Hey there Tumblr! I’m so sorry I didn’t publish any other work for almost a year from the last one… Well, now I’M BACK! And I’ll do my best to publish my digital drawings more often :3

This is a short “comic” I thought up a long time ago, and now it’s finally finished!

Hope you enjoy it :D

UPDATE: you may have noticed that the tumblr page linked in the drawings is now different. That’s ‘cause I changed my old tumblr URL. Now EVERY drawing that was linked to mad-hatter-s.tumblr.com has now to be found on shiaraekoon.tumblr.com

Sorry for troubles, and thank you everyone!

The last work I made before: http://shiaraekoon.tumblr.com/post/95308890535/the-braid-club-lol

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shiaraekoon

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6fGuPey3GFA_-brygJ1xQw


Hey guys, look! Fancy animation duds! If you can even call it animation lol. Playing around with my new CS6, and figured to play around with it a bit for some effects. Been awhile since I made anything. Anyway, this is a contribution to my new tumblr theme, just in time for Valentine’s Day :3. And what better way than with Cupid!au :D. I really had fun in making this LIES, since trying to figure out the sizing to the gif wasn’t lol. Either way, hope you guys will check out my blog set up, thank you for being continuously supportive! I truly apologize for my constant hiatus. Also, Merida’s cupid design is credit to @arcanabreak ;)!