Jackrabbit week 2017 - Day 4: Royalty AU

This is… my favorite thing I have drawn in years. Now you know what all those horse and hare studies were about. The only reason this has a decent background is because I’ve been watching Bob Ross videos while working on it. xD haha That man is truly inspiring!

Here are some notes on this AU, taken straight from google docs. I really love this idea and would love to revisit it in the future. ^^


The story:

The Lunanoff royal family has been slain by Pitch, except for Manny, or Prince Lunar, who grew up in the protective bubble of the Moon Clipper which has completely isolated him from the outside world. While technically still Tsar, he cannot rule over his Kingdom in a necessary capacity, but he’s found a way to communicate with his subjects through magic, so every few thousand years, he chooses a Heir to rule in his stead.

The heirs are chosen from a vast court of lesser royalty that still have at least a drop of royal blood flowing through them, and thus the magic that is meant to protect the Kingdom. Everyone wants to be noticed and chosen, so the competition has grown cutthroat over the centuries and the court has been corrupted from the inside.

As the previous Heir falls prey to Pitch’s machinations, Pitch uses the distraction to gather his forces in secrecy. He’s planning a full-on assault on the unsuspecting Kingdom.

The Guardians are protectors of the Kingdom and are there to support the chosen Heir. While the Guardians sometimes fall and are chosen anew, some, like Bunny and Sandy, have looked over countless Heirs in their lifetimes.

As the ceremony for the choosing grows closer, everyone is speculating who the new Heir will be. To everyone’s shock, the Tsar’s choice falls on someone no one had expected - Jack Frost, a young princeling barely into adulthood, with a very obscure lineage that makes everyone question if there’s any royal blood in him at all.

Of course, Bunny is the most outraged by this decision, because all he’s seen of Jack through the years has been nothing but the young princeling fooling around and causing trouble. He has no faith in the new Heir and no desire to serve him.

Jack is as flabbergasted as the rest of them. He’d always felt left out of the court, but he’s never wanted to take part in the intrigue and certainly never expected to get the title of Tsarevitch Lunanoff. He doesn’t take his responsibilities seriously at first, thinking there has to be some kind of mistake that will certainly be corrected soon.

Everything changes when the Guardians discover traces of Pitch’s evil plot. With cryptic silence from Tsar Lunar, the Guardians have no other choice but to school the young Heir in the skills necessary to fight a coming war.

Forced to work together, Bunny gradually learns more about Jack and grows to respect him for who he is. While he may not be like any of the previous heirs, there’s something in the young man that sparks joy and laughter in the people around him. Perhaps, this is exactly the ruler their Kingdom really needs.


Character profiles:

Bunny - an advisor and head of guard in peacetime, he is always by the Heir’s side. A scout and spy in wartime, he takes risky missions to sniff out information about Pitch’s movements, sometimes quite literally. He is an expert in moving in the shadows or underground, using his speed and quick wits to his advantage.

Toothiana - mistress of the servants in peacetime, she is secretly the Tsar’s spymaster, keeping an eye on the court’s activities thanks to her servant girls. In wartime, she is a strategist and general. She is used to taking command and seeing the bigger picture, but she’s also a proficient sword fighter who is never found on the sidelines, but rather in the midst of battle.

North -  a genius and innovator in peacetime, his countless creations are meant to make everyone’s lives better, while other times, they are meant to entertain. He doubles as the master of ceremony for the Tsar. In wartime, his workshop produces all the weapons and machines needed to arm the fighters. His creative mind isn’t limited to technology, but also helps brainstorm surprising solutions when fighting against the enemy.

Sandy - stable master in peacetime, he provides transportation for all the court’s needs. His favorite pastime is looking after the highly priced dreamsand horses and other creatures created by his magic – when he is not found taking a nap. In wartime, his immense magical power has proven to be an obstacle to Pitch time and time again.

ROTG Business AU featuring:

Production Manager North

Financial Officer Bunnymund 

Chief Operating Officer Toothiana

Marketing Manager Sanderson

College Intern Jack

Secretary Onyx (she used to be Sanderson’s secretary but now she works for Pitch. I’ve never seen Onyx in any human au, so I wanted to try it and I’m really happy with how she turned out)

And finally…

CEO Pitch 


i’m willing to wait for it

i finally finished the contest i entered, but it’ll be a weak or so until i’m finally back bc internet will be out for like a week!!! SO SEE YOU IN A WEEK 

i needed to draw my babies travelling

they’re happy, engaged and travelling i don’t make the rules

(( lyrics are from  “Wait for it’’ from Hamilton the musical !!))

College AU

Requested by @centurieshuman, where this adorkable dorks meet in the same collage tour. Forgive me for the background, idk how to do them right.

