rotom w

Yes, I think Liligant will make an excellent Rotom killer

seeing as all of the Rotom I’ve encountered so far have been running the standard Smogon move sets, I can assume that they also have the recommended EV distribution. two of which distributions (including the one I see most often) make no investment in Special defense, leaving it wide open to a powerful grass STAB special attack from Miss Liligant here!

Quiver dance! Petal dance! DANCE!!
KYAHAHAHAHAHA!! *Dancing queen playing in the background*

Aw yiss…

See, this is the problem with Smogon. they become locked into these rules and ways, and it can be very easy to take advantage of that.

as The Shredder said in the recent TMNT Micro series 

Most warriors follow a certain path, and each path has it’s own weaknesses.
Discover the weaknesses, strike fast, and you will prevail.

Some are formalists, too accustomed to rules and regulations; easily surprised.

And Liligant can provide a decent threat against a belly drum Azumarill, seeing as it has to use it’s first turn to use belly drum, cutting it’s HP and doing half my work for me.

Ah, Liligant. you may be situational, but your situation is common… Yes…


Since Rotom can be a Pokedex now...

Will it personalize the Pokemon bios by making snarky comments on the Pokemon you caught and/or give you even more ludicrous exaggerations on their powers just to throw you off?

“Vanilluxe causes violent blizzards when it’s angry… but I heard it’s pretty tasty when you chomp its head. Try it and tell me what flavor it is.”

“… You know what I don’t what this one is. I think it’s called Pikablue?”

“This is Rotom-W, he owed me 5 bucks that lazy fuck.”