Survival 101: AKA, the Big Four are a bunch of nerds.

They made a plan. Three days, practice their survival skills, get ready to take on Pitch Black. Merida and Hiccup had gone off with Toothless one way, while Jack and Rapunzel headed the other. However, their “sophisticated plan” didn’t last for very long. 

Merida and Hiccup ended up down by the river, splashing around, dunking each other, and realizing they had a lot more in common than they thought, while Jack and Rapunzel ended up in several of their own personal musical numbers.

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           “I remember…oh, Manny, I remember…”

           A flash of golden hair, a bright smile, fingers entwined as they watched the setting sun and day shifted into night. Green eyes, staring up at him like he was her world the way she was his. His heartbeat was like a jackhammer in his chest.

           Rapunzel. How long had it been since he’d seen her? What had happened? They were in the tower, together, and Hiccup and Merida had been there too…why wasn’t he there now? Why was he there before? He had to get back to her, had to—

           Staff. He needed his staff to get out of here. And where was it?

           He looked around, but he couldn’t see it. It wasn’t with him, someone else had it. Someone had meant to separate them, to keep them apart and make sure they never made it back together… And he couldn’t yell for help. Not from where he was. Because there was no one here to hear him.


           She felt the room around her grow cold, and everything came flooding back. The white hair that was somehow always sticking up, the impish attitude and the outlook on the world like everything could be made into a game. If he was here, he could have even turned getting her memories back into a game. Except this time, they were the ones being played.

           His smile, the way his mouth would always turn up, the way he’d look at her when he thought she wasn’t noticing. His eyes, bright and blue like the sky on a clear winter day. It was Jack all right, and it was the first time in weeks she could remember him.

           Was it weeks?

           The world around Rapunzel was shifting, and she could feel it. Something had happened, something big, and for that reason, Jack wasn’t here anymore. Not Jack, not Hiccup or Merida…

           She needed to find them.

In which Jack and Rapunzel’s memories of each other are taken and returned without warning, and the others are nowhere to be found.

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My rotbtd secret santa gift for allofhell. I wasn’t sure which OTP you liked best, so I drew all three. Sorry it took so long. Merry belated Christmas!!

Mericcup sword fights, because in the books Hiccup is apparently an excellent swordsman and Merida wants to learn to use every weapon under the sun. So, she likes to wake him up early in the morning to spar when he visits.

Jarida, because I have this head canon where Jack visits Merida when she’s Queen and pulls pranks on the Lords during her council meetings.

And Meripunzel portraits. Merida chose her pose, but after hours of standing still she’s pretty much done and Rapunzel will take pity on her after a while and they’ll go do something together. Probably climb trees and ruin Merida’s new dress.

FINALLY FINISHED IT. RotBTD Secret Santa present for xefielle! Hogwarts AU where Hiccup and Rapunzel learn that studying together for long periods of time end up with not a lot of studying being done.

Ties were not colored in because this is a pick-your-own adventure AU, have fun kiddos.


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my headcanon on this AU is that they decided to have a little game on who’s gonna have the most employee of the month titles by the end of the year LOL ahh sweet innocent rivalry * 7 *

tbh i was gonna draw jackunzel in the Sun and Moon AU too but then i had no time D:


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Terms of Endearment

ROTBTD Secret Santa 2014

For: punziella

Pairing: Jackunzel

Word Count: 1033

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If he died right at this moment, he’d die relatively happy, Jack decided. He and Rapunzel were lying on the carpet in the apartment Jack and Hiccup shared, simply enjoying each other’s presence quietly. Rapunzel was on her front, sketching with charcoal and humming. Jack was on his back beside her with a bag of marshmallows resting on his stomach. He watched his girlfriend’s concentrating face, occasionally popping a marshmallow into her mouth.

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