Chandelure Variations


I think I did a better job keeping them “variations” rather than “fusions” this time, but they can be both if you want. • u • I can’t even pick a favorite, but I’m pretty proud of my solutions for xRotom and xReuniclus.

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The Rotom Pokédex Is Your Ally on Your Journey!

The Pokédex is a convenient tool that records information about the Pokémon you see and catch during your adventure. In Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, your character receives a special Pokédex from Professor Kukui to support you in your travels. It’s known as the Rotom Pokédex, and it’s inhabited by Rotom, a Pokémon with the power to reside in various electronic appliances. It does much more than record Pokémon info—it sparkles with its own personality. The Rotom Pokédex shows your current location and your next destination, and it also gives you advice on where to go next, based on the conversations you have with others! It’s likely to be of great help to you in many parts of your adventure.The Rotom Pokédex is an extremely rare device.

A better pic of my costume I posted earlier today! Pikachu looks rather drunk though….

FYI, I do realize my hair is tied up (as opposed to having it down like the NPC I printed) but I don’t enjoy my hair up and it tends to get in my way in lab so…yeah

So since I’m a PhD student dressed as a Pokemon NPC who probably has a PhD, is this PhDception?