• i want a lizard and i cant tell if its Impulsive Shit™ send help
  • i talked to my dad about it and all he did was tell me he didn't like reptiles and then proceed to roast me about collage for some reason until i showed him my Big Many Year Plan Spreadsheet which is the actual document title in my computer and then i made a powerpoint about lizards and now im worried its just impulsivity but i cant wait a while and see bc sometimes it takes a while to Go the Fuck Away yk so if i wait too long my dad will forget i said anything and any pro-lizard sentiments i might have force-fed him will have kind of been reabsorbed by the universe by some kind of reverse osmosis damn lizards and collage make me stressed im listening to the goosebumps theme sped up im deleting this in the morning also i had a dream about nyarlathotep how weird is that