So…..yeah, while I was waiting for my wheels to come from #Japan 

this happened.

Haha, I actually got a really good deal from a buddy of mine @88Rotors that I couldn’t pass up. 

Rotora 6 POT Big brake kit.

343mm two piece rotor

Forged 6 piston calipers

Coated Stainless steel brake lines.

I contacted the owner and researcher of Rotora (Which is located in Chino, CA) and I spoke to him on the phone for a while. Being that this brake setup is not specifically made for my car, I would have to bring my car into their factory and get measurements and have some custom brackets and hardware made in order for this brake kit to work with my car. 

These brakes are actually for my accord which is my daily driver. Hope these clear my wheels (18") fingers crossed. X.x 

Gonna have them sand blasted and powder coated to match my horns as well.

I haven’t been blogging lately due to everyday life, but in time, I will get back into Tumblr. Hopefully I can update you guys soon on progress.



Going on my daily soon! Finally had all the custom CNC and CAD designs cut and measured for wheel clearance to perfection! Going into the powder shop today for a complete color changeover (to match my horns/similar colors to my Integra) -15" two-piece drilled/slotted inverted air ventilated rotors -6 pistonforged caliper with sequential pistons (Smaller rotor is a Project Mu 300mm rotor compared to a 380mm rotor)