rotten skin

“Villian No. 1″ Loki skin concept. 

I know I’m not the first person to think of this. Nevertheless, I’ve been wanting to draw this for a while. Hi-Rez, we need a Robbie Rotten Loki skin!! 

I was conflicted about a few things. Mainly the hair and face since Loki’s models and skins all have him with a hood or at least a hat. I attempted making a bowler hat, but it turned out looking funky, and I really wanted this to be recognizable without totally copying Robbie’s actual, detail for detail outfit. Hence the color changes, and addition of Loki’s coat tails. (I love the coat tails on his standard model so hecking much hnnnngh)

 I’m still getting used to the new tablet, so please excuse the awkward blending and lines. Hope you enjoy <3 

Zombie! AU

-Izuku wonders how he gets to this deserted, rundown town with nothing in his backpack except for a strange rod thing he has no idea what is for.

-The first living thing he encounters tries to bite his neck with decaying teeth. Disgusting rotten skin falls off onto Izuku’s clothes. Its breath makes Izuku gag.

-He manages to escape the thing at the loss of a shoe and runs right into a horde of them immediately after.

-He is ready to die.

-Then explosion comes from behind the group and two truly-alive figures comes into view.

-‘What did you do this time?’

‘Not a fucking thing, you damn asswipe.’

Izuku hears them argue while busy slicing and exploding zombies left and right with Star Wars like weapons.

-He is certain that current technology is nowhere near recreating lightsabers, especially lightsabers that can freeze, burn and explode upon impact.

-‘Oh, you’re alive as well?’ The half-white-half-red-haired man asked Izuku. ‘Hey Bakugou, take care of the rest. We’re leaving.’

‘Fuck yeah get lost!

Izuku is yanked up and dragged away by his collar. The sandy-haired one, Bakugou, stays behind and starts throwing orbs like things from his backpack at the approaching zombies. The orbs are grenades, powerful ones that shake the earth. Izuku hears Bakugou cackle madly with glee.

-They take shelter in a rundown building three blocks from the fight. The man introduces himself as Todoroki and takes a look inside Izuku’s backpack. He takes out the grey rod and tells Izuku to twist it like how he would a candy wrapper.

-Todoroki demonstrates with his similar looking rod. Two sabres appear from both ends, one icy blue and the other fiery red. Bakugou’s saber, Todoroki explains, is shorter and creates explosion when it comes into contact. Izuku’s rod will become some sort of weapon as well.

-The pen tip that pops out when Izuku turns the rod is disappointing. It’s really just a regular, ball point pen tip that is useless except for writing peace treaty with the zombies. It’s not a disguised stun gun, poison dart gun, smoke screen ejector, not even a medical syringe! How is he supposed to stay alive in this zombie infested place!?

-Bakugou, when he joins back with Todoroki, can offer no explanation either. He even suggests that Izuku go and be the prey for zombie so he can be useful. That’s just rude! And scary!

-Todoroki lends him a pocket knife he swiped from a deserted convenient store. Then he explains how to kill the zombie, cutting off the head. Izuku looks to the small, rusty blade in his hand. Yeah, he is going to die soon.

-When Izuku asks how the zombie infestation started, neither Todoroki nor Bakugou has any answers. That strikes Izuku as odd.

-Odd things start showing themselves to Izuku. He is never hungry or thirsty. He doesn’t break a sweat when running four blocks and climbing three flights of stair to escape zombies. Neither does he bleed when he accidentally flips the knife the wrong way and slices his palm.

I cannot stop of do Ink humans! send help!

But talking serious, after the chapter 2 of Batim, I’m falling in a little love for the Otaku Sammy, I like how all his humanity get lose forever…and I begin do it moar of the Sillyvision team like he

(of course this is NOT canon with BATSM (for now)

BATSM AU Updates:

Wally change role with Sammy: and he becomes in us first Boss in the Chapter 2 and the first on die.

Headcanon: Wally is the Mechanic of the ink machine (maybe?)

Headcanon: Members who were in the satanic ritual did not age over the years, however, their skins became rotten until they became pure ink

Headcanon: PPFFF Sammy is furry, JA

((PD: I’m working in a new Ask Blog: (still empty but I’m working in the story))

My porcelain skin is rotten,
And my angel hair is knotted,
But I’m still your favorite baby,
I will not be forgotten.

My glossy glass eyes are shattered,
And my lacy dress is tattered,
But I’m still your favorite dolly,
And that’s all that really matters.

A Sick, Mick Fic.

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

O/C: Murder witness and Daughter.

Warnings: Swearing, Cringe-worthy acts of stupidity.

Words: 1510

A/N: This is for @faith-in-dean ’s BMoL writing challenge.

Prompt: (7) “Oh my god, that’s disgusting”.

Summary: Two cases in one day. Sam and Dean took one, you and Mick took the other. Who would’ve guessed you’d get the crazy one.

“So” you prompted, breaking the silence. “Nice car”.

“Thanks” he replied, without breaking his focus on the road ahead.

Opening his glove compartment, you asked “How much did this beauty cost you?”

“It’s a company car”, he stated. “Comes with the position… What are you doing?”

Mick took a quick look sideways to see you bending forward, fumbling through his belongings. Taking a second, slightly longer glance, he saw you pulling a small, silver knife out of it’s leather casing.

“Don’t touch that. Put it back!” he said sternly as he hit you gently on the leg.

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Drew me some Sportaflop, shirtless of course because I’m trash. I also drew him without his hat because Magnus’s hair is GODLIKE. But Sportacus is such a pure ADHD baby. He can never stay still and it bugs Robbie but he also thinks it’s super cute. The caption says:

“Hey Robbie! Want to play shirts and skins?”

