It’s happened! It’s happened! ASDFGHJKL; I am so happy! I almost woke up everyone with my scream of joy!! You guys! I am so thankful! For every single one of you! I never EVER thought I would ever get passed 100 followers, let alone 1,000! To every person who has ever liked or reblogged one of my gifs! To every person that has ever sent me a kind message! I am thankful for you! You matter so much to me! I am so happy right now so sorry if I sound corny and stupid but I mean it! If I wasn’t so tired I am sure that I could come up with something more unique to say but all I can think of is, thank you! Thank you so so much! :’) I have special plans to thank you all, just be patient for me okay :D

I made a compilation of my appreciation for you all :) 500 got it’s own little space out of order because it was so full of love :D (sorry it is so tiny!)

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