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“I was little boy lost, and I was little boy blue; I am little Jack Frost, but I am warm through and through…oh, tonight, cruel world, be forgiving.”

[Love this “little boy blue”, and love Kate Rusby’s beautiful song and how well it fits little Jack. Drawn in ProCreate app with Wacom’s Intuos Creative Stylus (1).]

Welp, finally stopped trying to be “productive” with my art while I’m sitting here getting over being sick (I’ve been too tired for the results to be any good), and decided just to try something for fun, and lo and behold, a drawing of Bunny! Been forever since I’ve had a chance to draw this guy. It’s hard to express how very much I still love this story. It means SO much to me.

Drawn in ProCreate with the Intuos Creative Stylus, and using one of pettry’s wonderful textures she recently gifted to her followers as the background.