To which I imagine Robbie becomes extremely flustered at. So he originally declines especially because ew sports but then he sees how much Sport and everyone else want him to play, and so he reluctantly joins (because he secretly loves being included and wants to be liked.) Robbie tries to join the team that has shirts but Sport insists he wants Robbie to be on his team! So Robbie takes off his vest and undershirt and he’s left with only his chest and arms showing because of those damn nipple height pants.

We'll See Better Days |  Pt 1

Main Characters: Jungkook, Taehyung, You

Words: 3485

Genre:  soulmate au, zombie apocalypse au,  angst

Summary: There isn’t exactly a certain direction to head towards, a strong hope to cling onto or a promise of survival but somehow, it seems as if everything will be alright as long as you’re together.  

A/N: This was inspired by World War Z and The Scorch Trials. Jungkook is briefly introduced here while Taehyung already plays a big role but I’ll start on Kook and the other members more in depth in the second part. This is my first ever au series and I hope it turned out well! Please leave comments if any and tell me whether you liked it :’) 

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“It’s darkening,” Taehyung observes, and you look at the flower-shaped mark  on your arm.

You had it since birth and the people who saw it always said that you were a lucky child and that one day, you would experience something so magical, a feeling indescribable. With a spark in your eye and hand placed gently on the area where the ebony black flower was, you would nod your head, anticipation growing one notch higher.

But the world descended into chaos one day. You still remembered, how your parents sat in front of the television all day, waiting for news of hope for the world and for your lives but there was nothing except footage of yet another attack of the infected and reports of a  once quarantined city being wiped out by the virus.

You look away from your arm and continue walking, too focused on survival to care about some mark that was supposedly special. It couldn’t save you if hundreds of those monsters decided to make you one of them, could it?

“If it getting darker means us finding food, then there’s a point in me knowing,” you say bluntly and he sighs, realising that the mark had already long lost its meaning and promise of a bright future ever since all possible hope got crushed by the constant loss of lives and merciless destruction.

A small supermarket catches your attention and you nudge Taehyung, pointing to the possible source of supplies that you both were so desperately looking for. “So does my magical mark really tell me when food is near?” You gasp, putting on a fake shocked expression and your best friend breaks out into a laugh.

“Perhaps,” he shrugs, then runs up the slope and you know what’s going on.

“Tae, we’re going to share the food we find!” Breaking into a sprint, you chase after him and the both of you are too focused on grabbing the precious smoked ham to notice that all the lights are out. It is only until he flings open the door, entering the supermarket that a thought enters his mind and his whole body goes stiff.

“Uninfected places always leave the lights on to show that the creatures aren’t inside.” His voice lowers to a soft, trembling whisper but you brush it off.

Putting your hand on his shoulder, you pat it lightly and smile. “Look around, this place is empty. Besides, the light that the infected can’t come into contact with is sunlight.” But turning around, you notice that the blinds were shut, blocking out all possible sunlight and you felt fear creeping into your heart, sending your mind into a frenzy and cold sweat to break out.

Taehyung listens to your reassuring words at first, calms down but soon notices what makes you so scared and the look of pure fear in your eyes and at that moment, he can only think of two words. It’s over.

Just like what the both of you had guessed, a door near the cashier creaks open and you back away slowly, hands feeling for the handle of the exit. A grey, limp hand emerges from the room, skin rotten and fingernails yellow. You had seen many of them before, on television, not in real life and you swear on the spot that they look a thousand times more disgusting up close, the stench coming from them making the whole experience even worse.

“D-do we run?” The boy stutters and you want to say yes and sprint for your life but your legs don’t listen. Taehyung repeats, immense terror evident in his voice, “D-do we run?”

You watch as the infected shows itself, stepping completely out of the room which might contain more of them but you don’t want to even think about that possibility. It turns its head, bloodshot eyes flickering to your direction and eventually staring straight at you. There is a moment of silence before it shrieks, showing its equally rotten teeth as it takes steps towards the both of you and you finally snap out of your trance, grabbing Taehyung’s hand as you shout, “RUN!”  

Neither of you looks back, entire body and mind focused on escaping from the infected whose animalistic noises can still be heard loud and clear which is weird because you were sure that they couldn’t come into contact with sunlight and they couldn’t possibly run as fast as you.

“How are they not burning in this sunlight?” You pant as you run for your life, hand still holding Taehyung’s tightly, refusing to let go. “And how are they running so fast?”

He looks back to see four of them not far back and he doesn’t know whether you two will be able to escape from them. We need to get on something faster.  His eyes frantically scan the surroundings, gaze finally landing on a motorcycle in the distance.

“You see that bike over there? We’ll sprint with all we’ve got and get on it. It’s our only chance!” Picking up speed to the max, you and Taehyung use every last bit of energy left to make the distance between the two of you and the infected as far as possible so that by the time you hop on and the engine starts, they wouldn’t have caught up.  

As soon as your arms are around his waist, Taehyung accelerates, causing the motorcycle to jerk violently but you keep your balance. One of them reaches out for you and you scream swinging your arm and flinging it away from you. “Taehyung we need to go now!” You yell, sweat dripping down your face and heart pounding in your chest. Right after you say it, the bike jerks again before moving forward, gaining speed in no time and bringing both of you away from the infected whose faint cries are the last thing you hear before nothing can be heard but you and Taehyung’s heavy breathing.

“We made it,” He says softly and you hug him even tighter, feeling the cool air evaporate the sweat on your skin as you rest your head on his back.

