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Hijack January: Popular/Nerd AU

Jack, being popular, really gets picked on by some out of jealousy he has friends. Now, if you pick on Jack when he’s on his own he’ll shrug it off, but if the little boyfriend is around? Well, he’ll not only crush your self-esteem with his sharp tongue, but he could also potentially crush your nose into your skull if you provoke him enough.

Later on when they told this story, Astrid and Merida absolutely laughed their asses off because they couldn’t believe it whatsoever. Others just gave quizzical looks.

I really just drew this because I’m still happy that Hiccup can knock a guy out in RTTE, and stereotypes are boring. Nerdcup can totally take care of himself.


>> What if Jack was helping Hiccup put on race paint in httyd 2 and they kiss a little and Hiccup goes to the race and gets off Toothless when he wins and Astrid’s like “What’s that?” And it ends up Hiccup has a paint hand print on his ass.


>>>Happy early Booty Day, Hijackers

So I saw this and couldn’t stop myself from drawing it. I’ve always wanted to do some Hijack race painting stuff.~
Viking!AU Hijack.

Thanks to those who stopped by the Join.Me!!~

Art by me



“So North, you want me to help four young adult for their errands?”

“Not exactly an errands. With your skills and knowledge, it won’t be a problem, Tintin”  

ROTBTD AU In which Tintin is an outside contact of the big four team. Aided by his extreme knowledge of current situation, providing the team with a constant stream of information in the field to aid their errand.

Comic of the day! Inspired by this request! Do you like these kind of little comics? Do you like some particular fanart? 

WRITE ME and I’ll probably take your request :D

btw this drawing is inspired but the amazing ! go and see the blog!!! :D


About Rapunzel in Housemates!AU
Most of her life Punz was locked up and lived with adoptive mother Gothel, suffering from her hyperprotection . Only thanks to the invitation from the university in another city, she was able to move and begin to live by herself. But sometimes she misses home.
Rapunzel is very kind and sweet person, optimist and always friendly. She cooks well and does it with pleasure, and she can help with cleaning or something else.
Most of the time.
Punz studying at the Faculty of Arts, and when exams on painting starts, she becomes a bit… nervous. But she`s still a very good neighbour :3



More Forest Guardian!Jarida AU comic stuff.  These two pages are set after the night Jack and Merida meet in the forest.  Both parties didn’t go unscathed and now both are going to be in deep trouble with their uncle/aunts.

Yes yes.  Uncle Hans for Merida.  Aunt Elsa and Anna for Jack ahaha.  I had to add Helsa somehow into this AU.  They have a lot of back story that affects everyone in this AU, oy.  Also, personally I liked Elsa’s hair up a lot compared to her free braid one.

Bottom panel won’t be colored any time soon.  Need to work on something different for a while.


LotR / The Hobbit Hijack AU thing |D

I originally wanted to draw more Hiccup vs. Smaug, but then this Kili and Tauriel scene popped into my head and I just had to make this. xD

Plus Dwaf!Hiccup and Elf!Jack just seems like the best thing to me right now. ;u;

Original Scene: