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Where y/n is Harry’s assistant and they are both secretly in love with each other.

warnings: a lot of smut

It’s my first time writing a Harry one shot. I’ve been dreaming about being Harry’s assistant a couple of times now and I wanted to write about it. I’m so sorry if this is shit,, English is my third language so yeah but I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it :). xo ML

also shout out to my bub @17-blackaf for proof reading it :) you’re the best. 💕

Harry’s been staring at her for a while now.

He watched her as she was putting the last groceries in his fridge. She was in a hurry, as always. Y/N has been known to be a very stressed out person; always wanting to finish things as fast as she could.

But today, it was a bit different than usual.

Ever since Harry finished the last bits of his album, the level of her stress became unbearable. Harry was on promo tour in London, and though everything was going well (as they both hoped), she couldn’t help that she was anxious about every little thing.

Even after a year of being Harry’s assistant and him reassuring her every time that everything she does for him is amazing, she still doubts herself.

He wished that she wasn’t so hard on herself.

Harry admired Y/N a lot. He loved how she could speak three different languages (especially French, he loved French), while he struggled with repeating the same French phrase. Y/N always teased him when he tried to speak the language, but always helped him improve it. Y/N hated that English wasn’t her native language and struggled with it sometimes. Harry thought it was cute, and would always help her out. Just like she helped him with his French.

He was also amazed by her beautiful eyes and how they would sparkle when she smiled. He thought that she had the most extravagant smile in the world. Harry also thought Y/N was adorable, especially when she would giggle when he told her a silly joke.

Harry loved how much she loved his jokes as he adored her sense of humor. He always thought that they were very similar when it came down to corny jokes. She would tell the weirdest thing in the world and then laugh at herself. Harry thought she was a hilarious precious woman.

Harry loved the way she loved singing and dancing along to her favourite songs. It was entertaining to he catch her dancing around his house while listening to music. She would always scream and cuss, running away from him. Y/N loved all kinds of music, just like he does.

He adored how small she was compared to his height. Whenever she would let him hug her, she would always stand on her tiptoes. Which would always make him chuckle and hold her tighter to his chest.

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underneath the little black dress

Warnings: Smut!

Note; This is my first smut ever and my second piece I’ve ever written. I’ve worked on this a while. So I hope you will enjoy it. :’) based of the gifs of harry at the graham norton show. (the drinking water, and this could be fun).

Harry seeing you without underwear at a dinner party.

 It was a Saturday evening when you and Harry were at a dinner party hosted by James. James asked you if a surprise dinner party would be fun to celebrate the number 1 spot, and you agreed on this idea.  Secrets were more your thing, you knew harry could keep small ones but he had so much trouble keeping surprise parties a surprise. All you said to harry was you made reservations at his favourite restaurant in L.A. You dressed nice for the occasion, in a boutique nearby you found this perfect little black dress. To spice up the evening you decided to leave your panties at home. You knew all too well that wearing no panties in a public place would get his cock hard and ready for you. This wasn’t the first time you went to a public place without panties. Harry would usually start thinking about rubbing your clit, eating you out in the bathroom or just a quick fuck. And well… you sure as hell wouldn’t mind it.

