rotg trailer


This is the first ROTG trailer.

I know there once was a post that had gifs in it showing some of the differences between the trailer and the actual movie, but I wanted to point out things here as well (since I don’t have gifs…) to see all the differences just out of pure curiosity.

1) Jamie in the bed when the mini tooth takes his tooth out from under the pillow (as opposed to a different kid in the actual movie).

2) Bunnymund hiding in the bush and watching the eggs being found by Jamie’s friends (as opposed to the failure of the Easter Egg hunt in the movie).

3) North being called “Santa.”

4) Bunnymund’s Easter egg bombs being thrown from in the clouds (as opposed to in the Tooth Palace).

5) The kids crossing the street scene (as opposed to on the sidewalk when they go through Jack…also Pippa seems to like skateboarding here :) )

6) The first 4 Guardians walking towards the screen with the moon behind them.

7) Tooth Fairy saying “wings up ladies and take no prisoners!” (I don’t remember that line being said in the actual movie…)

8) Bunnymund hopping into his underground tunnels while in the Warren (as opposed to opening a tunnel in North’s Workshop).

9) Tooth being placed on the sleigh and yelling out like Jack would when it takes off (as opposed to Jack being in her spot during that scene).

Knowing these differences, I wonder if it would count more as a tease by not putting them in the movie, or would it count as an unofficial introduction to these characters before the movie comes out? I don’t remember being particularly mad about not having those in there…actually, I don’t even really remember pointing them out as I watched the film. I enjoyed the film too much to be displeased about that.

Plus, there have been a lot of movies lately that seem to be showing semi-false trailers just for the sake of getting the attention and not putting those scenes into the movie later. So it’s not like this is the first.

Just my thoughts~

Did anyone else notice...

So while I was was the second ROTG trailer for the umpteenth time, I noticed a little something during the “you take the ones on the left, I’ll take the ones on the right” scene.



 I mean he’s RIGHT THERE!!! It’s super scary!!! I cannot wait for this movie!!!

And if any kind soul out there who’s read the movie novilization would mind spilling the beans to me on this particular scene that would be wonderful, thanks!