rotg concept

ROTG Art-book arrived!

So stoked! It was such a blah/gloomy day and I needed this to perk me up
(along with chatting with my bestie, but Skype is being a puke right now, ugh!)
Loving the artwork, it’s always amazing to see concept art and designs, especially of fav characters.

so guess who basically got to draw rise of the guardians fanart for concept art homework?! (THIS SOBBING NERD

RotG has been on my to-watch list for some time now, and i’m so glad i finally got around to seeing it (for actual school purposes, no less)! here is real bb jack frost hanging out in my version of bunnymund’s gorgeous easter warren. 

Rise of the Guardians interior: North is always demanding that his elves bring him more cookies as he works, but where do they all get made? Welcome to North’s Christmas kitchen! North rarely sets foot in here himself since he’s so busy, but the elves are always hard at work making enough cookies to satiate his sweet tooth… or else just making a mess!