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I love characters who are amazing elder siblings/ elder sibling figures
  • You want examples?
  • 1. Violet Baudelaire
  • 2. Tadashi Hamada
  • 3. Bianca Di Angelo
  • 4. Max Vandenburg
  • 5. Jack Frost
  • 6. Takashi Shirogane
  • I could go on (feel free to add onto the list)

augus each uisge series - #1

ok so this is probably the starting point of quite a lot more augus scribbles that i’ll continue uploading as I clean out my sketchbook - so imma call it a ‘series’ and hope it’ll help me keep motivated. 
i think we all know that augus belongs to @not-poignant and i can’t stop thinking about how much i love him - that being said i only read FTDWR & ISWF and not the other parts of the SALverse (nor the Fae Tales - yes shame on me i know) and my augus is always based on that– 

please click pictures for better quality T°T 

anonymous asked:

do you still draw? i loved seeing all of your rainbow snowcone stuff and id love to see more from you :)

Yes I do still draw! It just gets lost in all other non art posts, but you can find them in my ‘art’ or ‘fanart’ hashtag if you want! :з 

Also yes, as you’ve noticed I kind of stopped making RS fanart cause… I guess I lost interest in the pairing? D: And in Rotg (and Httyd and Hiccstrid) franchise as well. There’s really nothing going on anymore.That’s also why I changed my icon and profile name from Rotg related to my own nickname which I prefer more. In that case I can only apologize for letting you and all my followers down like that, cause I probably won’t be making stuff I used to couples of years ago.. just maybe time to time  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thank you for asking, and know you can ask me more questions!

Thought I would upload this here as well as my D.A account even though its not rotg related.
This is Raa, or more commonly known as the ghost girl from night of the werehog, which was a 11 minute promotional short for sonic unleashed, I was kinda dissapointed she didnt appear in the game itself though :(
The last time I drew her was 3 years ago, so I put pen to paper again to compare.
Raa is copyright to sega
The art is mine

My dash is really empty :/ I need some new blogs to follow~

  • Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin
  • Blue Exorcist/ Ao no Exorcist
  • Kyoukai no Kanata
  • Madoka
  • Dangan Ronpa /or Super Dangan Ronpa 2
  • Doctor Who
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  • Sherlock
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  • frozen
  • anything big four related/ httyd/rotg/brave/tangled/
  • anything funny really 

If you post any of these reblog or like this post and I will check your blog out! Hopefully we can become friends  ヽ(*・ω・)ノ