rotten with green smoke

Imagine Shintaro introduces Sims 3 to the Dan.

Kido takes good care of her Sims giving them good careers and making them happy and is a pretty normal simmer but gets flustered when they get romantic with each other.

Seto’s Sims are all nature freaks who go adventuring in other worlds and have tons of treasures and raise animals and he grieves for days when they pass on.

Kano makes as many conflicting personalities as he can because he finds it amusing but makes sure that they stay alive cause he would be sad if they died.

Mary goes for an all out Yaoi fest with the members of the Dan but gets the game confiscated when Kido happens to glance over her shoulder and witness some uh, “special interactions” between Seto and Shintaro.

All of Momo’s Sims end up dying and she can’t understand why till Ene explains to her that Sims shouldn’t eat rotten food and Momo goes “so THAT’S what those green clouds of smoke over the plates were!!”

Ene doesn’t really play but makes sure to make Shintaro’s play time a living hell.

Shintaro’s fun is ruined by Ene when she kills off Simtaro just as he was about to obtain lifetime happiness.

“Ene he was about to fulfill his lifetime wish I was going to get him the master of seduction reward with those points and you ruined it!!”

“Too bad master, how about you start over?”

Cue Shin rage quitting and not touching the game for days. Also motherlode. Lots of motherlode.

Hibiya’s not very interested in the Sims but on the occasions he does play he has Hiyori date him. He freaks out when the game glitches and a car runs into Hiyori while they’re crossing the street but runs away before he can see that she’s fine.

Konoha doesn’t really understand the game but thinks the Sims are cute though he ends up making them sleep and eat a lot so they don’t get tired or hungry and doesn’t realize they need jobs for money.