“Where are we going? This isn’t the way to the restaurant…” He was wondering where the two of you were going. “Oh yeah… We must go to James first. He had something for you there. I got a text like a few minutes ago. A small detour. Don’t worry ”you said to harry.  When you and Harry arrived at James’ his house, you wiggled yourself out of the car trying not to ruin the no panties surprise. That completely failed…. When you put your legs out of the car harry turned around to check if you needed help. That’s when you saw that his mouth turned in to a big O and then a big smirk came across his face, and he moved closer to your ear and whispered “is it going to be like a few weeks ago? Are you going to tease me? Didn’t I teach you the hard way that teasing me isn’t nice, or did you like that?’’ you looked at Harry and tried to look as innocent as you could. ‘’ I don’t know what you’re talking about’’ You adjusted your dress and walked in front of harry, swaying your hips a little bit more then you usually do. Before the door opened you turned around to look at harry and gave him a little smirk.  When the both of you came inside the house, everybody was cheering and yelling SURPRISEEEE”. You could tell harry was completely shocked by what was going on. Why…why? Why are you guys doing this?” Harry asked. Well mate. it’s because 1. You did amazing on the show and 2 your album just took the number 1 spot. And we wanted to celebrate that!”James said to harry. After James gave that little speech everyone took their seats at the table. At the end of the table you sat next to Harry. The evening was going fast and almost everyone was either tipsy or drunk. At one moment, you took Harry’s hand and slipped it under your dress. Harry was surprised by your sudden confidence to do that. He started to cough and choke a little bit on the water still in his mouth. Harry then looked at you with the eyes that were so familiar to you, so dark and full of lust. He mumbled to you “ well, this could be fun.”  and he took another sip of his water.

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Hawaiian memories

A/N: I’m not using the gif or pictures.. but it’s obviously about harry playing tag with that adorable little girl and sitting at the table.. That gif made me feel so many things…my ovaries may or may not have exploded. Anywaaaaay…. I had to write it. I’m not sorry for it, I had to leave you with something. like and reblog and whatnot! enjoy!

all the love,


You were feeling really happy and emotional at the same time.. The first time you and Harry went to Hawaii together, you found out that you were pregnant. all the two of you could do that day was cry, smile and harry giving kisses to your tummy. Now three years later, Hawaii was the mini vacation destination again. All of you were invited to a summer wedding in Hawaii… and of course your little one was coming along for the ride. 

This would be her first ever big vacation abroad. The flight went perfectly okay and she behaved really well.. The first few days you had all the time to just stroll around and looked at a few places. But all your little girl could ask was     ‘’ Mommy, Daddy… when are we going to see the lady in a pretty dress?’’ You and Harry looked at each other and smiled… ‘’ soon baby girl, the wedding is tomorrow’’. Back at the hotel you put the little one to bed and the both of you stayed awake for a bit longer. He was doing some work on his laptop and you were reading something about how to make great healthy meal. ‘’ She’s really obsessed with people getting married, isn’t she?’’ as he looked up to you and smiled. You nodded and winked back at him, ‘’ maybe it’s time for us to have that wedding then? since she’s all aware of people wearing pretty dresses and saying yes and such’’ Harry started nervously laughing…. ‘’ hah, yeah maybe.. who knows’’. After that the two of you went to bed, all because that little angel of yours would be up around 5 am. 

The next day everyone was getting dressed and doing their make-up. Harry helped you out with your dress, and well… you stared at him, because he looked drop dead gorgeous. ‘’ Mommy can i wear a bit of makeup please… you look very pretty.. doesn’t she daddy?’’.You answered your baby girl with a simple yes. So she got a little bit of clear lipgloss on and walked around like she wore so much. ‘’ LOOK DADDY, NOW I LOOK LIKE MOMMY’’ and he started laughing.. ‘’yes love, I’m so lucky to have two beautiful women in my life’’. When you arrived at the wedding, you chatted to a few people and said your hello’s.  Your little one found some other kids to play with, but when the ceremony started she sat neatly next to her dad. ‘’ how does she look princess?’’ as he watched his little girl look at the bride. He didn’t get a answer from her, which probably meant she was impressed. After the ceremony was done, you all were seated at a table for dinner. You wanted to send a picture to Anne and your own mom, so you asked a lady next to you to take a picture. When the photo was taken you looked at it and smiled. ‘’ look love, she only has eyes for you. Both of the grandma’s aren’t important enough to smile in to the camera’’ and both of you started laughing. ‘’ they are, but I know I’m more important. obviously.’’ and he started grinning. The evening was rather fun! there was a lot of music and happiness all around. Harry started dancing with the little one, on his feet. It’s something he does with her, when she wants to dance like mom and dad. But she can also throw some crazy shapes just like her dad, and they are definitely not afraid to show that. Around 1 AM the main party was over and the three of you went to bed. The next day there was a casual lunch, that all of you were also invited too. 

