rotg 2012

I was fortune enough to be part of the crew for ROTG back in 2011~2012. I thought the movie is like the avengers with holiday superheros so I did a fan art that is like Marvel style :) 

Dreamworks and Disney are screwing with us

Sometimes I sit and think that our favorite animation studios get together and plan on making characters that are so shippable together but agree to work on them individually so the ship becoming canon is impossible. And since it usually takes three years for a movie to materialize, I imagined such a conversation like:

“So we’re making this super cute guy with ice powers and planning on keeping him single….Sooo, we we’re just wondering about you Disney folks.”

Disney waves a hand, “Say no more, we’re on it. We got this thing with two princesses lined up, it’ll probably come out in a year after yours, but man, we got your back.”

“Just so you know, our dude is a guardian who’s fun loving and free. But no one notices him. And he’s a peasant if you think about it…Did we mention he’s immortal? We decided to be flexible with this one and let him look young and be old.”

“Aw gee thanks. That means we can make her over legal age and it’ll still be cool. And this time, we’re keeping her single like Merida. We’re instigating an ‘I don’t need a man’ and 'you can’t marry a man you just met’ trend.”

'THAT’S GREAT! You guys are finally getting over that ’they marry at the end of the movie’ crap. Good for you.’

*after a discussion of how compatible Jelsa would be and laughing about how they’ll never get together*

Dreamworks sighs, “Man, that is some good stuff. Would be great wouldn’t it? And if our guy Pitch were with you guys, she’d be FROZEN with fear and only love can thaw her, which Jack would do by helping her Let it go, you know?”

Disney widens their eyes, slams their hands against the table as they stand up in revelation.
With awe overwhelming them tears overflowing for Dreamworks with loving gratitude, they only manage a whisper, “We have our TITLE.