Revenge of the Queen volume 1 is now available in its printed edition!



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*Don’t mind the fact it’s the back cover instead of the cover in the website, that’s because it reads from right to left.

Revenge of the Queen pixel dolls for Inma ^^. If you haven’t already, you should totally go read her manga *A* ♥ 


Wahh hace mucho quería dibujar algo de ROTQ pero por falta de tiempo nunca podía QuQ, así que aproveché la inspiración del fin de semana y acabé haciendo esto ^^’. Quería incluir al aliado misterioso de Valeriya también, pero no tenía mucho lugar de sobra =u=

Todos los personajes de tu manga están tan bien definidos y son tan distintos entre sí *A*– me encantan! No podría elegir un favorito por ahora porque todos tienen lo suyo, pero me gustan en especial Noest, Salima y Lucan ^^ (hdsfsdf y Cahir! ♥)

Ánimo para los siguientes capítulos! *v*–! y perdón si me equvoqué en los trajes o los colores TAT

Revenge of the Queen novel: chapter 1.

The first chapter for the Revenge of the Queen novel is up here!

You can download it in PDF for free, so you can either read it on your computer or on some eBook device you have (^^) (Calibre is a good free option, you can also convert it to other formats)

If you take the time to read it, it would make me very happy ♥

Whenever people ask me about Revenge of the Queen, it makes me very sad. I worked on that story for months, had everything written down in a word document (almost dialogue by dialogue, no joke) and gave each character and their own personal story a lot of thought to create something I would feel proud of.

Currently, Revenge of the Queen is on hiatus. the reason is that the money I earn from making it is not enough to make up for the amount of hours I spend working on each chapter, while drawing commissions and pics for games, books, etc. dooes make up for it.

If I was rich, I wouldn’t care much about profit and I’d draw Revenge of the Queen for the sake of drawing it (and most probably would give it for free). Sadly, I am not, so I have to work on what can give me a steady income. I’m buying a house and moving there by the beginning of 2016 (if it’s built on time), so making little money is not an option for me anymore.

I tried sending Revenge of the Queen to editorials in countries where drawing comics pays enough, but I had no luck so far. recently I created a new, way shorter project and I’m currently in the process of sending it to editorials again (mainly France). If any of them is interested I’ll be able to draw it, otherwise I won’t, because now I know self-publishing doesn’t work for me.

When I say it makes me sad when people ask about Revenge of the Queen, I don’t mean it as in “how dare you ask about it, you bad person?” (you have all the right to ask!). It makes me sad because I’m reminded that I put a lot of love and effort into something and I failed.

Thank you for your understanding and I’m deeply sorry.

Return of the Queen | Sophie, Levi, Kida

Sophie was flitting around her room. She was gonna have to portal jump with not one person but TWO. To say she was a but worried, especially after her latest incident with her power would be an understatement. She was tucking Easter eggs away in safe places. Her go to calming activity as she waited.

I swear I'm listening to you not.
  • Boyfriend (a week ago):What are you doing?
  • Me:I'm working on next Revenge of the Queen chapter.
  • Boyfriend:Oh, cool.
  • Me (the next day):Working on my manga again.
  • Boyfriend:Nice.
  • Me (the day after that):I finished another illustration for the WeaPon Girls game, so I'm back to drawing Revenge of the Queen.
  • Boyfriend:Good!
  • Boyfriend (TODAY):Hey, I just read in your Tumblr that you're working on Revenge of the Queen again, that's awesome!
  • Me:........................................seriously wth?
  • My boyfriend reads my Tumblr more carefully than he listens to me, apparently *laughs*

Revenge of the Queen chapters 1 and 2 are on sale now!

There are 2 chapters together in one file for this first release. You can read the first one for free by downloading the preview (choose your Amazon below).

Get Revenge of the Queen chapters 1 + 2 in English from: 

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♥ If you have an Amazon Premium account, you can rent it for free.

♥ If you have a Kindle, you can easily send the chapters from Amazon to your Kindle when buying them.

♥ If you don’t have a Kindle but have other portable devices (iPad, Android tablets), Amazon has a free application to read everything from their Kindle store: iPad | Android 

♥ If you don’t have Kindle nor any other mobile device, you can read it on your computer using Amazon’s free application: PC  | Mac

I expect to release a new chapter every month and a half. Whether I will sell chapters alone or will keep selling them in packs of two (that would make it every 3 months) will depend on the price. I want to make it as cheap as possible for buyers, but Amazon sets my price according to file weight, so I’ll have to check that out and decide what to do.

All your support is appreciated m(_ _)m

I made a small advertisement image for the manga I’m currently drawing, since I have scheduled to finish the second chapter next week and then it’ll be available online for PC, Mac and Kindles (I’m selling it through Amazon).

It’s going to be self-published, so, yeah… a bit nervous *laughs*

Please, give “Revenge of the Queen” a try when it’s out, first chapter’s going to be available for free (TwT)/

This is the main characters of the original manga I’m currently drawing: Valeriya.

She probably has the most irregular hair I have ever drawn *laughs*

Status: 1st chapter is 100% done, now working on chapter 2. Once I’m done both will be available through Amazon.

More info about this manga (title, story, etc.) will be posted soon.

I’m not posting any art lately because I’m working on an original manga whose first + second chapter I hope to be able to make available around… May? June? I’d like to sell it both digitally and physically (though digital will come first because I plan to make chapters available as I draw them). I’m planning to give first chapter for free so that people can check whether they like it or not before purchasing anything (^v^)

↑ Main character.

All my mangas end up having female main characters, I wonder why. Maybe girls are easier to write for me?