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chandler’s parents were an affable drag queen and a sex positive novelist who was very open and understanding and we’re supposed to believe he had a BAD CHILDHOOD bye reboot friends but with his parents being as awesome as they actually would be 

  • ross: ok theres clearly only one way to resolve chandler accidentally seeing rachel's titties
  • ross: chandler whip out your dick right here
  • chandler: i'm
  • rachel: FUCK YEAH
ID #19602

Name: Keegan
Age: 18 almost 19
Country: United States 

Well, I’m into spicy meme’s, show me a good one and we'all automatically be friends. I work 45 hours a week at a pet shop and I love it. I dropped out of high school in the middle of my Senior year before graduating because school just wasn’t for me. I’m 6ft with green eyes (don’t know why you’d care) but I’m very into video games, good movies (especially super hero ones), and awful pickup lines. I speak and understand only English, so I’m basically useless there, but I have very good knowledge about the world so maybe I can interest you in some useless facts.

Preferences: 17+. Maybe from another country? That’d be dope as hell, but if not, also dope as hell.

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What are your favorite blogs?

here you go, some free range and 100% organic cool kids, in no particular order

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