rotc drill team

Got7 reaction to their S/O being a cheerleader

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Hi! Can you do a got7 reaction when you used to be a cheerleader/in drill team (not like the rotc drill team but the those girls who dance during half time on the field) and they found out the first year you guys were dating? Thanks!~ (sorry if it doesn’t make sense)

Mark: Mark would be totally chill if you were a cheerleader. Since he’s from America, it’s quite a common thing to see cheerleaders so I think he’d find it impressive but also a pretty normal thing. He wouldn’t mind looking at some old photos or videos of your old routines too.

JB: I think JB would be impressed by it. If he saw some of your more difficult routines and positions that you’d be getting into, he’d ask you to show him them. He’d probably ask you to dance with him in the studio too since cheerleading is somewhat similar to dancing with its routines.

Jackson: Jackson would love it if you used to be a cheerleader. He’d constantly be begging you to show him some moves or teach him some of the simpler routines. He’d look at pictures of you during your cheerleading days and just comment on how hot you looked.

Jinyoung: I think Jinyoung would be pretty lowkey when talking to you about it. He’d find out and have a fairly normal expression on his face, saying how talented you must have been but on the inside he’s dying from how attractive you must have looked doing it.

Youngjae: Youngjae thinks it’s so cute that you used to be a cheerleader. He’ll cheekily ask you to create a routine to numerous Got7 songs, generally his own ones too. He’d think you looked adorable and amazing as you danced out the routines in front of him.

Bambam: Bambam would be like Jackson and just say how hot he thought it was that you used to be a cheerleader. He’d be so impressed by your talent as well, but will definitely make a point about how good you look in really short shorts and tight clothing.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom would be dying for you to show him your old routines. He’d want to learn as much as he could from you and would then incorporate that into a new choreography for Got7. He’d be so proud of your talent and would constantly gloat about how good you were.

Notes from the Route: Dance Teams

New Orleans

The historiography of dance is an impossible one to trace. With conjecture, we can assume we first danced about the time we crawled out of the ocean, grew legs, felt the spirit and let it move us. We’ve since danced to summon weather, to heal the sick, to celebrate births and weddings, for salvation, redemption and to mark full moons and bat mitzvahs. We’ve danced in ballrooms, in forest clearings, in empty dive bars in eastern Oregon and in the wallpapered kitchens of our first loves. In whatever way we move our bodies, it is always to release the hounds of our selves in some way — and to conjure the spirit of the moment. Where language fails us, dance is the thing still true.

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Totally failed at drill team practice today T^T

i could catch the rifles, but i could barely spin and toss them >_>

and this girl i was partnered with was a total BIATCH

she kept complaining that i was throwing the rifle too hard and kept talking to me like i was ignorant, but the instructor guy said I WAS DOING IT PERFECT

i wanted to throw my rifle at her face so hard -_-

but whatever, ill just watch some kdrama to calm me down~