rotenburg cannibal

“I’m looking for a well-built 18- to 30-year-old Man who would want to be slaughtered by me.”

The second post Armin Meiwes, who called himself Franky, made in The Cannibal Cafe Forum on August 18, 2002 asking for another Man who would have agreed to be slaughtered and eaten by him.

The first post he made on February in the year 2001 included about the same kind of words he used for in his second post. Another incredible fact is that many would have actually agreed to be eaten by him and also responded on his post, asking for more details, but many who contacted Armin were not the way he wanted them to look like, until the right canditate, Bernd Brandes, responded on his post.

A young Armin Meiwes with his Mother Waltraud Meiwes. His Mother was very strict with him and became very dominant when his Father left the family. Armin was just eight years old at the time. Out of loneliness, Armin created a imaginary friend called “Franky”, with whom he could talk to everytime. Franky gave him sort of comfort in his youth and was actually someone who would listen to him and his problems, something his Mother never did.

In 2001, Armin Meiwes - the German ‘Rotenburg Cannibal’ or 'der Metzgermeister’ (which translates as 'the Master Butcher’, and this was his Internet pseudonym) - posted contact advertisements on websites asking, quite openly, for people who wanted to be killed and eaten, or killed by being eaten. He got more than 200 replies. After interviewing and turning down a number of applicants for various reasons, he killed and ate Bernd Jürgen Brandes, a Siemens computer technician from Berlin, with complete consent on both sides. Brandes had taken steps to orchestrate and then cover up his own murder in advance. He had actually advertised himself as a victim and even ate his own penis, which Meiwes had cooked before Brandes finally bled to death. At the trial, the juridical officials could not clearly decide what crime had been committed and what precisely Miewes was actually guilty of. When both killer and victim had consented and carefully planned the murder, it was only a matter of arrangements. The jury sent Meiwes to jail, though, just to be on the safe side.