Do y'all ever get these blogs that just follow you randomly out of the blue, with no inkling of their true intent? Never liking or reblogging from you yet their page is brimming with unrelated content to your own. Hello weary traveler, I know not where you come from nor how you found me. Your choice to stay confounds me and to that I say, lmao bitch brace yourself.

I remember the “Rise of the brave tangled dragons” crossover from 2013ish and i am so fucking mad now because everyone keep saying Merida was a freacking griffindor and Jack frost was slytherin cause of the “bad kid” trope, and lemme tell you now

Jack frost is a griffindor

Merida is a obviously slytherin

Rapunzel is a Hufflepuff

Hiccup is totally a Ravenclaw

fight me in that fuckers