I’m a Bellarke fan but...

Holy fucknuggets that was uncalled for, Jason Rothenworst. Like seriously go fuck yourself.

Lexa was an amazing, beautiful, strong GAY character and you killed her off BY A STRAY BULLET?

Clexa Stans are practically rioting in the streets, crying their eyes out, reportedly one KILLED her/himself, and you’re quieter than a motherfucking mouse.

Sitting there, in your douchebag chair, rolling in a sea of regret as the FTWD writers are rolling in a sea fucking dollar bills because there goes half your fandom. 

Good job, JRoth. 

Next thing you know he’s milking the fuck out of Bellarke in a desperate attempt to restore his ratings. You should have seen this coming dude. 

Because now? The two fandoms you separated are united under a new flag, one that’s coming with pitchforks and torches and demanding retribution. Retribution not for Clarke’s love interest. Not for Commander Lexa. Not for that hot gay chick off The 100.

For Leksa kom Trikru.

Jus drein jus daun, Jason Rothenburg.

Jus drein jus daun.