I swear I'm listening to you not.
  • Boyfriend (a week ago): What are you doing?
  • Me: I'm working on next Revenge of the Queen chapter.
  • Boyfriend: Oh, cool.
  • Me (the next day): Working on my manga again.
  • Boyfriend: Nice.
  • Me (the day after that): I finished another illustration for the WeaPon Girls game, so I'm back to drawing Revenge of the Queen.
  • Boyfriend: Good!
  • Boyfriend (TODAY): Hey, I just read in your Tumblr that you're working on Revenge of the Queen again, that's awesome!
  • Me: ........................................seriously wth?
  • My boyfriend reads my Tumblr more carefully than he listens to me, apparently *laughs*
Return of the Queen | Sophie, Levi, Kida

Sophie was flitting around her room. She was gonna have to portal jump with not one person but TWO. To say she was a but worried, especially after her latest incident with her power would be an understatement. She was tucking Easter eggs away in safe places. Her go to calming activity as she waited.

3 pages to go for Revenge of the Queen chapter 7 (>_<)

It’s taking me ages because I’m working on several things at once due to the fact I need to earn money ;;; I hope I can finish it before September ends though.

Chapter 7 will be available through DeviantArt only. I need to draw chapter 8 in order to make both of them available together through Amazon.

Valeriya by ran-yukino

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deviation page:
>,< I absolutely love this manga so I felt like I had to make a fanart! I just can’t wait til the 2nd volume is done (TTATT I want it as a x-mas present, I was a good girl this year~) but it’s okay, I know that Inma has a lot of work, if I have to wait 10 years as long as she doesn’t stop sharing her stories ^^ (totally fan ònó)
Ganbatte nee Inma !!
PS: I didn’t know if I should use the 2nd or the 3rd person to write all this… =,=U aorry if it sounds weird…