rothmans nyc

“When I first opened Hello NY, it was just to briefly page through, but I found myself not wanting to put it down, and actually had to stop myself so I could get back to work. The book is like running into a stranger at a cafe where they start telling you about their city (you know, secret bars, and places one would only know about if they lived there); Julia writes about her city with such ease detailing her beloved city in a humorous and entertaining way accompanied by her signature illustrations.

"Meanwhile…  Meanwhile in San Francisco by Wendy MacNaughton is like taking a walk through San Francisco and talking to various people you pass by. From the bus drivers on the MUNI to the Mission hipsters, Wendy captures a unique point of view from various collaborators she met living and working in San Francisco. As a bonus the book jacket opens up into a beautiful illustrated poster.”

via Poppytalk