Oh god.

What if North helped Aster out when he was in heat before Jack came along? Which Aster hides from Jack for as long as he can.

What if sometimes all Aster wants is to be dominated and so he sometimes gets North to help him out still, despite being with Jack?

What if they wrestled and Aster would always end up pinned under North? And he’d be so happy despite his huffing and spitting an the guilt that Jack doesn’t know?

And Jack found out one day?

And Aster had to explain it to him?

And Jack goes to North with the hopes he’ll instruct him on how to provide what Aster needs?

And it’s an extremely awkward conversation? And Aster doesn’t know about it? Until Jack visits him one day and uses the knowledge North haltingly deposited on him?

And they were happy?

I had another train trip to doodle on today and you know what came into mind?? Bunny nuzzling into North’s hand because I imagine North’s hands to be really big and warm and nice for a bunny to shove his muzzle into ;w; And I know a Bunny can’t have a sweatdrop or blush for that matter but the mood was demanding it so I don’t care about logic I’m still feeling really ill!! Yeah and that’s also why this is so sloppy I’m sorry I shouldn’t even be sitting at the computer right now OTL Don’t know if I’ll go to school tomorrow, even though I really have too. Important things happening ;ww; Ah well enough with my boring life, enjoy!! <3

The Mythical Bean (pre-Jack/Pitch) (12/17)

Original Prompt:

So I thought we needed a really damn silly AU prompt to get a break from all the angst and stuff. 

Pitch is the author of a known book series, under the synonym of Kozmotis Pitchiner. Problem is, he has the writing block of the century and it’s pissing him off to the point that he lashes out at almost everyone. 

Sandy and North run a café/coffee place, with Sandy handling the books and North being the guy you can always talk to. He and Pitch have known eachother for ages, to the point that he knows when he gives Pitch something regular, or when he can use an ‘experiment’ on him (“Try this hot chocolate, is for christmas special!” “What’s this burning after taste?” “Chili!” (uber bonus if you can work that line in somewhere))

And then Pitch meets Jack. Jack is the new Barista at the coffee place as something to have on the side while he’s in college, and he’s pretty much a breath of fresh air, even though he and Pitch probably get off a rocky start (wrong order, spilled drinks, North comes in before it gets too bad, apologies exchanged and so on.)

Bunnymund and Tooth are other regulars of the coffee place (Bunnymund delivers ingredients for whatever food they serve and Tooth is a fashion designer) and everyone in the coffee place end up conspiring somehow to get Pitch and Jack together, because it has probably been forever since Pitch was with anyone, and it would be good for them both. Especially since Tooth finds out that Pitch gets new inspiration based on the jokey antiques he pulls around the coffee place, which most customers find amusing.

The story doesn’t have to end in sex, but if you feel it can be worked in somewhere, then go ahead!

Fun fact: in the comments, three separate people offered to fill this. Anyway, you’ll see eggnog and feather pillow before there’s even a hint of blackice, but really there’s just hints of everything.

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“You are magnificent.”


Nick chuckles, as he lifts himself out of his seat, steps heavy as he makes his way over to where Aster is curled on the bench by the window of his workshop, “You, Aster, are most incredibly built being I am having fortune to lay eyes upon.”

Aster frowns, ears drooping in a way that Nick has learnt means he’s embarrassed, but he doesn’t back down, “I’m not too bad, I know. Thanks.”

“Am not sure you know how much,” He can’t help the twinkle in his eyes as he says that, and he sits beside Aster, “Perhaps you should let me show you…”

Aster yelps as the man’s huge hands grasp the thick fur of his shoulders, tugging him so he’s sitting in Nick’s lap, “Oi! What’d d'you you bloody think you’re doin’!?”

Nick ignores his whining, instead focusing on pulling Aster’s arms behind him, so he can hold both bony wrists with one hand. He tugs, gently, watching with wrapt attention as Bunny arches, head tipped back against Nick’s broad shoulder.

He can see Aster’s tummy jumping with his every breath, but he can’t help but want to feel…

“You are work of art. Lots of detail. Minute. Perfect.” He drags a thick finger through the fur on the Pooka’s chest, nuzzling against his neck and shoulder as he attempts to memorise the way his shoulderblades look, then feel, beneath his fingers. “You have groomed yourself many times in my presence, you know. We have talked during. Yet, despite my thinking I am being obvious, you do not realise how much you tempt me. Never. But I will tell you now. You are truly beautiful, especially when drawn tight.”

He manoevures Aster, pulling him this way and that, drawing him tight, then allowing him to loosen, whilst his fingers trace and memorise and worship. Aster’s gasping in his ear, swearing, writhingin his lap, but Nick has a goal and he doesn’t allow distractions. Even as he presses a kiss to Aster’s neck and slowly releases then tugs Aster’s arms so they’re bent over his head.

