s a support group for people that constantly get kidnapped by the villains of Gotham, and the last time I went it was the day that a lot of Scarecrow’s victims were going to share, well we’re all listening to this one guy talk about his experience with the fear toxin and out of nowhere one of the other guys asks if anyone else is smelling rotten eggs. The guy speaking goes pale and just runs out while most of us are just choking on the fear toxin (I’m seeing snakes everywhere and just fucking freeze because Oh my god this is my nightmare made real don’t fucking move) and one chic just goes “Oh hell no, not again, you fucking maniac” and to me it looks like one giant snake beating another snake with a chair made of scorpions (which of course is terrifying). Turns out this chic had been exposed to fear toxin so much that she had built up a natural immunity to it, so she was beating the Scarecrow with one of the chairs we use during the meetings. Obviously the AA meeting that takes takes place in the same room after ours, was moved to another building for the day. But talk about a #RealHero #TheHeroGothamNeeds #MoveOverBats #SomebodyCallBatGirl #RestartTheBirdsOfPrey #ThisGirlIsAHero #ScarecrowSucks #onlyingotham

The Shape of Water = Hellboy

We see such a ton of Hellboy here this is amazing! 

“The Princess without a voice” Princess = Nuala (even if she can speak but still)

She plays classic (older) music for him, just like Abe loves to hear this kind of music when he’s swimming.

The thing in the tank = Abe Sapien (both also has similar designs)

The thing eats eggs, and we all know Abe loves foul rotten eggs, it’s his favorite food

“He sees me as I am” Could be a reference to Nuala’s being because Abe had such an intense and hard crush on her that anything didn’t matter just her. 

It’s the story of Nuala and Abe in shape of another Del Toro movie ♥ 

A fic for @taylor-tut based on a prompt she posted. I’m so, so sorry it took so long to fill, this has been a super busy summer so far! Words: 2.5k.

Lance had been raised to live in a clean house. Being the oldest of a huge family he had been given the bulk of the household chores and when his siblings weren’t feeling up to their chores Lance would always take the burden upon himself, being the good older brother he was. After years of scrubbing floors and folding laundry, Lance found that he didn’t mind chores. So when one lazy afternoon Allura lined up the paladins, giving them chores for the next day, he found that he didn’t mind the work, even though the other paladins groaned as Allura gave them their duties.

“Paladins, I’ve noticed that your lions seem to be getting rather dirty,” she announced to the line of paladins lined up in the training area. “As we have no pressing matters that need to be dealt with, you will all be cleaning your lions tomorrow. This way you will be doing something productive with your time instead of dragging your feet around the castle and complaining about being bored.”

“Our lions are fine, Princess,” Hunk insisted. “I don’t see why we have to clean them.”

“Yours is the worst, Hunk,” Allura responded, crossing her arms. “May I remind you that as a result of your constant motion sickness your lion smells like a combination of moldy cheese and rotten eggs. If we show up to battle with a lion smelling that bad Zarkon may just die laughing.”

“Come on, guys, it’s not that hard,” Lance said. “A few hours of work and it’ll be done.”

“Thank you, Lance,” Allura smiled. “I wish all of you would take on his attitude to cleaning your lions tomorrow.”

“This sucks,” Pidge complained, trudging out of the training area with the other paladins. “I was planning on re-programming my computer tomorrow.” She glanced up at Lance, a hopeful look on her face. “Since you don’t seem to mind chores that much, would you be willing to do mine for me?” Lance sighed, weighing Pidge’s question in his head. It wasn’t as if he had anything more important going on the next day, and he was a fast cleaner.

“Sure,” he responded. Pidge squealed, giving Lance a quick hug.

“Thanks, Lance, you’re the best!” she grinned before skipping away, most likely to work on some project in her room. The remaining four paladins continued to walk slowly down the hallway until Lance caught Hunk staring at him, halting his walk.

“Do you need something?” he questioned. Hunk grinned awkwardly.

“I know you already have chores to do tomorrow, but I was going to make dinner for everyone tomorrow, but it’ll take all day to make, and I won’t have time if I have to clean my lion.”

“So you want me to do it for you?”

“That would be amazing.”

“Yeah, alright,” Lance decided.

“Thank you so much!” Hunk said. “I’ll make the food extra good just for you.” He left to his room, leaving Lance with Shiro and Keith, talking in hushed whispers.

“I don’t want to ask him!”

“Well, neither do I!”

“What do you want?” Lance sighed, pushing a small headache that was beginning to form at the back of his head.
“We were going to train tomorrow,” Shiro answered. “We thought we were going to have all day to practice, but Allura just sprang this on us, and we won’t have any time.”

“I can clean your lions, too,” Lance muttered.

“Really?” Keith grinned. Lance nodded.

“Thank you so much,” Shiro said. “You’re amazing!”

