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17.02.17 D-3 to Rotation 1!

Mildliner collection anyone? :) I’m about to start 5th year, but I feel a bit apprehensive because my partner and I weren’t rostered onto the early rotations, which would’ve meant practice before Rotation 1 starts and they start marking :/ 


My study tips list has grown too long to list! Please see my #optomstudies tag or my study tips directory (web only) for the full list. 


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Health and Healing Spell

You will need:
- cleansed water, moon water or rain water
- clear quartz
- blue candle, green candle and black candle
- 4 white tea lights
- sage
- thyme
- basil
- saffron

1. arrange your candles in a circle with the three coloured candles at the apex
2. iight your candles in a clockwise rotation
3. add your dry ingredients to your pot (or cauldron if you a fancy witch)
4. add the cleansed/moon/rain water
5. place the clear quartz next to the pot, but still within the circle of candles
6. Drip some of the wax from each of the coloured candles into the pot
7. blow out all candles and finish the spell

waldorph’s skating jumps primer

So, now that Yuri on Ice is happening and people are getting into figure skating and trying to write it, let me offer you a former skater’s guide to jumps that, to the untrained eye, mostly look identical. 

A few general notes before I get in-depth after the cut:

  • At the senior skating level, women need to hit 2 rotations, and men 3. 
  • The toe-pick jumps are: toe loop, flip, lutz
  • Base points are derived off of difficulty, so the reason you see some skaters reach for a triple or quad, even if they fall, is because if the base of a double is 1.8, and the base of a triple is 5.1, even if you have a 2 point deduction you’re still scoring higher than playing it safe. That’s why you’ll hear, in YOI, people say things like “Did he get enough rotations?”- that matters in calculations. 
  • I wrote all of these assuming a counter-clockwise spin, which is what most skaters do. If for some reason you’re writing for someone who’s hitting a clockwise spin, just swap left/right

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One liner on the specialties thus far

I have been really enjoying my off-service rotations so far. It’s been keeping me busy, but time has flown and I only have 3 more rotations until I go on service.

ICU: wean down vent settings.  

Peds cardio: just ECHO everyone. Musical/harsh/high-pitched murmurs are all bullshit. Your ears lie. ECHO does not. 

Gen surg: don’t fuck with the pancreas. 

Gastroenterology: The liver is a very forgiving organ. Until it is not. 

Neurosurgery: just CT everyone. Neuro exams lie. CT does not. 

Pediatrics: play the phone-tag between all the sub-specialties (admit your own f*ing patients, GI/immunology/respirology)

General Internal Medicine: plan? incentive spirometry and PT/OT. 

Peds Orthopedics: go hide in the library and avoid the 12 hour ORs. 

…I may or may not be in the library, writing this post, avoiding the above 12 hour ORs. 

enter21  asked:

What are your thoughts on Yuri K landing a quad axel next season? The show makes a huge deal of salchows and flips. Quads, of course, being worth the most points. But in my ice skating research (nerd power!) I've learned that the triple axel is actually the hardest jump. And this is Yuri K's best jump ( if I remember right). How awesome is that? I think it says a lot about his skill. Also, the quadaxel has historically never been achieved in an official competition.

Yep, the Quad Axel is the jump that no skater has ever successfully landed because it requires an extra ½ rotation. So a Quad Axel would have 4 ½ rotations, whereas the other quads just have 4. (The Triple Axel has 3 ½ rotations, so it’s just a hair shy of a quad.)

Not even Victor can do a Quad Axel in the anime, though I’d love to see him make history yet again and be the first! No one could take that record away from him.

I think Yuuri’s next jump that he masters might be the Quad Lutz. If I remember correctly, only Victor and Christophe can do that one. (And maybe JJ? Can’t remember. There’s a chart somewhere.)

A Fairey Gannet AEW.3 - standing for Airborne Early Warning - of the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, date and location unknown.

Designed specifically for the Royal Navy, the aircraft utilised a contra-rotating system powered by the Armstrong Siddeley Double Mamba. In essence, they mounted two turboprops (Mambas) side-by-side and coupled them through a single gearbox. This allowed pilots to shut down one engine while cruising to conserve fuel and extend endurance. One prop could also be feathered without causing thrust asymmetry problems. One well designed little aircraft, they first flew in their original anti-submarine warfare configuration on 19 September 1949.

costume design/character description thoughts for unholyverse:


  • in the grand scheme of things looks like 2007 pro rev frank by way of tattoos and general body type, for the most part. 
  • in the beginning of the first book his hair is that early black parade era long bangs thing that’s short everywhere else but like. not quite the revenge mohawk thing. 
  • perky. holds himself loosely, doesn’t really put a lot of thought into his movements, if that makes sense. he’s more comfortable. sick a lot, sure, but very open with his physical presence. 
  • t-shirts, t-shirts with bands and weird prints he finds at thrift stores, mostly, the same 2 hoodies and one jacket on rotation, and the same 3 pairs of jeans. (one blue, (covered in holes and paint and gunk) one black, (also has holes in various places) and another black (the one pair he tries to keep as decent looking as possible.)) 
  • been wearing the same pair of “red” converse for the past 3 years. they’re barely red anymore and mikey doodled on the toes with sharpie awhile back and the rubber is basically gray now
  • doesn’t hold onto trinkets, at least not on his person. no jewelry beyond piercings, nothing extra in his pockets or anything like that. 
  • by the end of the first book/beginning of the second he’s more or less run down. it’s more of a subtle change, mostly in that the perkiness has turned more into “im hyperactive bc adhd but also i’m just tired of everything.” 
  • his hair has gotten much longer. it’s sort of a security blanket so he doesn’t cut it.
  • dark circles, veins more prominent in his hands, and his scars are still juuust a little pink.
  • twitchy. he’s very aware of when people come in and out of the room, and finds himself cataloging where people are in the room, or where they’re sitting in the van. touch starved as hell and has no idea how to deal with it, ends up looking weird and shifty in situations that would involve friendly-or-slightly-more-than-friendly touch.
  • by the end of book two/beginning of book three he looks like literal hell. lost a lot of weight, stands very heavily. his posture is turned in like he doesn’t want people to see him. hands in pockets, feet turned in/close together, hunchy shoulders. sitting with his knees pulled up when he can. his face is drawn and he’s lazy as hell about shaving. 
  • he’s wearing more layers by this point, sweatshirts and flannels and things items of clothing that belonged to ray? or maybe mikey? he doesn’t know anymore but they’re comfy and nobody’s bugged him about it, so he wears em. 
  • rosary. tbh of the top of my head i cant remember when he starts carrying around gerard’s rosary but i believe its at the end of book two? either way he’s started that and he’s very possessive of it (obviously). it looks like it’s a lifeline, like he’s clinging to it more than really healthy. it’s usually in his pocket or around his neck tucked into his shirt.
  • by the end of book three/epilogues, by the time gerard comes back and they actually get together etc etc he gets a fucking haircut. it’s shortish, think august 2014. he’s put on weight again, and he looks much healthier than he did. 
  • he’s still set in bad posture habits that are evident but it’s clear he’s fighting it a little, like he knows he Should sit up straight so he tries, but it’s sort of forced and awkward. 
  • the seemingly permanent dark circles are evening out a bit, his scars are fading, he’s remembering to fucking shave. 
  • he’s adjusted faaaar more than he was. he’s got his weird snarky personality back more or less, is less of a downer. (though he had every right to be before)
  • still wears a lot of layers, though it’s less desperate now. finally got new shoes.


  • initial Look: think that one trenchcoat photoshoot from 2010, with the longish dark hair. that’s yr baseline. i always picture him in this as even taller than frank than he actually is so make of that what you will.
  • in the beginning of the first book. spry! he’s chipper in a different way than frank is, he talks too much but is generally a contained physical presence. 
  • wrings his hands a lot, touches his hair and his face especially in situations that are unfamiliar or not super comfortable.
  • when i say unfamiliar i don’t necessarily mean the people he’s talking to but the subject they’re talking about. talking about scripture comes so naturally to him at this point that his nervous habits and tics tend to be less prominent, whereas talking to frank about mattresses and shit makes him sort of odd. 
  • wears the same damn thing every day. black black black collar scarves leather jacket
  • his pants are jeans though they’re not dress pants pretty much ever so there’s that.
  • shoes are scuffed but generally nice, something you’d wear to a nice dinner maybe. black boots.
  • by the end of book one/beginning of book two his appearance doesn’t change too much, though he and frank share the dark circles and tired posture. his posture was already pretty poor though so. not a ton of change.
  • over the course of book two i think he starts to look more and more run down, he’s very patient and it doesn’t show a ton in his interactions but he’s so tired and it’s evident in the lines on his face. 
  • his shoes are steadily declining and his jacket looks a fucking mess there are holes in the elbows and it’s Bad
  • by the beginning of book three he’s a fucking mess tbh. when he’s very much in his own head, he’s twitchy as hell, he touches his face and his hands pretty much constantly. 
  • his eyes look sorta buggy? like he looks like he’s a deer in the headlights a lot of the time. 
  • the lines on his face are very pronounced, and he looks much older than he really is. he speaks oddly softly, probably because he’s fighting with something in his head for the better part of the book. 
  • those parts when xaphan is sorta in charge? when he’s saying things he doesn’t really mean but is still sort of himself, he’s oddly still. he still looks startled and hyperaware of his surroundings, but he’s not moving quite so much, and is almost a little bit spacey.
  • xaphan is a fucker and gerard doesn’t look like any of this when he’s in charge. he’s weirdly smooth and uncomfortably gentle and has the weird pro rev bravado about him and is just. very specifically Wrong.
  • by the end of book three he looks like he’s been hit by a truck like six times.
  • the scar on his neck is grotesquely obvious, it’s blackish and obvious over his collar. he’s cut his hair a little more, and it’s even more obvious.
  • he doesn’t look spacey or twitchy, really, mostly just resigned and tired. he wants to do so much good and it’s so hard at this point, that he’s just exhausted. everything about him screams it.
  • new shoes. they’re shiny and out of place with his run down everything else. he needs a shave, his eyes look softened and not really in a good way, and he stands very heavily.
  • by the epilogues/turning point there is marked improvement. the scar on his neck is fading, and it’s not gone, but it’s definitely not as obvious and uncomfortable as it was. he’s more or less back to his sorta-nervous-talking-too-much self, but he’s as a whole less anxious about it because he knows frank doesn’t care.
  • he wears a lot of t-shirts. he’s had a lot of t shirts for awhile while he was a priest, but he didn’t wear them much, so they just sorta sat in his drawer. he’s breaking em out by this point, and is also following frank’s lead with the “3 pairs of jeans one pair of shoes” thing. 
  • gets very attached to clothes, will wear one item until it dies and then eventually go find something new to latch onto.
  • frank will wear the current jacket/sweater of the week when he’s home and gerard isn’t wearing it. very comforting. gerard things it’s cute.