“Yeah, we did.”

Just when you think that everything is over.

Taehyung parks the motorcycle by the roadside and you hop off, memory of the encounter with the infected still fresh in your mind.

“We have to tell the rest about those,” Taehyung pauses, trying to find the right word to describe it, “evolved infected. With their speed and tolerance for the sun, we won’t even be safe in the day.”

You nod. “Their house is just over there, let’s go.”

The two-story house with a unique blue roof stands out among all the dull, grey ones and you frown when you notice that the front door is wide open. “All is welcomed huh,” he jokes but you know that something is wrong when the usual loud chattering and music blasting are absent.

You take cautious steps and Taehyung starts to understand why you look as if something’s wrong. “It’s too quiet, isn’t it?” he murmurs and you nod, grabbing a wooden broom from the front porch to use as a weapon to fight off whoever, whatever might be inside.

“Jimin? Hoseok?” You call their names but there is no reply and you’re a hundred percent sure that they’re not in.

Taehyung tries to lighten up the mood, smiling as he tells you that there is a possibility that they’re just being silly boys who play pranks but you know that isn’t the case as the doors of all the houses in the entire neighbourhood are left open.

You point that out to him and his smile fades away instantly. “They came, didn’t they?” A note nailed onto a wall catches your attention and you reach out and grab it, afraid that some of those things are lurking around.


Crushing the note and throwing it to one side, you look around once more to make sure that none of the infected are nearby. “Where are they?” He asks as he follows you back to the motorcycle and you hate to say it but it’s the truth.

“I know where the survivors are but I don’t know if our friends are a part of them.”

Taehyung’s eyes widen, entire being growing numb at the thought of his closest friends turning into one of them and a thousand ‘what ifs’ circle in his mind, fear and despair washing over him like a huge wave. What if we hadn’t gone to search for food? What if they’re hurting, wondering where we are at this very moment?

You notice the boy’s hands fall by his sides, back hunched and walking pace slow and draggy and you know that he is feeling horrible but so are you. “Jimin is smart, has one of the best instincts I’ve ever seen and Hoseok-” The two boys’ grinning faces flash into your mind and you blink away the tears in your eyes, telling yourself that there’s no need to cry because they will surely be alright. Together, they had the strongest chance and hope of survival so all you could do was hope that with all they had and with all the luck, if there was any left in this world, that they got through the attack.  

Taehyung straightens his back and tries to regain composure. “I know. They’ll be fine.” The both of you hop onto the bike and head off to the underground camp where you guess the survivors are hiding at from the “_V_” symbol on the note which looked like an arrow pointing below ground level. He whispers again, softly but you can hear it and you want to believe him without any doubts but it’s not easy to.

“They’ll be fine.”

A small, dim speck of light indicates there is indeed people in the underground camp and you knock lightly on the metal platform.

“They’re not going to open up just because they hear a knock, ___________,” Taehyung points out and you shrug, trying to hide your embarrassment to the best of your ability.  

“Then what are we supposed to do-” You trail off, noticing a red dot on his forehead that looked very much like it was from a sniper. Looking around, a man in black is standing on a rooftop and you squint, trying to make out who he was.

“Are you infected?” The man’s shout echoes and now, Taehyung realises what is going on when he sees a red dot on your forehead.  

Wondering whether he will even believe you if you say that you are clean, you take a deep breath before yelling back, “No! Both of us are clean!”  Taehyung nods, hoping that the man will put down his gun and not kill both of you off.

“Wait…” His serious, all-out-to-eliminate-infected attitude disappears as he takes off his mask and puts on his glasses and suddenly, he breaks out into laughter.

“Jung Hoseok, keep your glasses on next time,” Taehyung groans as Hoseok runs down the stairs of the building. The brunette chuckles as he presses a button on a device, revealing a small opening in the metal platform.

The three of you go underground as fast as possible, closing the only entrance behind you so that nobody could enter. You hate to ruin the reunion but you need to know  - “Jimin…is he alright?”

Hoseok points to the smile on his face. “I wouldn’t be smiling if he wasn’t.” His smile then fades before he rolls his eyes and says in a loud voice, “Jimin, stop hiding behind the wall. I can see you,”  and it feels as if the weight on your chest is lifted, knowing that all your friends are safe.

The chubby boy peeks out from behind the wall and grins widely, pulling you and Taehyung into a tight hug and at that moment, you feel as if they are all you need to get through anything the corrupt and twisted world will ever put you through.  

“Less than half managed to survive,” Jimin fills both of you in on the situation.

Taehyung has a confused look on his face and the other two boys can sort of guess what question he has. “While we walked around, we didn’t come across any infected. Don’t you change almost right after getting bitten?”

“You see-” Jimin lowers his head, not wanting to bring up what had happened again but he knows that you both have the right to know. “Those who got bitten asked to be shot. They didn’t want to become…animals.” Realization strikes you and your hand shoots up and covers your mouth.

“So you killed them…” Taehyung finishes and Jimin looks away, blinking away the tears that had formed. You can imagine how hard it was for them to kill their own friends and know that it must have taken a lot of strength to pull the trigger. 

“Just think about the ones who made it. At least we’re together,” Hoseok tries to add some positivity and you want to feel hopeful but you can’t. It’s just not easy. Deep down, even the most encouraging and optimistic people are actually hurting inside but that’s just how it works right? We all put on a front and hide our true emotions to try and be a positive influence when times are harsh.

Light reflects off a familiar pair of sunglasses and you remember about the shocking discovery you have to share with him - Namjoon, the oldest among the five of you and naturally, the leader. “We knew you two couldn’t possibly have been taken. You’re just too strong for them, aren’t you?” He smirks and you shrug, indicating that you knew you would be able to make it and he scoffs at your confidence.