My Top 10 Jackrabbit (Jack Frost/Bunnymund) Fics

Hi everyone! Jackrabbit was one of the larger categories, so there was a lot of variety to choose from when it came to making this list. We’ve got angst, we’ve got AUs, we’ve got smut, we’ve got something for every jackrabbit fan. It was quite difficult to narrow the list down, however, and if you like the ship I encourage you to check out the masterpost.

The fics are presented in chronological order, with the oldest first. 

1.  The Daffodil’s Ghost (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (5/9): Jack Frost leaves Bunny a daffodil coated in ice as a gift, hoping desperately that he’ll realize what it’s meant for, even though he doubts Spring could love Winter.

2.  The Bower (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (6/4): Jack comes to the Warren with the intention to have sex with Bunny, but he’s really nervous and is kind of treating it as a thing to get over with. Bunny’s grown him a bower of flowers, and does his best to give Jack a memorable but relaxed experience.

3.  Silver Strands (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (10/14): Jack is becoming an eldritch being, and can now see the beautiful intricacies of Bunny’s powers. Bunny isn’t ready to hear about how he looks in Jack’s new way of seeing.

4.  No Fighting (Bunny/Jack Frost) (5/9): For a while, Bunny has defeated North in a boxing match to symbolically end winter. One year, it doesn’t work, and Bunny has to go find the new winter spirit. When he finds him, he realizes he very much wants to find an alternative to fighting Jack.

5.  GrowRunGrow (Bunny/Jack Frost) (10/3): While kissing, Jack and Bunny slip into their eldritch personas, which surprises them both.

6.  Not For Hate (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (1/14): Jack accidentally causes Bunny’s death. When Bunny comes back, he isn’t the same person Jack knew, and Jack is emotionally shredded by this, because he never antagonized Bunny out of hate.

7.  The Burgess Library Genealogy Department (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (5/11): In a human AU, Bunny is an artist who finds out he’s being haunted by a ghost he can only see in winter. He falls in love with the ghost, and tries to help him finish his unfinished business, though in doing so he may create some of his own.

8.  Hopscotch (Bunnymund/Jack Frost)(1/6)|?: Eldritch Jack and eldritch Bunny leap and play through the structure of the world, both wondering why it took so long for them to reach this point.

9.  One Flower Is Better Than None (Jack Frost/Bunnymund) (4/4): As Winter and Spring, Jack and Bunny will never be able to spend much time together, but both realize that that little time is worth it.

10.  Light and Soft (Bunny/Jack)(¼): With living, mortal senses, Jack is hypersensitive, so his first time having sex with Bunny is full of light, delicate touches.

Interestingly, both the first and last jackrabbit I wrote for the meme are on this list.

Bonus list:

All the fin-de-siecle spies AU that deals with Bunny and Jack together:

1.  Chocolate Shop (Implied Everyone/Jack) (5/12)

2.  The Brightest Thing In The Room (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (5/19)

3.  Playing With Things That Aren’t Toys (Bunnymund/Jack Frost; Jack Frost/Pitch Black) (7/28)

4.  A Perfect Laugh (Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (3/6)

Other AUs:

1.  First Chance Only Chance (pre-Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (6/6): In a world with millions of guardian spirits, Jack is assigned to guard Jamie, and Bunny is assigned to guard Sophie. The only problem is, Jack is on his first assignment. If Jamie dies, Jack becomes a boogeyman. Bunny doesn’t want that to happen. A short snippet of their first night on the job together.

2.  Live End Street (pre-Bunnymund/Jack Frost) (5/29): On a Constellan-controlled planet, a homeless Jack Frost follows a strange man’s directions to what he expects to be a squat. Instead, it turns out to be a temple with at least one pre-Constellan god living in it.

3.  Aster’s Town (pre-Jack Frost/Bunnymund) (10/21): Set a few years into the Great Depression and Dust Bowl. Jack is an illusionist using real magic, abandoned by his mentor. While travelling, he finds a town untouched by the general misfortune. During his show, he discovers the powerful wizard responsible for the town’s prosperity.


Fairy AU!

This has been on my bucket list for a while! 

ok ok ok, Story:

Hiccup was attacked, his wings torn off, they did eventually grew back over time. BUT, the wings grew back wrong, with all the magic that Jack used to help heal them, there was something horrid. They were too strong, making him lose control and often making him crash, as he grew to fear flying on his own. So he devolved a relationship with a bird “toothless”, so now he can fly with help. SO, now Jack and Hiccup (and toothless, lol) help each survive. 

HiJack March Madness 2017.
Final Round: Team pn!au/rpn!au

Part 1
J: *concentrate spraying*

?: “What do you think you are doing!?”
?: *growl*

J: *startled*

looks like someone is in trouble…

Part 2

Final Round of HiJack March Madness, and again a collaboration with @hicspegleg.
Read his fanfiction >>Street art<<