The lunch was going great so far. Both you and Harry had a chance to talk to people you didn’t see for a while. Harry was wearing a snapback again and was walking barefoot. To be honest the snapback was reminding you of years ago, when he used to wear one all the time. You were sitting down at the table and watch Harry run around with his daughter, having the time of his life. They were running around and fell down on the grass. Both of them started laughing really loud. It’s like having two little children to take care off, they weren’t drinking enough so you called them over. She drank a few sips of her water and harry took his champagne, and they ran around even more. You grabbed your phone and started filming them. ‘’ DADDY, let’s play tag now.’’ He agreed and played tag with her. You send the video you made to your mom and Anne. They would love to see Harry playing tag and being a wonderful loving father. 

As you looked up from your phone, you didn’t see Harry and your daughter anywhere. You got a little bit anxious, so you started to look for them. ‘’ Hi, have you seen Harry?’’ and the person shook their head. One of harry’s friends walked over to you and said you needed to walk over to the beach. As you walked over to the beach, you noticed some cute little hearts in the plants and trees. When you got at the beach you took of your shoes, and searched for Harry. After a few minutes of looking, you found Harry and your daughter, sitting on a rock. ‘’ HI MUMMY, YOU CAME!!’’ and ran over to you. ‘’ yeah love, I lost you for a second.’’ and hugged her really tight.

What is this harry? as you stood in front of him. He seemed a bit nervous, Harry was rarely nervous.’’ well, you know how we jokingly talked about marriage? because our little princess loves it. And that she’s old enough to realise what would happen?’’ You stood there nodding at what he was saying. ‘’uhm.. I wasn’t a joke for me. I’ve been planning and waiting for the right moment to ask. I love you with all my heart, and i couldn’t think of my life without you. All these years with you have been the best part of my life. You gave me the best thing in the world and made me a dad. A dad to this little girl… I know Hawaii holds a special place in your heart. It’s the place I first took you on our vacation, the place where we three years later found out we were going to be parents. I want to make this place even more of a memory..’’ As he was talking and saying all of these things, you softly started to cry. You weren’t a cryer but the things he was saying were so sweet. ‘’ you want to take this away little one?’’ as he looked over to your daughter. She walked over to you with a little box. and said to you ‘’ Mommy, daddy wants me and you to wear a pretty dress. Can we wear a pretty dress?’’ You looked at your daughter and smiled, and then you looked at Harry who didn’t seem nervous anymore. He looked.. relaxed. ‘’yes, yes.. yes we can wear a pretty dress. And we will wear a pretty dress’‘ 

The answer you gave made your daughter jump around and yelled at her dad ‘‘ DADDY DADDY WE CAN WEAR A PRETTY DRESS’‘. He looked over at you with the biggest smile you had ever seen. He picked you up and twirled you around. As you walked back to the lunch, you let Harry and your daughter walked ahead of you and smiled at the most beautiful sight.

This was another memory made in Hawaii. 

Young, wild and 23

Request one shot
For a lovely friend. Hope you’ll enjoy this one :’)

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Warnings: smut

“Come on!! Let’s go out tonight Harry! Nick asked if we wanted to join him and Rita. We haven’t been out to a party for a while, let’s be young, wild and 23”. You said to harry as you leaned on the doorframe. “Nah, I’m not really in the mood love”. Harry turned around to look at you, and saw that you looked quite pissed by then. “ what’s wrong? Are you mad just because I don’t want to go to some stupid club? Maybe Nick and Rita can come over?”. You heard all that he was saying but didn’t like the idea he had about a fun night, while he was back home again. You see in Jamaica he went out a couple of times, there is photographic evidence of that. Everyone who went out with him over in Jamaica, send pictures and videos to you. Even the cameraman showed you a clip of him being drunk and jumping of a bridge. “Stupid club… for fucks sake. Parties in Jamaica were more fun than?“ you muttered under your breath whilst walking away. "Hey… hey…. don’t say that and then walk away. I did like the parties in Jamaica… yes. Mainly because there is no press outside trying to get a pic of me or YOU shitfaced drunk. But I’ll go with you and Nick and Rita is that makes you happy”. Harry smiled at you.

