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Brigitte Bardot Shooting Of The Film ‘A Coeur Joie’ By Serge Bourguignon. In Britain, at the National Gallery in London, during the shooting of the film 'A coeur Joie’, Brigitte Bardot in front of the painting 'La bataille de San Romano’ by the painter Paolo UCELLO. Photo by Francois Pages (Paris Match), 1966

I went to the Wonder Woman premiere tonight

It was amazing!! There was also this really cute guy there which made the whole movie better of course! We’re not really supposed to give a full review, so I’ll just tell you what I liked and what I didn’t spoiler free of course.

- naked Chris Pine(I hate myself)
- powerful female lead
- cool Wonder Woman powers
- awesome storyline with a decently surprising twist!

- how do I say this without spoilers
- some fight scenes were a tiny bit cheesy
- I think that’s it lol

Soooo, in conclusion, if you like super hero movies and/or feminism, go see Wonder Woman on June 2 when it comes out!! Woot woot!


Final Valerian trailer released, only a month or so away now!