Read! Don’t ignore the history of your art. Don’t waste time trying to reinvent the wheel. Although it’s true that cinema begins anew with every buzz of our cameras, it’s also true that we’ve inherited an exciting body of cinema, representing all branches of the cinema tree. In a way, we’re branches of it, and we can grow only forwards, not backwards. I wouldn’t read the film magazines; they’ve all become very pedestrian. I’d say the same about most of the contemporary books on cinema. Read the early books, such as Paul Rotha’s The Film Till Now, Lewis Jacob’s The Rise of the American Film, the writings of Hans Richter, Jean Epstein, Dulac, the early (1900–15) Prague writers (if you can find them), Pudovkin, Arnheim. From the contemporaries, read Stan Brakhage’s Metaphors on Vision, P. Adams Sitney’s Visionary Film, Steve Dwoskin’s Film Is, Dominique Noguez, and my own Movie Journal. I recommend the early writings on cinema above the contemporary books for the boundless enthusiasm that the early writers had for the art of motion pictures, their passion, their visions, dreams that have been lost in the contemporary writings on cinema.

Jonas Mekas’s Guide to Becoming an Avant-Garde Filmmaker

A chalice full of flesh a day, keeps the avatar of death away.

Prologue: Ok so, this is a pretty casual DnD game, so don’t get mad. Anyway, I (the DM) created a sidequest about three chalices of immortality. I totally lied, none of them gave real immortality. One made the drinker age backwards, the second made the drinker live 100 years more in exchange for 3 demonic favors, & the third turned the drinker into the undead :P . After some pretty hilarious crits regarding persuasion, this happened :

DM: You succesfully convince Rhovarax (Dragonborn Druid) to suck up the spilt contents of the first chalice from the cracks in the floor

Rhovarax OOC: No goddamnit.

Rothas (human warlock) OOC: Yes! Drink it!

DM: Roll for perception… and you don’t notice anything particular happening.

Rothas: Maybe you should drink another one. *rolls for persuasion again*

Rhovarax: No way! I just drank one! *fails counter roll*

DM; And you are persuaded to drink yet another chalice.

Rhovarax OOC: Ungh, dice why.

DM: You drain yet another chalice, both of you roll perception this time.

DM: Rothas, you watch as the flesh literally melts from Rhovarax’s body, leaving him as a dragonborn druid skeleton & Rhovarax (getting a nat 1) you notice nothing at all.

Rothas: Nice, now you’re a skeleton. *fails persuasion*

Nazorinth (Half orc Barbarian): You are bones. *crit sucess*

Rhovarax: Goddamnit, fine, i’ll collect my melted flesh in this empty chalice.

Epilogue: Rothas went on to draw a card from the Deck of many things and get his own Keep and silver tongue :P whereas Rhovarax lost his chalice full of liquid flesh as well as all his wealth and got sassed by an avatar of death when it realised he was already sorta dead. Deck of many things OP. Oh, and If Rhovarax is somehow made alive again, he’ll age backwards too. So he only has 15 years to live =)