I love you the way Pollock must have loved a blank canvas
Full of endlessly possibility.
These feelings have such velocity.
Like paint splattering on paper
A gesture so grand it started a movement.

I love you the way Rothko envelopes your soul
The color swallows you whole
And you can’t find the edges
Or the beginnings
Just fields of here and now.

I love you the way Van Gogh
Adored the perfect shade of yellow
Your eyes are his sunflowers
Always facing me
Seeking out my warmth.

I love you the way Monet captures tranquility
Which I didn’t quite grasp
Til the first time I held your hand
And you told me to be there with you
Nowhere else.

I love you the way Magritte makes you think.
A treachery of feelings.
Telling it how it is.
Ceci n'est pas un poème.
This is a grand gesture.

—  allegory pt. 1 by c.r.