Aaah I finally finished these, maybe it’s a gift for @new-endings​ , I love her fanfics and I did these for her^ ^, she is so kind and amazing~

Also these are for the wonderful frostcup fanfic Bittersweet by the amazing New-Endings, I had reread that countless time but still can’t help crying every time; -; 

Um so please read her fic and enjoy my art, thank you for watching these~   The order is Winter→Spring→Summer→Autumn→Fall.

Happy early Valentine’s Day and Happy late Chinese New Year!

anonymous asked:

How do I get on the list?

That’s super easy.You just have to do one of many things!

  • Roleplay as a Rise of the Guardians or Guardians of Childhood character
  • Have an OC in the RotG or GoC universe
  • Make manips/edits of RotG
  • Write RotG/GoC fanfiction
  • Draw RotG/GoC art
  • *edit because I forgot cosplaying as an rotg character*

And if you aren’t one of those “contributing, content creating” fan members, you may not be included on one of THOSE lists but you can still send in your blog name and birthday and I’ll put it on the Birthdays Page so that when the time comes, someone can send you a happy birthday message!

Unfortunately since the blog is two days old and I am still trying to figure things out, there isn’t a whole lot of space other than the birthdays page or the submit/ask features for fans that don’t do any of the things listed above. I’m open to suggestions though~! This is a new blog and I could use all the help I can get to make sure NO ONE feels left out. ;)


Hey guys, look! Fancy animation duds! If you can even call it animation lol. Playing around with my new CS6, and figured to play around with it a bit for some effects. Been awhile since I made anything. Anyway, this is a contribution to my new tumblr theme, just in time for Valentine’s Day :3. And what better way than with Cupid!au :D. I really had fun in making this LIES, since trying to figure out the sizing to the gif wasn’t lol. Either way, hope you guys will check out my blog set up, thank you for being continuously supportive! I truly apologize for my constant hiatus. Also, Merida’s cupid design is credit to @arcanabreak ;)!


Here’s one thing I love about Bunny: he’s a big tough guy around others sometimes, but he’s always so silly and sweet with children. It’s his greatest joy to bring joy to them, and being with them cuts through that rough exterior. Just the way he’s so joyful with Sophie, proud of her seeing this little egg he clearly knows is there, happily watching her fetch it, then gently holding her little hand and guiding her melts my heart. Bunny is so great.

Rise of the Guardians"2012

Watch Rise of the Guardians Full Movie

When an evil spirit known as Pitch lays down the gauntlet to take over the world, the immortal Guardians must join forces for the first time to protect the hopes, beliefs and imagination of children all over the world. 


You’ll just have to accept it, Jack; blue hoodies are quite in fashion in the world of animation! ;)

(Disclaimer: Don’t know if anyone pointed this out before, but I decided to express it in my first attempt at a kind of comic :)

Also, Jack casually enjoying his favorite snowcone flavor ;)

Viking AU

Jack Frost is a viking from the Polar Tribe. North the Cold is Jack’s father and also the enemy of Hiccup’s father, Stoick the Vast. As the fate wants it, Hiccup meets Toothless and can change his tribe for good. Years passed by and Jack Frost finds a wounded viking alone and bleeding in the woods. He takes care of him - not knowing that it’s the enemy’s son.

AUs … there are so much FUN!! *^*