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“It is said that there is an alchemist living in the old abandoned clock tower, just on the outskirts of the city. In exchange for a tooth, she will tell you any piece of information you wish to know. Because though time forgets, she never does.”

Human!Toothianna as a quirky alchemist in a Steampunk AU, who has unlimited resources in garthering information (ranging from gadjets to a mini army of orphans), as well as a strange obsession with the properties of teeth.

Done for Sweetfrost’s RotG 1800’s AU Contest, because why not?

I drew this for the Rise of the Guardians 1800/Steampunk contest. Unfortunately, family obligations got in the way of me being able to color this before the end of the contest, but I still really like it, so submitting anyways.

I drew a Steampunk Tooth fairy with her little robot-radio fairy listening to Jack and Sandy (so, mostly Jack) telling her about their day.

The Clockwork Garden - Chapter 3

Rating: T
Chicago, 1893.  The World’s Columbian Exposition is about to begin. Unbeknownst to the people, a dark invention will be unveiled.  Seraphina recruits the help of Jack and Aster, two inventors under the Man in the Moon’s apprenticeship, to travel to America with the infamous airship The Sleigh, in order to stop the madness lurking within the machinery.  The fate of the world depends on them, for if they fail, time as they know it will stop, and the world will cease to exist.

My entry for Sweetfrost and Disobedience’s RoTG 1800s Steampunk AU!

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ROTG Steampunk AU Entry

This is my entry for Sweetfrost and Disobedient-nightmare ROTG 1800s AU contest.  (ROTG and steampunk?  Two of my favorite things, how can I resist?)  For now it’s just a one shot, but I got to admit I’m tempted to write more fics for this AU.  Also cookies to the person that can spot the Discworld reference in this. ^_~

Title: Coming Of Age

Rating: G

Characters/Pairings: There’s slight hinting/crushing of Nightlight/Katherine and Tooth/North, but it’s mostly general in this one.

Summary: Steampunk AU.  After delivering messages in the industrial city of Santoff Claussen, Jack heads home before it gets dark and discovers his foster father has a surprise waiting for him.


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The Case of the Sinister Snow - Tazzy_Ladynero - Rise of the Guardians (2012), Guardians of Childhood - William Joyce [Archive of Our Own]

An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

The Case of the Sinister Snow

By: Tazzy and Darke Phoenix

Rating: Mature (one paragraph with talk of past rape and child abuse towards the end.)

Summary: In the town of Schlisselburg, something has stolen the voices of the children. Can the Guardians, Jack Frost, and a lady priest from the Vatican stop the person behind it or will the children never laugh again?

Another entry for the Rise of the Guardians 1800AU contest. This crosses over with my original fiction.

Flashing Metal, Thumping Wood

This is my entry into the “Rise of the Guardians 1800 AU” contest. (details to be found here. Thank you, Eastofthemoon and Icka for letting me play in this wonderful universe that you are crating. And thank you to Rinpin for her wonderful picture of the Three Jacks and Three Bunnies.


By: Tazzy_Ladynero

Summary: What happens when the Great Detective and the Good Doctor are out of town on a case.

Warnings: I’m lousy at fight scenes?

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So this isn’t exactly a hiatus, more of a notice that I’m not going to be writing fanfiction as often for a few months.  Not that I update that often anyway.  XD

But basically I know for a fact that The Clockwork Garden won’t be finished before the deadline, which is Thursday.  So I’m not going to try and rush it, or it’ll just be terrible writing.  So I’m resigning from the competition.  I knew that this was probably what was going to happen, so it’s not too big of a disappointment for me.

I’m still going to finish The Clockwork Garden.  I’m also going to finish Learning to Live and my RoTBTD crossover fic, but they aren’t my priority. For the month of October I am focusing primarily on my own novel.  And then for November I am doing NaNoWriMo with another idea, so I’m preparing for that as well.

Basically I’m just going to post fanfiction when I get around to it.  Whether I use it to overcome writer’s block or similar, or I just feel like it, it will be up.  But I need to focus on my original writing for a little while.

I hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone.  I know a lot of you are already mad at me for my slow uploading rates, so you’ll just deal with it.  XD

Thank you for your understanding.  (If that’s appropriate?  Idek.)