2007: Megatron - So what if we revived our race here on earth?

2009: The Fallen - So, I’ve got this Star Harvester and a ship full of starving robo-babies..

2011: Sentinel Prime - Pretty much the only way to save our planet is to teleport it over here…

2014: Lockdown - Hey, I found this Seed that could turn Earth into a new Cybert..

2017: Optimus - For my world to live… Yours must die.


I was at the Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia and they had all of these and more on display and lemme just say, I left a happy camper

Lmfao My dad cracks me up.

Yesterday he was complaining about this guy at work who is a complete moron; he’s supposed to design the plans for the parts the machinists make (they make airplane parts; landing gear, I think, but I’m not positive), and my dad and the others are supposed to work off these plans. Well, apparently the plans are an unfeasible, garbled mess. So my dad tells him he cannot use the plans, they’re impossible to implement, that’s not even remotely close to how you make the part, etc. etc. And the guy says to him, well, just make the part the way it’s supposed to be made, write up how you did it, and then I’ll just copy it over into a blueprint. 

Bitch, that’s your job. You make more money than my dad to do precisely that. Why is he doing your job, plus his?

Naturally, my dad warns all the other machinists that this guy is an absolute fucking idiot. So the buzz around the office is that someone’s going around telling everyone this guy is a raging dumbass, and it gets back to him. He goes downstairs where the machinists work to kick up a stink about this person who’s calling him a moron, and my dad is immediately like, “Yeah, that’s me. You are a moron.”

100% I know which parent I got my personality from.


ROTF revival scene. Still one of my most favorite Optimus movie moments. This is the most physically vulnerable you ever see him be. Then you see the mental equivalent all through AOE.

Coming back to life is traumatic. Optimus gets ripped away from peace to awaken in his broken body surrounded by war and screaming. He knows right from the moment his optics open that he is Earth’s only hope.

People seem to forget the burden Optimus faces. A leader stands at the top. He has no one higher to look up to because people put him on a pedestal. That is a lonely place. Imagine how much lonelier it is for him after knowing everyone he personally looked up to or trusted ended up betraying him.

The Fallen
Sentinel Prime
Human beings

But he soldiers on because he is Optimus Prime.

A hero.

my favorite thing about the transformers franchise is its consistency

optimus in tf4 - how dare the humans betray us when we have only ever protected them

optimus in tf3 - we let megatron burn down chicago to prove a point

optimus in tf5 - i do this evil now only reluctantly, and for a greater good

megatron in tf1-3 - i do this evil now for a greater good, albeit somewhat less reluctantly

optimus in tf1 - i will sacrifice my own life before i kill megatron, he is misguided but he is my brother

optimus in tf2 - GIVE ME YOUR FACE

optimus in the g1 cartoon - freedom is the right of all sentient beings

optimus in one shot of tf3 - [kills like seventeen decepticons with a sword]

optimus in tf1+2 - my hands turn into swords

optimus in tf3 - i am trapped in a tangled knot of cables! the autobot toys whose accessories are cutting implements need to come get me loose

optimus in tf1+2 - ironhide put away your cannons back inside your arms where they live

ironhide in tf3 - this a mexican standoff, let’s all throw down our weapons which are detachable now bc of the new toy designs

mikaela in tf1+2 - being perved on by the camera but still affects the plot more than sam

not-mikaela in tf3 - exactly the same but they cast someone else and changed her name bc they fired megan fox for being ‘a bitch’

not-mikaela in tf4 - i’m seventeen and here is an entire damn soliloquoy from my 20ish boyfriend about age of consent laws and an hour and a half of mark walhberg gaslighting my capability as a person, and also skinny jeans

sam in tf1-3 - i’m shia labeouf

not-sam in tf4 - i’m mark wahlberg now

half the cast of tf1 - we aren’t even in tf2, let alone 3 4 5

a half dozen new autobots every film - we’ve been here the whole time

optimus in tf1 - we learned earth’s languages from the world wide web

at least one autobot in every film - is a racist caricature

Gone And Alone | Mari | Attn: Rinkaku

Mari barely watched Huang. Her eyes were focused on Rin the entire time, and she instantly pulled her into his arms. She glanced to where Huang had just disappeared from and tightened her arms.

She had messed up.

External image

“R… Shiho, let’s go. I’m going to protect you.”

Her arms held him tighter, and she looked at the others in the trial, somewhat a glare as if warning them not to hurt Rin. Both herself and Rin had just lost Huang. She wasn’t about to let Rin lose his life… or let herself lose him. She would protect him.



Bumblebee drove along a dusty path near the side of the Grand Canyon. If his sources were correct, the Decepticon second-in-command Starscream had been sighted in the area. Since the defeat of the Fallen, the Decepticons had largely scattered. Though Starscream had fled with Megatron, only the Decepticon jet had been sighted. Whether the two had split up due to lack of sufficient resources for both of them, or because Starscream had once again attempted a coup, Bumblebee did not know. What he did know was that, even deficient of Energon, Starscream was too dangerous to be allowed to roam free, and it was up to the spunky yellow Autobot to capture him, or do away with him permanently…

  • Sam in ROTF: omg guys just leave me alone i wanna be a normal independent boring whiny brat
  • Optimus: :(
  • Sam in ROTF: Bee you're my BFF
  • Sam in ROTF: omg get back in that tiny ass garage
  • Sam in ROTF: p.s. i'm leavin for school lol k bye see u maybe
  • Bumblebee: :(
  • -------: -------
  • Sam in DOTM: omg guys why don't you talk to me anymore or invite me on your cool missions and stuff
  • Optimus: .......
  • Sam in DOTM: omg Bee you just leave on your missions and never come see me
  • Sam in DOTM: don't you wanna hang out i thought we were BFFs yo
  • Bumblebee: .......