rotten pestilence

This optimistic goddess of medicine takes the form of an maiden. She is short and has a plump build. She has no hair, but instead her head is covered in tentacle-like appendages. Her hooded eyes are purple. She is usually portrayed as wearing an attractive costume that is mostly purple in color, and which is covered in heart designs. She has gray skin. She carries a satchel of medical herbs.

im gonna cry i love her a lot and also ship art sorry windy

im reaaally sorry i just ship them

since a lot of people have been asking if you want to draw rotten i suggest tagging it as “rotten pestilence" 

id say just "rotten” but i’m not sure i want to dive into that tag haha

ill be following that tag now :-3

as for those who are enrolled in the school i… still dont know what to tag it as yet so just sit tight haha

drew some deity cute patoots for windycarnage’s thing! i was just doodlin rotten and then suddenly my goddess of medicine Daisy popped in.

then i realized ‘oh my god they’re polar opposite but i shIP THEM ALREADY JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL’

yeah i ship them rly hard im a sad person i live a sad existance im sorry windy