Lance honestly didn’t mind the load of work that he had taken on. Back at home his Mama gave them chores all the time and whenever his siblings weren’t feeling up to theirs, he was happy to take their chores. He didn’t even mind the chores, if he was being honest with himself. They reminded him of home and with the prospect of never returning to Earth again, lance needed all of the reminders he could get.

Lance immediately regretted the promises he had made. He woke up the next morning curled into the fetal position, shivers wracking his body. His sheets were wrapped tightly around him, signifying a fitful night. After detangling himself from the web of sheets he swung his legs to the front of the bed, attempting to ignore the headache was pounding in his skull. He stood up, legs shaking and weak. He changed into the warmest outfit he could find, zipping his jacket up over a thick, long sleeved shirt in an effort to stay warm.

After taking a quick moment to asses his appearance in the bathroom mirror, Lance came to the conclusion that he somewhat resembled a ghost. His face was pale, the only color the bright red fever patches covering his cheeks. Dark circles highlighted his bloodshot eyes. Lance rubbed at his temples, wishing more than anything that he could climb back into bed and sleep whatever illness this was away. But he had made commitments, and he had to stick to them.
On his way to the lions he passed Pidge’s room, hard at work tinkering on her laptop. Her tongue was sticking out, an intense look of concentration on her face. Lance felt bad about even thinking about breaking his promise to her.

He passed the kitchen, delicious smells wafting out of the room. Even though his nose was clogged he could just make out the scent of paprika and basil, about to be made into some amazing dish by the team’s personal chef. In the training area Keith and Shiro were working hard, shirt sleeves rolled up as they sparred, Keith with his bayard and Shiro with his metal arm. Even though physically Lance felt awful, he still felt good that he was allowing his friends to do the things they loved.

All good feelings were gone not ten minutes into the cleaning process. Armed with a towel and a bucket of water Lance attacked Blue’s exterior, scrubbing hard. However the work was difficult and in the short period of time he was exhausted, the headache increasing tenfold. He leaned his head on Blue’s leg, and she heated herself up when she sensed his obvious fever.

“Thanks,” he muttered, letting his arm dangle at his side, water from the towel dripping to the ground. He closed his eyes, letting the warmth run through his feverish body. After a few precious minutes of relaxing he opened his eyes, a harsh chill making him shake. Blue rumbled.

“I know, but I have more cleaning to do,” Lance sighed. He dipped the washcloth in the bucket, scrubbing at a spot of dirt on Blue’s paw. After his brief moment of quiet everything hurt even more and his arms shook with the effort of the cleaning. He stopped to let a wave of pain wash over him, trying not to let it knock him over. He felt so weak that if a small gust of wind were to blow, he would most likely fall over.

Blue hummed, sensing his discomfort. She opened her mouth, letting heat wash out of her. Lance knew that she was telling him to stop working, to take a small break.

“You’re probably right,” he sighed, his voice soft and weak. Dropping the towel next to the bucket of water he staggered to Blue’s mouth, crawling inside. He climbed into his seat, drawing his feet into his stomach to fit his entire body inside the seat. He tugged his jacket tighter around him, cold despite the heat Blue was emanating. He was asleep so fast that he didn’t notice the footsteps walking into the room not a moment after Blue closed her mouth.

When Allura walked into the room housing the lions she expected to find five paladins cheerfully cleaning their lions. What she found instead was a room devoid of paladins, with a single towel and bucket of water sitting next to Blue. She did a quick scan of the room, confirming her suspicion that the paladins had blown off their chores. She stalked out of the room, walking to the comms.

“All paladins to the training area, all paladins to the training area,” she broadcasted. She waited next to the training area, two sweaty paladins popping out of the room first. Shiro and Keith had obviously been sparring, and seemed to have no idea of what they had done wrong. Hunk and Pidge were last, Hunk smelling of spices and Pidge looking slightly frazzled, her glasses askew. Both looked confused, and again, neither one seemed to know what they had done wrong.

“Do you what I found when I went to the lions?” She asked, bristling with anger. The paladins shook their heads and the anger increased. “What I expected to find was a slightly clean blue lion and no paladins. Your lions are still extremely dirty, which means that you disobeyed my direct orders! As paladins of voltron you should always listen to your leader’s instructions, no matter how small the task is. This does not only reflect upon your poor listening habits, but on your ability to be a good soldier as well.”

“We’re so sorry, princess,” Shiro said, stepping forward. “It seems that there was a miscommunication. If you would be so gracious to forgive us, we would be incredibly grateful.” Allura sighed, tapping her foot on the floor.

“Alright,” she decided. “Just make sure your lions are cleaned by the end of the day.”

“Of course, princess,” Shiro said. “We’ll get right on it.”

“I can’t believe he would go back on his word like that,” Keith complained. “Where is he, anyway? He didn’t come when Allura called.” Pidge motioned toward Lance’s lion, a soft glow emanating from its eyes.

“His lion is on.”

“Do you think he’s in there?” Hunk wondered.