He allows Aster to sit forward, his other hand grasping at the Pooka’s slim waist, holding him firmly in his lap as he examines and admires the way his fur fluffs out between his shoulderblades. He traces between them, feeling warm as he imagines the way the muscles beneath the grey would work.

“I will sculpt you one day.”

Just a couple of old friends enjoying a drink… Or two. I imagine Bunny not being too good at drinking. He gets tipsy after drinking only half of it. At least it gives North some good laughs!

I’ve been wanting to draw this scene for so long now and today I finally bought a new sketch pad. So on the train home I decided to do a quickie! It was alot of fun and North didn’t come out too bad even if this is one of the first attempts I do at drawing him… I will dedicate this picture especially to a friend of mine who has been in need for some eggnog for a while now. C:

Alright. Another ROTG AU. This time though, it’s centred around a circus.

North’d be the strong man. He’s greying. His beard’s kept fairly short, so it barely hangs from his chin, though he’s inked up. He wears those pants of his as a uniform and is a fav to the kids because he’s just fun and he throws them around when their parents aren’t looking.

Tooth’s the aerial entertainment, flipping and flying through the air, setting of this and that. Y'can’t keep her still. She’s great for surprising the kids, because she’s so light on her feet, when she actually touches the ground. She sometimes gifts them with little knick knacks, pushing them into their hoods or pockets without their realising.

Sandy’s a clown making balloon animals. He barely talks, but you can feel the warmth radiating from him. And fuck are his balloon animals great. Like, seriously. You want a tiger? He’ll give you a bloody tiger. He’s not a fantastic (or good, even) drawer, but one of his things is that he draws the kids into his little sketchbook. It’s more the faces he makes that keep the kids laughing, rather than the sketch itself, though it’s a cute momento for their visit.

Whilst Pitch is the slightly creepy ring leader that’s actually a nice guy despite being a total dickweed to talk to. Unless you’re Sandy, because he loves you but that’s neither here nor there He’s able to capture the audience’s attention with the simplest of sentences, weaving grand tales and enticing all the imaginations in the room into life. He prefers the dark and morbid, but after a few years with Sandy he’s learnt. His darker stories are favourites for the Guardians Circus, during dinner, before bed.

Manny is the director and owner of this here outfit. He’s an alright guy, doesn’t talk much, kinda just mozies a long, watching and directing from the shadows. Not many know what he looks like, or if they have seen him, know that it is him they’ve just run into. The Guardians aren’t actually sure of that either, really. There are so many other workers around (other spirits - Cupid’s the archer. He can hit a target no matter where, when or what he’s doing, etc), but no one really knows.

So. They’re gallivanting around the world. Bringing people joy and laughter.

And then, whilst moving between running around Australia, during a break North goes exploring. ‘Cause he’s an idiot like that. So whilst barging through the bush, he sees this thing. It’s breathing hard, is rather large, it’s just the body, but he can tell it’s hurt. There’s blood everywhere. Kinda reminds him of a rabbit, actually…

Being North, he goes to investigate.

And finds that it is a freakin’ large rabbit. One that is indeed incredibly hurt. It’s been shot and North’s sure that if he waits for even a second after realising that it won’t survive. So he picks it up and slings it over his shoulder as gentley as he can and runs back to the others.

He doesn’t wake for a long time. North looks after him though. Cleans out the wound with Tooth’s help, gets him cleaned up and somewhat hydrated, though that’s a messy business in and of itself. Gets a doctor in.

Pitch makes several comments about how, despite it’s rather unusual size, it won’t fill North up for longer than an hour, though if he were to fatten it up a bit more (it’s a skinny shit), that he might have a bit more luck.

They think it’s a Pooka. They’re all fairly well read and they’ve heard that there are several colonies on Earth, though it’s rare to see one. And with the bits and pieces the rabbit’s got all over it, one of the symbols on its boomerang matches one Pitch finds in a book. The doctor also thinks so - he’s treated a few, it’s not unheard of for this to happen. For them to be shot the few times they come to the surface, but it’s not a garranteed thing with how they can shape-shift.

When he eventually wakes, the rabbit finds itself confused, scared, nervous and doesn’t hesitate to throw anything it can lift at North when the man comes barging back into his room after a show. It’s a pleasant surprise for North. Who’s kind of missed his bed.

It’s not so much for the rabbit. Who doesn’t seem to speak English (or refuses to, North can’t tell which. Not exactly. His belly tells him he’s understanding him more than North’s reading the rabbit). Or Russian. Or anything, really. So North goes and tries something that’s never failed him, ever: Food.

It’s with lots of veggies and fruit that the rabbit calms down enough (it’ll take North a week to right his caravan. Seriously), to eat (his stomach’s growls are impressive and make North smile) and have them sorta-kinda communicate.

