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Look up Rotom. THAT'S a Pokemon Pidge would love, if Pidge is how I remember him (as far as the 3d series. I hear delightful rumors Pidge is a girl in this series. Oh well, the only requirement I have for Pidge is that they are adorable).

Yeah Pidge is a girl in the new series her real name is Katie Holt, “Pidge Gunderson” was her undercover name in order to find info about her family that was kidnapped along with Shiro

OMG i love that Rotom can become a lawn mover XD crazy electric ghost, and yes, Pidge would love this pokémon

So there was always something I felt was missing from Sun and Moon....

Hau watched the sunset while munching on his favorite Malasada while sitting on his favorite bench. He often felt that time on the islands stood still, so slowly they were to change. Recently though, he had begun to wonder if that was only true for him. In what seemed like an instant, the Aether Incident had changed everything. Lillie had come and gone, away to Kanto. His friend, the Champion of Alola’s first ever Pokémon League, had come from Kanto and risen to the highest pinnacles of strength, and discovering more about the Ultra Beats that had come from the Incident than anyone had thought possible.

Kanto. What was it about that place? Hau mused between his second and third bites.

“Hey buddy, you want to come out of there and have some of this?” Hau asked the device on the bench next to him. The Champion’s Rotom-dex, left with him without a word with that same, inscrutable expression. The Rotom within had yet to respond meaningfully, sulking at its apparent abandonment. Hau smiled sheepishly and wrapped the rest of the Malasada up in a paper towel, and stuck it in his bag “for later then…”

One of the things discovered about the Ultra Beasts, with the revelation of Necrozma’s existence, was that even though they would acclimate to this dimension over time, there was always something off about them. Necrozma, much like Cosmog’s line, interacted with the world around it much like a normal Pokémon, apparently having been here for centuries. The few times Hau had seen it playing cheerfully with the Champion, Necrozma still felt wrong.

Hau felt that wrongness now.

He scanned up and down the beach trying to find the source of the sensation, but the beach was empty. Had it always been empty? He thought there were people here when he sat down not a moment ago. There was an abandoned sandcastle not far off, being devoured by the surf. A volleyball floated on the water. The sounds of bustling commerce from the city behind him were gone. The only sound was the crashing of waves.

“———–” Even that was interrupted by a protracted silence in which Hau could only hear his own rising heartbeat. The RotomDex next to him flickered briefly to life, displaying a Pokédex entry. The data was garbled, the screen was a mess of artifacts and nonsense. The only information clear was the name.


The… name? crystallized in Hau’s mind, and as if that was the catalyst necessary, the creature was before him. A monolith comprised of bits and pieces of the environment around it, it reminded Hau of static from an old TV, just ten feet tall and wandering around the beach.

“———–” It cried again. Or, it seemed like a cry. A Pokémon’s whose cry was an absence of sound really took the malasada.

Well, if it was a Pokémon, or maybe even an Ultra Beast, he intended to catch it.

Operation: Alola [Gladion x Moon]

Chapter 3 ↞ | Chapter 4 | ↠ Soon

Chapter 4: Suspicions


Day 2 & 3 Report


What kind of audacious move was it to inform us once we arrived here that Wicke was the lead? Bzzzt.

But I digress, these reports are not to scold you, but to tell you about our progress and about Agent Moon.

You see, Moon has been working hard. She started following up some leads, and her patience and skill set proves vital in these beginning operations.

What I can’t do however, is overlook how  I N F U R I A T I N G she is. And because this girl DOES NOT LISTEN TO PROTOCOL she is very well A RISK TO SOCIETY, THE ORGANIZATION, AND EVERYTHING WE KNOW.



P.S. I already reprimanded her, but it will be to no shock if this happens again.

Gnawing on the back of Moon’s mind was the purpose of this meeting. Was her cover blown? Was she going to lose her job? Was she going to be kidnapped and sacrificed to the Ultra Beasts? Clearly, she was jumping to conclusions. Right?

When they stepped inside, however, Moons thoughts took a pause. She wasn’t surprised by the white anymore, but it was so bare. And the fact that the room screamed ‘uptight perfectionist’ made Moon wonder if this was really Gladion’s office; it contrasted with the impression she got the previous night.

It was unsettling, to say the least.

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#479 Rotom

I didn’t know what to do for the electric aura Rotom’s got, so I ended up doing this crisscross thing around the back. I think I like it? Not sure. I do like that it’s a foot tall, which would be the actual size if Rotom were real.

Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer 2

Here we have the Alola region complete with an artificial island there in the center. Also in the right corner we can see a small island covered by clouds likely some secret special place with one legendary or something. Now there is a ton of stuff to break down in this map so i’ll do a big break down in the future if I feel like the millions of people who do it don’t do it better than I could. The artificial island seems like the base for the elite four. The Alola region does indeed have 8 Islands like Hawaii if you count the one in cover but several are a bit too small to be a beefy part of the adventure. It seems like 4 islands will be the biggest part. In fact Pokemon’s twitter says “ 4 natural islands and an artificial one. Many undiscovered Pokémon live there.” so the little islands apparently don’t really count.  Also it seems most these islands have a harbor meaning you will likely be able to boat island to island as opposed to surfing so IGN can calm down.