“We’ll he’s not anywhere else,” Keith spat, marching to the blue lion. “Blue!” he yelled, knocking on the metal surface. “Open up!”

“Blue won’t open up if you talk like that,” Hunk reprimanded, walking up to Keith. He ran his hand across Blue’s surface, earning a soft pur.

“Hey, Blue,” Hunk said. “Can you open up for us? We want to talk to Lance.” Blue hummed, their mouth staying closed. “Come on. We just want to talk.” Blue remained stoic, protecting the paladin inside.

“Come on, Blue,” Pidge pleaded. “We need to talk to Lance.” Grudgingly, Blue unhinged their mouth, allowing the four paladins to venture inside.

They found Lance curled up in his pilot’s chair, eyes shut tightly as he slept. Pidge couldn’t help but notice his faint but harsh shivering or the way his bright pink cheeks stood out against his pale face.

“Is he sleeping?” Keith muttered. “Lance, wake up!” Lance grunted, fluttering his eyes open. His normally vibrant blue eyes were dull and glassy. He dazedly gazed around, trying to get his bearings.

“Wha-” he murmured, rubbing his eyes. “What’s going on?”

“What’s going on is that you told all of us that you would do our chores,” Shiro said. “It’s your fault that Allura yelled at us.” Shiro’s outburst seemed to have triggered an explosion that Pidge never would have predicted. As if a wall had been broken, Shiro, Keith and Hunk let their anger out on Lance. Lance shrunk back into his chair, ducking his head down as he tried to avoid the barrage of yells flying at him.

Pidge could tell that something was wrong with the brunette cowering in the chair. Lance’s eyes were far too glassy, and even though it must have been eighty degrees in the lion, Lance was wearing multiple layers, the thick clothing swallowing up his shivering frame. “Guys,” Pidge said, trying to get the attention of her fellow paladins. They ignored her, continuing their rant. “Guys!” she yelled. The yelling halted, the other four paladins surprised at Pidge’s burst. “Can’t you see that something’s wrong?” she asked, pushing Keith away to get to Lance. She rested her hand on his forehead, Lance leaning into her touch. “He’s burning up,” she muttered. She spun around, desperate to heal her friend. “Keith, I need you to get a thermometer and all the medicine you can find, as fast as you can.” Keith looked immensely guilty, as if his rant had caused Lance’s illness. Without a word, he turned on his heel and sprinted away in search of something, anything, to cure Lance.

“Lance, buddy?” Shiro whispered, his demeanor changing instantly. “How are you feeling?” Lance shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose tightly in a futile effort to alleviate his pounding headache.

“Not good,” he responded, resting his head on Pidge’s shoulder.

“We need to get him to the med bay,” Hunk said. “I’ve never seen him this sick before. I’ve never seen anyone this sick before.”

“I can’t move,” Lance whispered. “Everything hurts too much.”

“We can get you to sleep before moving you to the med bay, but you can’t stay in here forever,” Pidge informed him.

“Ok,” Lance murmured, letting his head drop onto her shoulder.

Footsteps pounded into the room and Keith sprinted into the room, waving the thermometer wildly in the air with one hand and clutching a massive . “I got it!” he gasped, handing it to Pidge. She slipped it inside of Lance’s mouth, waiting a few ticks for the beep.

“103.3,” she sighed, pulling it out. “This isn’t good. Can you take the medicine? We need to get you to the med bay.”

“Yeah,” Lance responded. He took the pills from Keith, washing them down with a glass of water that made him double over in a fit of harsh coughing that had his lungs rattling inside of his body. Pidge patted his back, rubbing small circles as Lance’s fit ended. Lance buried his head in her shoulder, curled up next to her. “My head hurts,” he whispered, already beginning to get drowsy from the pills.

“Just wait a little while longer and you’ll be asleep,” Pidge promised. She continued the small circles on his back, humming softly. Lance’s eyes were already beginning to flutter shut, relaxed by the soft melody.

Pidge heard a faint snore and looked at her shoulder to see a sleeping boy, his eyes shut tightly. She stopped her humming, gently easing him off of her shoulder. His head fell and she caught it, lowering it to the arm rest.

“We should get him to the med bay,” she sighed, resting the back of her hand on Lance’s forehead in the faint hope that his fever would have gone down. “He’s on fire.”

“I’ll carry him,” Shiro volunteered, scooping Lance up like he was a sack of potatoes. He cradled Lance in his arms, supporting his head and letting Lance’s long legs hang over Shiro’s arms.

“You know he won’t remember any of this, right?” Keith smirked, nudging Pidge’s shoulder.

“What?” Pidge asked, clearly confused.

“He never seems to remember bonding moments,” Keith sighed, shaking his head. “No matter how intimate, he never remembers. If he didn’t remember ours, then there’s no way in the universe he’ll remember yours.”

“Hey, Keith?” Pidge inquired.


“Do yourself a favor and shut up.”