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“This isn’t your fight, Jack.”

Noticed that in both of these scenes, Pitch walks towards Jack, getting closer to him, and Jack responds by putting up his staff, ready to attack if Pitch gets too threatening. Oh Pitch, slow down, you’re frightening the boy, even though that is not your intention here.

And yeah, you know you’re shipping it deep when one character merely walking up close to the other is enough to cause emotions. 


Requested by Anonymous

Only an hour after you had fallen asleep, your best friend, Jack Frost, flies through your bedroom window.

“Hey, (y/n)…” he starts, trailing off when he sees the golden dream sand floating above your head. He smiles, leaning on his staff as he watches you dream.

It’s you and him iceskating together. Well, you’re iceskating, but Jack flies along next to you, occasionally laying a steadying hand on your waist when you stumble. The real Jack smiles at the dream, making a mental note to take you iceskating soon.

Suddenly, dream you slips, but Jack catches you, and setting you back on your feet before smiling and flying away. You watch him go, and real Jack frowns. Why did he leave?

Then he sees it.

Just at the edge of your dream, a small tendril of black sand is slowly growing. Jack watches in horror as the black sand slowly takes over the gold and dream you slips before falling through the ice. By now, your dream is completely black, and only a shadow of Pitch is shown.

You begin to scream. “(y/n)! (y/n), wake up, please!” Jack yells, letting go of his staff and shaking you awake.

You wake up still screaming, flailing your arms as you try to get Jack off of you. “(y/n), it’s me! It’s Jack.”

Then your eyes adjust to the darkness and you see Jack’s beautiful blue eyes staring into your wet (e/c) ones.

“Jack…” you start before finally beginning to cry. The spirit pulls you close, comforting you with his touch.

After awhile, he finally gets you to calm down. “What happened, (y/n)? I saw us iceskating together, and then you falling through the ice.”

You take a deep breath, and Jack kisses your forehead comfortingly. “It was Pitch. He showed me you and the others dying, and then he said that he would be back for me.”

Jack’s eyes widen. The thought of you in Pitch’s hands scares him. Heck, the idea of Pitch being back scares him.

He puts his arms around you and picks you up bridal style. “We have to go to the North Pole.”

The amount of fanfiction i have read over the years could be easily compared to reading the bible 3 times and a half and maybe 4…. i did the math…