At first Harry thought the idea of going out wasn’t the best one. Because he didn’t like it when the media would get pictures of his girlfriend being drunk. He had seen headlines before saying “ oh looks like Harry’s girlfriend is done with him. She’s hugging and flirting others, what would harry think of that?”. But when he saw what you were wearing tonight the mood changed. He would like to see you dance for him in a dress like that. You noticed that Harry was staring at you. “What’s going on? You’re staring”. A smirk appeared on his face and walked over to you, and started kissing your neck and whispered in your ear “Well.. I might…just…. Like.. This dress on you. You look really good”. His hands traveled up your thighs, and placed his hands on your panties “ all mine…”. When you arrived at the club, you and Harry went in through the back door. Nick guided you to a table they were already sitting at. “Glad you decided to come mate..and y/o you look STUNNING”. But there was no time to sit down because you heard Niall’s song slow hands. “COME ON HARRY, let’s dance” and took him out to the dance floor. You started grinding on Harry’s manhood and whispered in his ear “See going out wasn’t such a bad idea. When do I ever get a chance to grind on you baby”. All you heard was a hmm.. from him. All along you felt yourself getting more wet between your folds. You already were horny when he placed his hands on your panties back home, but hearing these songs and grinding on harry made you want him even more. You turned over and placed arms around his neck and put your head against his and started to sing along “Cause I want you bad, yeah, I want you, baby… I do Harry”. He took your hand and walked to the nearest “staff only” spot he could find. The room was so dark, and he took you to the back. “Teasing me like that.. Hmm”. As he started to kiss your neck and placed his hand on your thigh. He moved his hand up even further and felt how soaked your panties had become. “ hmm so wet for me.. All this because we went out huh. Let me taste it.” And he took your panties down. Harry left little kisses on your thighs and lifted one leg up and over his shoulder. The first thing you felt was his tongue wiping away the wetness. “ OH. Hmm … yes” is what you said after feeling his tongue. Harry looked up to you and said “Hmm you taste so good baby”. He started licking your cunt even more. It wouldn’t take long for you to come, since you were already horny for a while. Harry was busy licking and sucking and doing everything little thing you love. But then you heard your phone ringing, not looking at the phone you answered “Hmm.. Yes?”. “where the fuck are you and Harry? We’ve been searching the two of you!” You could tell Nick was a bit mad. As you tried to answer his question, Harry decided to put a finger inside your tight cunt. He chuckled as you tried to speak normally “We will be … hmmm back very.. Aah, Soon”. “Aah I see, uhm.. Take your time. We’ll see you in a bit.” and Nick hung up the phone. “I guess they know now, don’t they. Maybe it’s time to go back?” Harry mumbled. “Hmmm… maybe. Ooh yes. Right here Harry” as he fastened his movements. “I’ll do it better when we’re back home okay” he told you. “Hmmm Kay… OOOH my.. Yes hazz. It feels so great baby. You.. use .. Aaah..that tongue.. Hmm SO .. Good. I’m gonna come hazz, Aaaah. Yes. Yes.. Hmm”. As you were trying to catch your breath Harry got your panties and put them back on. “Babe, feet. I’m not letting you walk away without underwear. They can come off again when we’re back home”. Harry stood up and winked at you.

The both of you walked over to your friends, Harry remembered he had to tell you that going out maybe wasn’t all that bad. Even if it was just to see that smile on her face while she was dancing with Rita or the oral sex in a dark room.

As she said to him that evening before “ let’s be young, wild and 23”.


so when this photo came out 

I was already thinking “wow harry is serving some real jack from titanic teas” in this water world photoshoot


this photo just really furthers my theory that harry is really morphing into some wistful dreamlike out of this world character that in a different world is the living embodiment of jack from titanic and you can’t deny me of this

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