rotten panda

From the Grave

Just a little short based around my fic. (You can find the first chapter here)

Sean sat at his computer flipping through fan creations. As he scrolled he started to notice quite a number of new pieces kept cropping up.They all featured him as a zombie for some reason and they were all tagged “Rob”.

He finally came across a post explaining this phenomenon. Apparently one of his latest thumbnails had sparked the fans to create a new “ego”. He laughed to himself thinking how something so small could have gotten this big.

He continued to go through the new pieces slowly falling in love this new idea. A particularly nice drawing popped up of the new character. His cursor hovered over the reblog button for a moment before his phone rang.

Sean looked to see who was calling but it was unlisted. Meaning there was only one person it could be at this time of night.

He answered. “Hello agent Delmont. What can I do for you this evening?”

There was silence on the other end.


“I am not. Taking care. Of a corpse.”

The line went dead. Sean sat for a second staring at his phone in shock.

“How the fuck…?”


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