rott weilers

anonymous asked:

Hey, you responded on an ask that all white person aren't trustworthy and, coming from a black person who went to school with mostly white people, that's not true. I'm sorry if you had some bad experiences because I would absolutely hate to go through that, but every white person you piss off is not going to come out with the n-word.

sure anon, you’re black.

but let’s play along shall we? It’s unfortunate that you as a black person would be so willing to derail the very experiences that so many black people can attest to; not because white people are inherently awful people but because we live in a world and a society that trains them, if you will, to see PoC as lesser than. So no, not every German Shepard or pitt bull or rott weiler is going to bite you but given that they are commonly trained to do so, wouldn’t you want to avoid them? This is a matter of survival, not let’s make sure there are no hurt white feelings in our discussion on Black experiences. Just like we have to unlearn all the negative things about ourselves living in a White dominated society has taught us, they have to un learn white privilege. Those who care to, will. Shoutout to Jane Elliot.

they might not call you a nigger to your face, but certainly, it happens. ESPECIALLY in the more northern/midwest region of America.

look you can pussyfoot around white whine if you want, but I can promise you those of them in other racist white people’s boxes defending Blackness is far and few between.

not every white person is racist, but if I have to tell you that, then you probably are.