“By the way, the infected can-”

“Yes.” Namjoon cuts you off. “They don’t burn in the sunlight like they used to. And- ”

Boy, they can run,” Jimin shakes his head and Namjoon frowns, annoyed that the younger one interrupted him. You then realise that three boys already have a fresh encounter with the infected and you feel stupid for thinking that you had made an amazing discovery.

2-07. That is the number given to your district - one which has less than fifty people left. You’ve heard of districts like 3-04 and 2-02 that are totally wiped out and you know that your district is more fortunate but you can’t help but think of them, the Ones.

The entire country was divided into three classes with seven sections each, “1” being where the richest lived and “3” being the homes of the poorest. You  and the four boys lived at “2”, what was called the middle class. The second number that came after the dash didn’t have any meaning, it was just something to differentiate each of the seven sections.

“Are you thinking about the Ones?” Taehyung raises his eyebrow and you wonder whether he could tell because of  the look of despise on your face or because he has been your best friend since birth and can read your mind.

“I hate them,” You hiss and the boys have grim expressions on their faces.

There is silence for awhile but Namjoon breaks it, sighing out loud as he twirls the ring on his index finger. “The rich always have a way out, don’t they?”

Everyone nods, anger and disappointment filling each of your hearts as you all question why is life so unfair and why can’t everyone have equal chances to live. Weren’t all lives equally precious?  

Why couldn’t the Twos, and even the Threes, get to enter the Safe Zone as well?

All the survivors are gathered in the main hall and you see some familiar faces but at the same time, wonder where some are before concluding that they didn’t make it. Ninety percent of the remaining people are your peers, the ones fit enough to outrun the infected. You see some adults and two old folks standing quietly by the side and you know that they feel the worse out of everyone because they are the ones who lost all the ones they loved.

Namjoon isn’t the oldest but the crowd listens to him. Perhaps it’s the strength and determination they see in him, or maybe they don’t even care, death seeming to come closer and closer anyway. But whether they want to press on, whether they don’t, it doesn’t matter to the boy because he is going to do all he can to make sure everyone has a chance of living.

“We’re all here for a reason.” He starts off, tone firm and voice projected, reaching the ears of all the people there. “We’re here because when the mob of infected came to destroy our lives and crush our hopes, we didn’t let them.” You notice some bowed heads start to rise and backs start to straighten and you smile, knowing that Namjoon’s words are starting to spark something in the people. “We ran for our lives. We fought alongside each other. To the best of our ability, we made sure that no one got left behind.” He stops, turns to the side and wipes away some tears forming in his eyes before continuing, stronger with each word. “But some did, and we cannot forget them. We managed to pull through and if we give up now, how would they feel? They fought for their lives and lost it, while we survived but chose to give it up? No. We can’t do that.”

At this point in time, some are sobbing and those around them have their arms wrapped around him or her. Tears flow down your cheeks and you cover your face, embarrassed but before you can stop your crying and pretend that nothing had happened, a pair of strong arms bring you towards his chest as he hugs you tightly, giving you all the support and love you need to feel strong again. The hug becomes tighter and you open your eyes, vision slightly blur but you can still see the beautiful sight of Jimin and Hoseok putting their arms around Taehyung who had his around you. The four of you stand there, being a pillar for the other and the feeling is so warm, so peaceful and you wonder what feeling from your mark could possibly be better than this moment.  

“With the lost ones in mind, with a bright future and lives something we insist on having, we’ll get through this together, no matter how hard it might get. Can we do this?” Everyone looks at each other, the fire of determination burning in their eyes and in unison, answer with a sure reply.

“We can.”

A boy with dark, black hair points at the speck of light on the platform. “There are survivors hiding down there,” he tells his leader and the older man is glad to have such an observant friend by his side.

“Good eye, Jungkook. Let’s try to make contact with them and see whether joining forces will be a good option.”  At that very moment, a red dot appears on the leader’s forehead and Jungkook freezes.

“Jin, there’s a sniper somewhere and he’s aiming right at you. Don’t move.” The blonde hears this and stops all movement, hands raising into a surrender position as he looks up, spotting someone on a rooftop.

Down below, Hoseok’s walkie-talkie makes a funny sound before a voice can be heard, loud and clear. “There’s a group of around twenty standing outside. They look like survivors and Threes. What do we do?“ 

Namjoon frowns and runs his fingers through his hair.“Survivors? What do they want from us?“ 

You shrug, and when you do, you notice that your sleeve seems as if a light is shining through it and you roll it up. 

”___________…what is that?“ Jimin points at your mark which is glowing and you jump, pulling your sleeve back down.

“What’s happening to me? Why the heck is that thing glowing?” There is panic in your voice as you cover that area with your hand, refusing to take another look at it.

“It’s your soulmark, right?” Namjoon asks and you nod, not exactly sure what that meant but that was what everyone told you it was. “Then your soulmate is near.” He says simply and the grip on your sleeve loosens as your arms fall to your side. Taehyung’s eyes are wide as he stares at you, wondering how such a thing could happen at such a time.


Back up there, Jin still has his hands up in the air, wondering why the sniper isn’t making a move but Jungkook’s attention isn’t on his friend anymore. The younger one says something that makes his friend turn his head and for a moment, the sniper is completely forgotten.

“W-why is my mark glowing?”

