rotg: jack

manilove223  asked:

Oh? Why did Monty loo sad in the last part wjen je was jist smiling about Jack? Is it about what petals said about his voice being familiar?

*Monty quickly covers the ask.

“S-SAD? Me sad? I have NO idea what you’re talking about!”

“M◊η⊥ý? Wɧª⊥’S ૬◊Îη૬ ◊η?“
(Monty? What’s going on?)

“O-OH! NOTHING! No sadness here! I’m all smiles! SUPER SMILES! Don’t have a sad bone in my body!”

“Dıɔ тнεч ƨαч ƨσмεтнıпɢ тσ υρƨεт чσυ Mσптч? I'м cσпғυƨεɔ.“
(Did they say something to upset you Monty? I’m confused.)

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