rotg: jack


“Yeah, dude, I guess. But, like, this is a fuckin’ liberal arts college, brah. Isn’t everyone in a band?”
“I don’t know. I’ve never met anyone in a band before. I’m not in a band. Well, I’m in some school bands, but that’s not really… um. What kind of music do you play?”

in which instead of actually playing hockey, the guys play shitty (pun intended) DIY punk in a band called Soft Hands. classically-trained pianist eric bittle doesn’t quite know what’s hit him.

posters for @heyfightme ‘s fic Baking is Punk As Fuck . So I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been obsessed with this fic forever? And I’m so happy yet sad that it’s done now?? I’ve already reread the earlier chapters like soooo many times. The lines are great, Bitty’s narrative is so realistic in this new setting. Punk Jack Zimmermann is the love of my life and I’m also VERY obsessed with him (like seriously, way to get me to love Jack). And I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say this fic reignited my love of punk. So yea, this fic is amazeballs 

įt's pos͟sìbĺe̴.͢
( antisepticeye )
 įt's pos͟sìbĺe̴.͢

@i-am-avacado: Hey Anti, what do you do when you’re weakened from lack of attention from the fanbase? Like when you were just existing?

Wél̡l ..̀ ͝w̵he͞n ̕pus̨h cóme̶s̢ ͡ţo ͝s͢ḩo͢ve ̛and͘ i have ̵ba͘r̕el̕y ̕aņy̕ ̛s͢t̡r̶en͝gth, ͘i ̴c̡oul̷d ̶be͡g̷ín̸ to̡ f͢a͡de e̷ǹt̀irely and once a̡g͏ai͞ń b̨e loc҉ke҉d ̢w̡it̨hi͢n ̢the cag̴e o͜f jack͢'s͡ ͡mind. i̛ts n̕ot li̸ke̢ ̵th̛a͠t͜ wi͘l͠l̕ hap͘pen ̶a͏n̡yway͟s̛:̷ ̴t͡hé m̀ark iv̡e ̕le͏f̡t ͢wil͞l ̨s͜t̵a͏y for̶ ̴age͠s̸.͞