Let’s talk legendary Pokemon really quick.  Psychic/Ghost Lunala and  Psychic/Steel Solgaleo. Cool typings for both of them and cool designs. Their abilities are just renames of Multiscale and Clear body respectively. It’s possible that Solaleos full metal body gets around the abilities that normally get around clear body but I doubt it. Both their signature attacks disregard the other Pokemon’s abilities meaning they can negate study, multiscale, etc so when eventually something else gets it (or you know Smeargle) they could be some powerful moves.

So Kukui is confirmed to be the professor of the region and apparently full on let’s Pokemon hit him if he thinks it will be good research. Also with that rainbow on his hat confirmed gay, 10/10 first canon gay Pokemon character, sorry folks. Lillie on the other hand is totally new to us. She doesn’t like Pokemon fighting and apparently is important to the story (also breaking new this game claims it will have a plot). I wonder if she will play an N like role in this game at some point with the Pokemon company trying to sort of ride on that success. Hau your rival also exists but there is nothing cool about him at all in this update.

Rotom Pokedex was announced to be your Pokedex. This Rotom has a personality that will make your Pokedex a bit more alive. It will actually talk to you and everything. I wonder if Yokai Watch’s Whisper had anything to do with this since in Japan these series are actually competing. The biggest new feature that has been solid it it’s ability to give you markers to go to. So perhaps that means finally there will be more to explore in this region. The markers there to stop casual players from getting lost while also allowing for a point of reference if you go off for too long. The Japanese site shows how it looks like in game you are a smiling face on the screen and a flag is where Rotom wants you to go. Your map will also be able to Mark where some Pokemon are located with an icon. Apparently Rotom also picks up suggestions on where to go based on conversations you had with people meaning potential side quest markers?

Notice on our heroes there is a bracelet on each of them. You would think, oh it’s their mega bracelets returning once again. However, it looks nothing like the mega stone from previous generations. In fact both characters here are wearing a different color stone as well. What are these stones you asked, they are the very same stones that are on the Japanese logos for Pokemon sun and moon. Yellow on the moon logo and blue on the sun logo. These stones are very likely something different then Mega evolution, but what? That or perhaps these stones are just different looking mega stones or stones that perform mega evolution and another feature.

Not included in the trailer at all was QR codes are now going to be a thing that works in Pokemon. IT seems like it’s a mostly not too cool feature that tells you where Pokemon are located and gives you Pokedex information instead of actually allowing you to catch them. However, this tech could totally be used to allow you to transfer Pokemon from region to region. It fixes the problem of needing two 3DS if I could somehow process QR codes with my team in OR/AS. Other wise all it does it tell if and where you can catch Pokemon. I could also see these QR codes giving event Pokemon instead of them needing to write a million event codes.

Getting down into the footage we can see evening is a thing now in the game and that is really cool. Also seeing the slowpoke here is a good place to talk about what else the QR code confirms, Pokemon from other regions are catchable in the Alola region. The QR code section shows that you can catch a Pikachu after scanning a QR it shows where it lives so expect a mixed region again.

I think I will go ahead and wrap it up here because 7 paragraphs a pretty long post. However, expect more speculation in particular the map stuff like I said before. I got a theory on where you will encounter the legionaries, how late in the game that will be and more. Hope you enjoyed my post and if you saw anything I missed I would love to hear about it.

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Hey! Do you know of a Pokemon Magic Spell that involves / can involve a Rotom? (Ghost/Electric) It's the pokemon I connect with the most and i'd love to have it's help with a spell sometime c:

Well I don’t know of a Rotom spell but I do know that if you want to work with one as like a guide some things you can use to attract one to you.

Find some images of Rotom and along with that find any of the things below:

Batteries, phone, computer/laptop, flash drive, cds, purple and yellow candles, skull trinkets or candles, graveyard dirt, obsidian or other black gemstones, apples, mugwort, cedar, bay laurel, lavender, and copper. Once you have an area set up with these things, meditate before it and think about your desire to work with a Rotom or its energy. Do this especially before doing spells. If you have a pendulum you may use that to try to communicate with one as well at this altar.

Keep the little Rotom altar clean when you use it, you can store it away when needed. But it should help you connect with a Rotom or at least its energy to help you with spell work.

Terrible banner is terrible *shrugs*

Anyways, I decided to finally make one of these. Mostly because everyone else seems to be making them and I want to be just as cool as everyone else c: But also because there are a lot of really awesome people on tumblr and they need to know how awesome they are :D

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