Joker Imagine - Zombie Virus

Anonymous said:hi can you do joker x reader where he kidnapped her but then there’re this virus that started to turn people into zombies. joker and reader are the only two people who didn’t get infected. reader is an innocent girl who didn’t know how to fight or protect herself so the joker has to protect her from the zombies and they ended up falling for each other? this would be fun xx love your blog

AN: Thanks for the request. I’m glad you love my blog haha AND SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT :C

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Joker’s P.O.V.

What a fucking mess.

Somehow the entire city of Gotham was a complete destruction. The CIA had tested something here secretly and failed miserably. A virus started spreading through the city and the lucky people managed to leave before it was too late. Now the entire city was isolated from the rest of the world. It was a huge city, but millions of people escaped. Now we were here, but still about hundreds of thousands of people were left here, spreading the virus and turning soulless braineaters. Leaving would be very hard since literally zombies were lurking around everywhere. I even lost my henchmen and my only friend, Frosty. It hurt, but I had to stay strong. I had hope that I could get out of this city that would probably get burned down someday.

I was alone in my big block of flats ,packing bags so I could fill my car and flee. I was so pissed at the CIA and overall the government for letting this happen. Gotham City was never going to be the same. Everything would have to be destroyed completely to get rid of the virus and it could take tens and tens of years. I’d be lucky to get out of here.

Suddenly I heard something. I froze on the spot and grabbed my gun tightly. I looked around the dim hall and tried to find whatever was moving. That’s when I saw a reflection of someone behind me from the mirror, causing me to turn around and point at the person with my gun before I’d get bitten. ‘’No! P-Please don’t shoot me!’’ A girl whimpered and stepped back, raising her arms in surrender. My grip loosened on the gun and I looked at her in surprise. A fucking healthy person.

She had Y/H/C hair, put into a ponytail and she had some wounds, but she didn’t seem infected. I looked into her pretty E/C eyes and saw how scared she was. ‘’Please Joker..I’m not infected. I thought..I thought you weren’t either so ..maybe you could help me’’  She admitted very nervously while staring at my gun. ‘’Me? Help you?’’ I laughed at first and lowered my gun. Damn she had guts tho!

‘’Please! My friend is at the borders so we could pass easily. But I can’t get there by myself’’ She admitted and held back tears. Now we were talking. ‘’I can’t fight and even less protect myself. If..If you want, I can get us both out of Gotham’’ She tried to make me listen to her. The deal sounded valid and good. I looked at her darkly and tried to think. She was trembling in fear and I knew she was relying on me. How bittersweet.

‘’Fine’’ I sighed and put my gun into my jacket. Then I reached out my hand so we could seal the deal. The girl grabbed my hand nervously and so we shook hands. ‘’What’s your name pretty?’’ I asked and then looked around us to make sure no zombies were hunting for us. ‘’I’m Y/N’’ She let me know and then looked at me. She was very beautiful.

‘’Well Y/N I’m honoured that you came to me’’ I giggled, even tho I bet she only came because she was pretty sure I wasn’t infected. So what, at least I knew that passing the border would be easier now. ‘’Thank you so much for not shooting me’’ She thanked me and sounded very grateful. Something told me that this would be more fun than I thought. It didn’t suck to be with her because being alone made the voices in my head get stronger. I had pretty much lost everyone I ever had also my home.

‘’Let’s start by packing my car with guns, bullets, loads of water and first aid kits’’ I said with a bossy voice and walked to the stairway. Y/N followed me closely and I knew she was probably scared to death. She seemed innocent, like a good girl and I, an evil villain was her last hope

                      Two days passed somehow slowly. We had packed the car and I taught her how to shoot. Her hands were shaky and she shot far away from the target, but she was getting the grip. Our targets were zombies we shot from the windows. First she was terrified, but she grew to like it. It’s not like zombie lives mattered anyway.

We were packing the last food I had in my penthouse and I knew we were going to leave. I loved this house so much, but  I had to say goodbye. It made me feel so empty it was ridiculous. I never thought that a place could mean so much. ‘’Do you know where you’re going when we pass the border?’’ Y/N asked me while drinking some clean water. She was obviously more comfortable with me know. We both kinda relied on each other so we had to get along.

‘’Yeah, I’m going to New York city. Reminds me most of Gotham’’ I told her while looking out of the big window. The penthouse was so high that I was sure no one could get up here, but the danger was still there. The streets were trashed, full of bodies and then zombies. The sky seemed to have a dirty red colour and the city smelled like shit. Everything was destroyed.

‘’Well what a coincidence’’ Y/N said somehow happily. I turned to look at her. She had taken a shower earlier so her hair was still a little wet. She was wearing all black jeans, a top, combat boots and a leather jacket. She also had a gun that I gave to her even tho she sucked at shooting, at least so far. ‘’Well you won’t get rid of me after all then’’ I chuckled, feeling kinda happy that she was going there as well. At least our ride would be longer together.

‘’So..When are we leaving?’’ She asked me, putting the glass down. I sighed and looked at my golden watch. ‘’In ten minutes. We could already go down into the car’’  I explained and the same empty feeling took over me. I would really miss Gotham City. Y/N nodded and grabbed the last bag with food. I grabbed my gun and led the way out of the penthouse. Goodbye my home, the place of amazing memories..

Just as I opened the door, I saw a zombie in the hall, in front of the elevator. It was growling and shaking. It’s skin was rotten and I could see that it’s cheeks were hollow. The zombie saw us and tried to attack, but I shot it three times in the head until it fell on the ground. It tried to crawl to us, but it was unable to move. ‘’Let’s go’’ I growled and glanced at Y/N who looked scarred for life. We got into the elevator and I pushed her in the corner to keep her safe.

