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Things that make 2017 Scully happy?

Political protests, although she usually can’t join in as a federal employee.  She has a Nevertheless, She Persisted tank top that she runs in.

Making plans for Mulder to move back in.  Looking for a new place that will accommodate her new life.  

That time she created a cure for that plague back in early 2016 and the fact that almost everyone’s still alive now.

William being back in her life in his tentative teenage way, although she’s sad that his adoptive parents died in the plague.  He insists on having dinner together every night.  It’s very sweet, although so far they mostly run through a list of rote questions.  She’s genuinely interested in his answers.

Working for the FBI.   

Sunday morning lattes.  

Her remaining loved ones’ health and strength.

The half-grown puppy she and Will picked out at the shelter. Her name is Yankee.  She has repeatedly told Mulder that baseball fanaticism is not genetic.  Mulder just looks smug.  

Not being on the run.  Not fearing for her life at every turn.  Not being in an almost windowless office.  Not giving a damn what people think.

Saturday Night Live, which she watches with Will.

Kissing Mulder.

Book Club night with a few women from the hospital and a few of the female agents from the FBI.  They read New York Times Bestsellers and sip wine and almost always actually discuss the book.  A few of them are part of her running group.  They have each other’s backs.  It’s the first time in a long time she’s had friends.  She has people to call if she has difficulties parenting a teenager, or a question about how other families have negotiated situations like laundry and curfews and chores around the house.

Not being alone.

Sitting on the shore on the log near where she poured her mother’s ashes into the ocean.  She’s planted a rose bush where there’s soil enough to sustain it.  She listens to the waves roll in and breathes in the scent of salt and roses.  

Waking up slowly with Mulder’s arm around her.

Yankee wrestling with a toy in the unbridled joy that dogs express better than she has ever managed.

Taking long baths with her book club book.  She’s aware that “good bathtub” is not necessarily the most important thing in a house, but that’s high on her list of criteria for their new place.

Going over Will’s homework with him.  Asking him questions about what he wants to do with his future.  Finding out what kind of person he’s become.  Discovering his thoughtfulness and insight.

A weekend in the mountains.  A weekend in New York.  A weekend where none of them leaves the house at all, and they only make time for each other.  

The way that life goes on.  The way that she’s weathered every disaster so far.  The strength that she’s found in herself.  The strength that they’ve found in each other.  The hopes she has for the future.  The graceful way she handles most of the obstacles she encounters in the present, informed by her past experience.

Speaking truth to power as often as she can.  

Making a better world for her son and all his potential futures.

Coming home.


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