And it’s not that he can’t communicate, it’s just that they speak competely different languages. The rabbit chitters and purrs at him when he doesn’t seem to realise it, before going grumpy faced.

I won’t go into too much detail from here on, but North learns that the rabbit’s name’s Aster, that he’s great with paint, learns some Pooka (though he can’t speak it for peanuts), Aster proves that he’s pretty adept at English, as much as Aussies skew it. He ends up working with everyone, gaining odd looks (he’s a GIANT RABBIT, as if he won’t recieve looks), but he’s great at facepainting and the kids adore him. That’s after his wound heals enough for him to start walking around.

They grow close over the course of The Guardians adventure around Australia. Always picking at each other, always arguing over this and that - but always looking out for and after one another. North keeps Aster well fed and makes sure his wound’s healing and has healed properly. Aster always makes sure North sleeps, and doesn’t drink too much. North’s there beside Aster when the stares become too much, with a heavy, comforting hand and a scratch behind the ears. Often Aster finds himself falling asleep with his head in North’s lap, and waking when him curled around him.

Aster seems to get along pretty well with the rest of the Guardians as well. But it’s North he’s really close to.

You can see where I’m going with this, yeah?

It’s not heard of. It’s not 'normal’. Different species tend to stick with their own. So they keep this thing, between them secret. Or as secret as North can manage.

Then comes the time for The Guardians to leave Oz. And doesn’t Aster’s hesitation break North’s heart. Especially when - during their month respite before they head off to the next continent (New Zealand!), Aster decides to run off back home without talking to anyone (apparently. He talks to Sandy and makes him promise not to mention that, but he needs to talk to his family, needs to let them know he’s alright and just sort himself out. He’s never been further than a hop, skip and jump away from his relos. He’s certainly never been away for as long as he has so far. Can he leave them for longer? He’d stayed because he wasn’t completely well, and they’d promised to head back near where they’d picked him up. Also because he really enjoyed North and his new friends’ company. He’s never felt so apart of something before. And he likes playing with the kids!). He leaves North a short note, but, y'know…

Will he come back? Will he be joining them as they go on, or will Aster remain here? Will North have to let him go? It’s a tough few weeks.

I dunno. I’m finding it hard to articulate this idea. But youse get the jist, yeah?

“And how can I be sure egg is not poisonous?”

“… Just take the goddamn egg”

I finished reading the second book in the GoC series today and I just LOVE the bickering between Bunny and North. The quotes are not from the book though, North do think there’s something fishy about Bunny’s chocolate but book Bunny wouldn’t say something like that I’m sure… But this is their first meeting and immediately North is being… Well North. So he’s not very polite. This scene just makes me smile!

I’ve had alot of requests for Eggnog lately. I’m sorry, maybe this doesn’t count but I’m just in love with young North and Bunny can wEAR HIS TINY GLASSES I LOVE BUNNY IN TINY GLASSES I don’t even know what it is they just fit him so well ;w;

I hope this will satisfy any need for this pairing until I make something proper with them! I may wanna colour this later but if I know myself I’ll probably forget about it…

More Eggnog for Luuuuupis <3

Nick was quite crestfallen when Aster didn’t show up to his annual Boxing Day Christmas Party; the evening passed with its usual hoopla, but the normally jolly Russki became increasingly gloomy and dispirited. A lot of vodka was downed inbetween party events, but nothing could cheer Nicholas St. North up, and the festivities felt hollow and empty without the grumpy rabbit in their midst…

Until it came time to open gifts… North was starting to feel a bit better- it always felt good to give. Tooth had given him a lovely handmade sweater, Sandy had made him some of his favorite golden sugar caramels… Now one present remained, a fairly large one, without a card or label, and oddly cross-holiday wrapping paper…

(Still don’t think I’ve got the hang of drawing North…)

Writing this down because I have no idea if I’ll actually get ‘round to using it and I’d rather someone pick it up than it sit in my head or in a file on my lappie forever:

Okay, so. Y'know how one of the main things about Aster being paired with anyone is that he’s a giant rabbit? So he tends to be a different species to everyone else? What about Eggnog?


“You think that just because you are furry, you are not beautiful? That I could not find you attractive? Aster, you are most gorgeous person I know. Your ears may be big, your feet like skis and your nose cold and wet and uncomfortable when you snuff in my ear, but you are honest, your heart is big and warm, and you make for great time!” North smiles, one of his huge hands stroking through his beard. His eyebrows raise, eyes twinkling, “Besides, I am furry too!”


Or you know, something to that effect.


“I’m sorry. I promised you would never be lonely again…”

So dear Vanya asked for some more Eggnog and suggested it to be angst. I must admit I got kind of carried away with this… It started with me being too lazy to draw North and the concept grew from that. Hehe..