The elevator took us down and the doors slid open. The parking hall was very risky because anyone could come here. Before stepping out of the elevator, I looked around the dark parking hall. I saw a few abandoned cars, but my car was nearly right in front of us because I left it there. It was pretty full, but the front seats were there for us.

‘’It’s clear’’ I whispered and walked out, gun first. Y/N was obviously scared, but she trusted me enough to follow me. First I opened the car door for her and she sat in. Just as I shut the door for her,she screamed. I turned around and started shooting. A zombie had tried to sneak up to me, but now it was on the ground. ‘’Fucking hell’’ I spat and then hurried to my side of the car. I shut the door and then locked all doors so no one could open them. My heart was beating hard in my chest and I felt adrenaline pumping through my system.

That’s when I heard heavy breathing. I glanced at Y/N who was finding it hard to breathe calmly. ‘’Hey -relax. We’re okay’’ I reminded her while starting the engine that growled loudly. ‘’I thought it fucking bit you’’ She admitted and rubbed her eyes. I didn’t like seeing her  like this. So I put my hand on her knee and rubbed it gently. ‘’I’m fine, okay? Let’s go now. Freedom is awaiting’’ I tried to make her calm down. Y/N looked into my eyes and then nodded slightly. 

I started driving and I headed straight onto the highway. I had to be careful because the zombies threw themselves on the road and it was full of weird things. I looked at the buildings I once knew well. Now they were broken, burnt and full of living dead.Even my club was a big mess. It was the last time I ever saw Gotham, the city I loved yet terrorized every night.

After driving for a quarter, I decided to turn off the radio. A woman was speaking, trying to reach those who were uninfected. I had heard that speech a trillion times already. ‘’Did you lose anyone?’’ I asked Y/N and tried to start a conversation. ‘’Yeah..’’ She started and then swallowed. Oops, I probably asked something wrong. It wasn’t my fault I wasn’t the best guy to talk to. All I ever discussed was crime, not normal topics.

‘’I lost my daughter’’ She admitted and that’s when my heart made a weird thing happen. I glanced at her again and saw sorrow on her pretty face. ‘’I’m sorry’’ I muttered and then kept my eyes on the road. ‘’It’s okay Joker.. The night the virus spread, I was out with her, playing in the park. She was just four’’ She started, but teared up and sounded completely devastated. But talking did good so I let her open up to me.

‘’I heard her screaming and I..I saw someone biting her..I didn’t know what to do..It..It happened to fast’’ She started crying. I felt bad for her. Losing someone important hurt, no matter who you were. ‘’Then t-they said that we had to evacuate and anyone who was bitten should be left behind. I waited in hopes my daughter was fine..but she wasn’t. T-Then it was too late for me to escape safely..I had to kill her’’ She let me know something so deep. Ouch.

‘’I’m sorry Y/N..I really am’’ I admitted while driving towards the borders. They were extended for safety reasons. She was crying now so I grabbed a tissue from the hand box and gave it to her. She mumbled and thanks and then wiped away her tears.  Based on what she told me, she was a single mother. Or else she would have said something about her boyfriend as well.

After a while we started talking about more ‘normal’ things. That made time pass quicker as we drove. Before we knew it, we saw the heavily guarded borders. ‘’ friend is at the 37th district right there. They..They would probably not let you go but I’ll make her do that’’ She said and pointed to our right. I drove there and then put on the hat and sunglasses I took with me. 

I slowed down and suddenly a redhead walked over. She was wearing a very protecting suit, almost like she worked in a lab or something. I rolled down the window and let Y/N do her business. First she showed a pass to her friend. ‘’Leave quickly, okay? The second you get through, just speed like there’s no brakes. Or else you’ll be stopped. I’ll reassure the other guards that you weren’t infected so you should be safe’’ The redhead told us quietly.

Y/N and I thanked her in unison and then I rolled up the window. I watched as the gates opened for us. ‘’Hold on tight’’ I told Y/N and then hit the gas pedal, making us go quickly The other guards stepped aside and we were long gone before they could do anything. We were out of Gotham city. I looked behind us through the mirror and watched the gates closing. That’s the last time I’d ever be so close.

‘’We’re safe now’’ I breathed out and got on the big road. Immediately I saw more traffic, but not that much. People were just driving far away from that living dead city. ‘’Now what?’’ Y/N mumbled nervously. ‘’What?’’ I tilted my head curiously and glanced at her quickly.

‘’What are you going to do to me? You don’t need me anymore..’’ She muttered nervously and looked at me. I sighed and tried to make up my mind. I couldn’t just let her go now. I hadn’t even taught her how to shoot properly yet! ‘’Well we’re going to New York city together, right? I got millions of dollars so we can stay at hotels while driving, then when we get there I’ll start teaching you how to shoot. I’ll start a new gang there’’ I explained rather casually. Y/N looked nonplussed by my words.

‘’Aren’t you going to dump me somewhere?’’ She nearly gasped. It made me laugh at her. ‘’No dummy, you’re with me and I won’t let you go. You know me too well to just walk away’’ I warned her and then sighed deeply. Instead of making her cry, she smiled. ‘’Good. I kinda always found you fascinating Joker’’ Y/N admitted and that’s when her crazy side was peeking through. No sane person would ever find me anything close to good.

Time to start a new ‘evil’ revolution in New York city with someone by my side!

Drew Hel, one of Loki’s children, the one that guards the realm of the dead and all that jazz. I might make an RP account for her but I’m not sure just yet. The style looks a little Disney esq, but I’m kind of okay with it because the juxtaposition of gross half-rotten-kind-of-frostbitten skin with the more cutesy style is neat. I guess she’s a little bit more based on the MCU versions of the characters, fashion wise at least. 

