rotten sushi


Learning how to feed your human properly.

tl;dr. Customer angry that we don’t give refunds for eaten food throws a fit and his wife pretends to shoot me… all in front of their daughter

So this customer and his wife had been coming to the Japanese grocery/cafe for a while now. Each time they came in, they always complained about the food. However, one day they decided to order something different and after eating more than a few bites, the woman decided that it was too salty and she didn’t like it. The husband came up with the bowl and said “this is gross. My wife wants to get something else.” I’m like, “ok, -something else- is $8.67.” (Store policy is no refunds on eaten food– unless there is obvious evidence of rotten fish in sushi or something)

When he found out that we don’t give refunds for eaten food, he threw an absolute fit. He threw his dishes across the room (some of them still had broth and noodles in them). He’s loudly screaming about how this place is crap, etc. Then, then his wife turns around, glares at me and pretends to shoot me with finger guns saying “bang bang!” Mind you, all of this was done in front of their young daughter.