rotor ship

Remember when…

It was good to have someone to travel with, especially when some places turned out to be not so interesting. Well, it sometimes was good – no bloodthirsty aliens in sight, no explosions… And there was the time in between visits in different places. Of course they had a time machine but it was the place where they were spending most of their time if not outside it.
There were also problems with finding things in the console room. Now he was looking in every spot he could think of for the third time but he still haven’t found what he was looking for.
“Oh, come on, where are you?”, he said to himself because it was obvious that his screwdriver wouldn’t answer him. Then he looked at the ship’s rotor. “I would really appreciate even a bit of help, you know? And if you’re hiding it on purpose, it’s not funny anymore.” He tried searching again for a while but soon gave up, sighing and ruffling his hair in a bit annoyed gesture. “Have you by any chance seen my screwdriver?”, he called, hoping for his companion’s help.