Hope you guys like it! Kind of hurt me to draw this, I feel sorry for Bunny…

Not Just Practicality (re-forming OT5/6) (11/21)|?

HEY! PAUSE! This is a super long prompt, and before you read it, I want you to know that I got 0/10 for following the directions! I ended up writing a sort of prequel to a slightly tonally different version of the prompted scenario.

Original Prompt:

Okay, so I had this kind of crack idea- not really crack but…. The guardians and Jack now know each other well and have been the ‘big five’ for over a year now. Jack goes along with everyone pretty well, they’ re like a new family to him, expect Bunny whom he sees now as his best friend/ rival/ maybe-big brother etc. But lately ( shortly after Easter) the rabbit has been acting strangely towards him and he can’t figure out why. He also notices how the other guardians suddenly don’t come as close to him as before, don’t touch him as often as before and so on.

One day he goes visiting Bunny to demand answers from him which ends with the rabbit jumping him and simply telling him he has chosen him as his mate- meaning, big fuck time since he’s in heat now!- with a big WTF reaction from Jack. Poor winter spirit runs away and confronts the others for explanations. But they react totally different then he expected- not shocked or disgusted but happy and congrulate him even, telling him how great they fit each other and they had seen it coming or stuff like that!

Cue a shocked,unwilling and swept away Jack who now gets chased by a very horny and annoyed rabbit, with the guardians cheering for their new relationship! In short: Jack thinks of Bunny as his best friend, the rabbit sees it different and declares him as his mate in his next mating season. Jack gets chased by an angry and super horny Bunny who intends to show him how 'good’ he can take care of him! I’m not really sorry for demanding this, I just want a good fill with great smut which is also funny! So, make me laugh- but don’t forget to turn me on Anon! xD

Basically, I want a really horny and annoyed Bunny chasing Jack through all kind of places (Santa’s workshop, Toothiana’s palace etc.) and maybe even all over the world if you want! Jack should feel kind of betrayed but also kind of torn because during the chase he realizes he likes Bunny more then he thought. As a reaction, each time Bunny manages to catch him for a short time he is more embarrassed, with flushing and cursing. I wanna see in the end how Bunny finally has enough and ulitmately overpowers him and then takes his sweet time to make Jack into a quivering, helpless mess to show him how they’re meant to be mates before he finally fucks him long and passionately!

I know, this is a fucking long prompt, but hey, can’t help it! If you can’t work with all the demands I put up- but still feel interested- I’m willing to even write it myself! …..though that’d be kinda is like a hand job for myself…*cough cough* NO non-con or dub-con please!!! Jack should resist, but feel unable to resist any longer when Bunny 'persuades’ him in the end! So, please tell me if you think you could pull this off or think I myself may be better suited to do this! :)

Bonus: - if Jack is really, literally flabbergasted and falls off his staff when Bunny tells him

- if all the other guardians already had sex with Bunny at some point, when some of his mating seasons got worse then usual

-if they all tell Jack how great Bunny is in bed ( like, really fucking fantastic great awesome- you get the point):
North: “Well, I mean, I’ve met a few really….naughty girls, but Bunny….”

Sandy *using a fan to express how hot Bunny had been*

Toothiana: “I- I can’t even really express how good it had been, I don’t think I ever came that much before! Not to mention his size!” *blushing*

- Jack starts to have a burning/ itching on his skin- and suddenly finds a mark on his body ( replica of Bunny’s tattoo…..on his ass?!)

- Jack going to Jamie to blow off some steam and gets interrupted by Bunny who tries to dry hump him in front of wide eyed and flustered Jamie

- if one place Bunny chases Jack through is Pitch’s realm, where said broken spirit just stares at them with a WTF face before yelling “OUT!!”

Bonus for sex part:
-if Bunny rimms him good
-lots of biting
-Jack has to wear an over sized shirt after the sex because Bunny ripped his clothes apart in heat
-Jack struggles a lot and curses in the most colorful words
-he grumpily agrees to be mates( not like he had a choice)
-the other guardians burst in shortly after they had sex
-they all ask “And, how was it?” with winks and leers ( finally mates presents??)
-all looking shocked when Jack starts to stutter and blush, exclaiming “Wait, you were a virgin before?!” (You can choose how they react to that, except Bunny who knew it before- smelled it??)

Yoooo so anyway this prompt was so extensive and included so much detail that made me go “….ummmmmm” that I ended up writing a prequel instead. Bunny visits North because he knows he’s going to go into heat really soon, and since he’s actually been spending time around people he likes, he won’t be able to suppress it at all. And he needs A Plan.

I guess Eggnog is the active pairing here as part of a re-forming OT5/6.

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