Chronic [cage]

Imagine a cage:
One-track meatsack
hung upon a hook, awaiting.
bait for self-destruction, stating
expiration under oath; under breath
counting seconds until death
one…one thousand one…
one…. one thousand two…
promising love to you 
and freedom to itself.

This world got me young;
high-strung, logged-lunged,
I was drowning in my blood
before I learned to cry:
Blood in these veins like blood in these eyes
Madmen are not the only ones who want to die:
I break for sanity; I feel it in the rot of me
Rotten limbs and rotten arteries
Rotten bones and rotten joints
Rotten muscles rotten skin
This body loves its leprosy – it doesn’t love me.
And I’ve broken into it by letting it break me.
The weight of the universe is so fucking heavy inside me.
I am carrying the weight of people who aren’t even within a hundred miles of me.

I’m exhausted. 
I’m in touch with god’s soul though I’ve lost it–
or never have had it.
I’m a heretic with a broken heart,
an inhuman wretch made of human flesh
although I suppose being made of human flesh is somewhat of a start.
Broken bits, there’s only so many hits I can take before I find myself breaking.
I’m shaking in this cage, fleshy; misshapen. 

I am more than this overdose affected pulse;
more than these battered knees and breaking hips;
bruised bones; chapped lips;
but I walk into doctor’s offices and all they see

instead of symptoms
instead of pain
instead of issues
instead of identity or personality

is a chronic cage with chronic illnesses with a label that says
and to them that’s all I fucking am.

Banshee » Barry Allen

Fandom: DC Comics, The Flash

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Words: 1692 

A/N: I know, I know. The title is so dumb, but I couldn’t think of anything! If any of you get a better idea, please tell me. XD Also, I didn’t follow the request exactly! I’m sorry about that. /.\

Originally posted by irisandbarryallen

   “Good morning, [Name]!” Cisco spoke as you entered the room, you gave him and Caitlin a small smile as you sat in your chair.

   “Barry not here yet?” as if on cue, Barry bolted in causing the papers to fly off your desk.

   Barry walked over to your desk, leaning down and picking up the papers and placing them back onto your desk before giving you a small kiss. “Sorry,” he whispered as he pulled away from you.

   “We’re right here,” Caitlin spoke in a slightly annoyed tone as she glanced at the two of you. You shrugged as you tried not to laugh.

   Everyone went silent as Dr. Wells rolled into the room, everyone mumbling a quick hello. Dr. Wells nodded before heading down the hallway to head someplace else. Nobody really paid attention to what he was doing.

   “Barry, robbery on 9th street,” Cisco suddenly spoke as his computer started to light up. Barry nodded before he flashed out of the room.

   You sat at your computer, pulling up the surveillance of the bank. Barry was already there getting all of the hostages out of the bank while the thieves tried to grab everything they could. You watched as they panicked until Barry ran back in and grabbed the bags of money from them and finally tied them to one of the poles. He ran out of there and you felt the wind blow in your hair. You glanced back to see Barry already standing there.

   “Wow, that’s a new record,” Caitlin spoke, writing down the time it took Barry.

   “What can I say?” Barry spoke, sitting across from you with a small grin on his face.

   You rolled your eyes, but the smile on your face was still present. You could feel Barry’s leg brushing against yours; you were trying your hardest to ignore it. A glance over at Barry showed that he didn’t even realize that you were doing it.

   After some time had passed, everyone had decided to head home. It was around 1 am and Barry didn’t want you to travel home alone. Barry and you walked slowly instead of him just picking you up and running home.

   “Did you watch the new episode of Sherlock yet?” Barry asked causing you to groan lightly.

   “I haven’t watched it yet. I’ve been so busy,” you told him as the two of you passed Jitters. You noticed Iris inside with Eddie, they were probably on a date.

   “I freaking loved it!” Barry spoke, there was a wide smile on his face as he attempted to spoil it to you, but one glare caused him to shut his mouth.

   Barry laughed and ended up changing the subject, his constant chatter faded in your head as you glanced around the streets. They seemed so familiar and finally your old house came into view. You gulped as you noticed the burnt crisp of a house that everyone called haunted. You fell silent as memories flooded through your head.

   It was a late Friday night, you had decided to stay home while your friends all went to some stupid party that was full of drunken college students. You didn’t mind that all your friends had ditched you. You were content with watching your favorite movies and eating mountains of popcorn and ice cream.

   Everything was going great until the power had gone out, you glanced out the window but the other houses still had power. You did what any other person would do, panic. You had quickly found a flashlight and headed towards the fuse box in the basement. Once you had gotten there, you noticed a lump on the floor. You shined your flashlight towards the person only to notice it moving. You had screamed as you threw your flashlight at the person on the floor.

   As you ran upstairs, he had grabbed your leg bringing you back down and bashed your head with the flashlight. You groaned at the sudden pain that shot through your skull and the cuts on your hands didn’t help. Another bash on the head caused you to black out.

   A little while later, you awoke to the smell of smoke. It felt as if the smoke had grabbed your throat and was squeezing the life out of you. Glancing all around you, you quickly noticed the fire that was traveling slowly towards you, but there wasn’t a way out. You couldn’t jump over the flames, they were too high. The man was no longer there, but the flashlight laid right next to you.

   “[Name]!” Barry’s voice ripped you out of your flashback. You looked at him, your eyes full of tears.

