I used to have a cute idea that went along with this, but the first two of the set didn’t really turn out like I’d hoped they would so I took the text off and just put up the better two instead.

Essentially, Merida tells Jack she can catch a fish. He doesn’t believe her so they wage a bet in which the loser owes the winner a date. She almost had it, but evidently it didn’t end in her favor so he teases her about it. Of course, Jack wants to be treated special. She’s gotta give him the whole nine yards, y'know? Flowers, romance, the whole shebang.

Basically they’re adorable dorks and I have a really short attention span so we’ll see if i ever finish it.


Drabble Revenge: Plot Bunnies for Dani   [ 1 / ? ]

With the princess’ attention focused solely on her mother’s lessons, a certain winter spirit thought it was due time for the two of them to go off and have some fun. It turns out those old ruins weren’t as safe as either of them had hoped they would be.

She slowly turned her head.

“Jack…it’s not supposed to be like that, is it?”

He frowned concerned and gripped his staff a little tighter.

“No…no, it isn’t.”

Jack and Merida taking a walk in the woods and discovering something odd? I don’t know.

This is just the first edit I’ve ever made in Photoshop, without a lot of thought and skill. I never thought I manage something like that. I mean, I barely know how to open that damn programme. Turns out - I can, and it doesn’t even look that bad.

Excuse the crappy quality, those are no HD pics, just screenshots from those two amazing gifsets. It was a completely improvised idea, just to see if I could do a manip. And now I even like the result.

Anonymous requested: more Jarida sets

Here’s a random one i made on a whim at 1 in the morning. I’m not overly fond of it but hey, whatever. I’ll make you a couple better ones, Nonnie.