Top 10 songs I’m currently obsessed with - I was tagged by @rotforme
Darkest Day - The Great Discord
Inertiatic ESP-The Great Discord
The Birds- Niels Nielsen
The Pit-Priest
The Cross-Priest
A Little Respect-Erasure
R.E.M.-Losing My Religion
Year Zero-Ghost
I tag anyone who hasn’t done this lately and wants to play along!

10 Song Shuffle Thingy

I was tagged by the lovely @caligurl32 to shuffle 10 tunes…Thank You!

1) Opeth-Face of Melinda
2) Merciful Fate-The oath
3) The Great Discord-Illuminate
4) The Kills-Whirling eye
5) Faith no more-Easy
6) pg.lost-Monolith
7) Sonic Youth-100%
8) Candlemass-Under the oak (demo)
9) Led Zeppelin-Thank you
10) Jess And The Ancient Ones-The flying man

There was way more Opeth than normal that I skipped through cause I’ve been getting all 🏋🏻‍♀️ pumped up for the show in a few weeks…so I cheated a bit and just picked one (a fave 😜)

Tag you’re it..if so inclined @diascordium @slytherin13-blog @thekingoftrash @fool-for-the-nameless-ghouls @emaloveshim @sugarplumie and @rotforme

I was tagged by the awesome @lysergic-saturnine-desert to shuffle my music and post the first ten songs.

1. Crazy Man - Omnia 
2. Attending Midnight Screen - Magna Carta Cartel 
3. Repentance - Before The Dawn
4. Forsaker - Katatonia 
5. Drugged up on the Universe - Hexvessel
6. Cohkka - Apocalyptica
7. Jump - Madonna
8. We Are But Falling Leaves - Sentenced
9. Evernight - Summoning
10. Rock’n’Roll Queen (unplugged) - Sportfreunde Stiller

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