   “Are you alright, [Name]?” he asked, his arms wrapped around you. He kissed your forehead as you slowly nodded. Barry knew nothing about your past and you never planned on telling him. You had a lot of secrets that you weren’t even willing to admit to yourself.

   “Yeah… I’m fine,” you whispered as you moved past him, lightly shoving his arms away. Barry nodded as he followed behind you.

   Please, don’t do this. I beg of you.

   You frowned slightly as you glanced around trying to find the origin of the voice, Barry hadn’t seemed to notice the voice, but you had. It just kept screaming until it was all silent again.

   You noticed your new tiny house come into view. Barry walked you up to your door and kissed your cheek. “Call me if anything happens,” he said, causing you to raise an eyebrow.

   “I’m fine, love,” you whispered as you poked his nose. You walked into your house and waved Barry goodbye before shutting the door.

   You were greeted with the dark silence and it was strangely comforting. You switched one of the lights on and the room was dimly lit. You took a seat on the couch. You closed your eyes before leaning back into the couch.

   Somebody, please help me! Please!


   Please… don’t kill me. I’ll give you anything you want.

   You bit your lip, struggling to keep the voice at bay, but it was ringing in your ear. The voice was a female, sounded like she was young. You tried to control it, but it was just too much. You took in a sharp breath before an ear piercing scream escaped your mouth. Tears streamed down your face as you fell to the ground.

   You quickly stood, wiping your tears. Your legs were shaking, but you still walked out the front door. You walked down the street towards an empty neighborhood that had been cleared out a few months ago. You couldn’t stop your feet as you continued to walk. You stopped in front of a large house that had almost every window shattered. You inched towards the door before opening it.

   Walking inside, the smell of rot and iron hit your nose causing you to gag. You walked towards the smell before you walked into the living room to see a female body lying in the middle. The body looked fresh and was still warm to the touch, but the whole room smelt rotten.

   Her pale skin was covered with her blood which was still warm. Her blue eyes stared back at you causing you to look away from her intense stare.

   You couldn’t deal with this alone. Pulling out your phone, you dialed Barry’s number. He picked up on the first ring.

   “Hello?” he groggily spoke, you could just imagine him yawning and rubbing his eyes.

   “Barry…” you whispered, you could barely bring your voice above a whisper. “I need your help… please.”

   “What’s wrong? Where are you?” Barry’s tone had completely changed. It was most alarmed and urgent.

   You gave him the address and in just a few seconds, he was there, standing right next to you. He eyed the body with wide eyes. “[Name]… did you do this?” he asked.

   You quickly shook your head. “No! I don’t know what happened.”

   “How did you even find this place?” he asked as he texted Caitlin and Cisco so they could come here too.

   “I…” you wondered if you should tell Barry and you almost did in that moment.

   Barry didn’t say a word as he examined the body. He had already seen plenty of dead bodies in his time, but it didn’t get better with time. Barry looked over the girl, checking her eyes and looking at her bruises.

   Cisco and Caitlin had arrived ten minutes later. Barry hadn’t spoken to you, he was busy looking for clues. The two of them walked in and glanced at the body on the floor before looking up and Barry and you.

   “Alright,” Barry said, looking around once again. “How did you find this place, [Name]?”

   This was it, you were going to tell them. “I’m… what they call a banshee.”

   Cisco laughed and everyone shot a glare at him. “What?” he whispered.

   “How are you a banshee?” Caitlin asked, a bit more serious about the topic than Cisco.

   “I’m…” you slowly spoke, struggling to speak. Barry’s hand on your shoulder. “dead.”

   “What do you mean?” Barry whispered, obviously confused since he could touch and feel you.

   “I’ve been dead for two years now…” you whispered, wiping your eyes. Nobody seemed to focus on the body on the ground. “I died in a fire.”

   “That house we saw…” Barry slowly spoke, piecing everything together.

   “I used to live there,” you mumbled, looking down at your hands. You didn’t want to see the pity in their eyes.

   Barry let out a small sigh, “Don’t worry, [Name]. We’re going to help you.”

   Barry gave you a nod, before stepping outside to call Joe so he could get a case ready.

   Cisco and Caitlin walked up to with a small smile. “The two of us will work hard to help you control your powers. We promise.”

   “Thank you,” you whispered to them, feeling grateful for having such amazing friends.

   Barry walked back into the room, offering you a small smile before wrapping his arms around you. The comfort of his arms was enough for you. Everything was going to be okay.

Lil Sportarobbie Things Pt 4

Doing this one out of spite because I got hate on the last one :y

  • Robbie writing ‘property of Robbie Rotten’ directly on Sportacus’s skin or putting it on a sticky note.
  • Going shopping and letting Sportacus carry everything.
  • Fussing over each other when all they do is sneeze.
  • Sportacus watching Robbie doing his makeup and being absolutely mesmerized by it.
  • Changing names like “Sportaflop” to things like “Sportacutie.”
  • Sugar free cupcakes.
  • Running fingers through Sportacus’s hair while he sleeps.
  • Trying to draw each other. (You decide which one does it better.)
  • Making bets on which kid is gonna figure out they’re together first.
  • Ska and Electronic dance music mashups.
  • Trying to teach Sportacus how to play an instrument.
  • Robbie not understanding why Sportacus keeps laughing at gym fail videos.
  • Sportacus not understanding why Robbie keeps laughing at kid fail videos.
  • Tickle attacks with a following silent treatment.
  • Sportacus making very intricate flower bouquets. (Knows every single flower’s meaning.)
  • Robbie letting Sportacus try to do his makeup. (Looks horrible.)
  • Going to the beach and forcing Robbie into the water.
  • Stealing Sportacus’s hat.