my hand hurts so bad but there you go i probably missed a bunch of stuff but 

Saviour Christ-Coded Sherlock Dies Thrice, Devil-Coded Mary Also Dies Thrice

We have talked extensively about Sherlock’s Christ imagery and how he has to die 3 times and in 3 different ways to fulfill his messianic arc

We have also talked extensively about Mary Morstan constantly coded as the devil in both dialogue and visual framing

If Sherlock will die 3 times in 3 different ways, so will Christ’s evil counterpart Mary Morstan-Watson

The scene Martin Freeman wanted to be alone for filming might be where we are shown the real version of how John Watson killed Mary – or, at least, one of the 3 rotating triplets who pretend to be Mary Morstan, Rosamund Ashdown, the literal devil and/or anti-Christ aka Rosemary

Maybe he doesn’t want to act out drowning his character’s wife with his not-exactly-wife-because-they-were-never-married-but-now-an-ex Amanda

Sherlock gets to kill another third of those triplets, just as they deserve for hurting both Sherlock and John, Gabrielle Ashdown, which would be a nod to TPLoSH in how Gabrielle aka Ilse aka Mrs. Ashdown aka the villain German spy is both defeated by Holmes and is eventually executed

And Mycroft gets to kill the 3rd triplet sibling who has blackmailed him into selling his brother to Jiminy Creeper, Mary Sherrinford aka The Other One

“My husband is 3 people” = TSo3

“My wife is 3 people” = T6T, TLD, TFP

We still haven’t seen in T6T ginger “Mary”, if Amanda Abbington’s Instagram is to be believed

We also haven’t seen “Mary” in the Setlock Mint and Mustard restaurant

T6T is Sherlock detail-rich alibi for John killing Mary

He is only one-third of the way done

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professional-dragonsandmemes  asked:

i dont know if it's ever happened before, but if a skater were to OVERrotate a jump (say they did a triple and ended up with 3 1/4 roations), would it affect their GOE?

It does happen, but it’s not recommended. Overrotating a jump usually results in a messy landing, which would be reflected in negative GOE. Also, say if you do 3.5 rotations, the tech panel might actually call that as a downgraded quad, and it would automatically get negative GOE. 






Next rotation: Cardiology, which the peeps from my semester told me is like a vacation, allowing us to enter at 9 AM, and letting us leave at 11 AM


I’M SORRY.I present to you Septiplier’s debut album, A$$ ² ( A$$ Squared).

Incase you can’t read the tracklist it says:

1. Dance (A$$) Remix: 10X The Ass

2. Badonkadonk (ft. LordMinion777)

3. Rotate That Gluteus Maximus

4. Booper Dooper This Way (ft. JackSepticEye)

5. Make It Clap (ft. Danny Sexbang)

6. $mack That (Jiggles Like Jello)

7. A Huge Load of Ass

8. Space Is So Cool Remix (Ass Is So Cool)

9. Bitch I’m Fabulous Remix (Ass Is Fabulous) 

10. Sassy, Classy & Smart Assy

Bonus Tracks:

Mo’ Ass Mo’ Probs (ft. Muyskerm)

Memes, Money & A$$ (ft. Kids With Problems)

@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier

anonymous asked:

what skincare regime would you recommend for someone w oily acne prone skin w hyperpigmentation?

that’s kinda like my skin type, minus the oily. skin twins.. i know your struggle. 

also, what works for me may not work for you. always, always make sure to patch test before use! especially us acne prone people. i’m also not a skin care expert.. i’m just trying to pass on what i’ve learned from like 7-8 years of skin care, and dealing with acne.

//// super long post, just warning everyone. i’ll have a tl;dr at the bottom of the post for those who just want a short summary of the post! i talk too much

basically, my routine goes something like this: oil cleanser (if i’m wearing makeup) > foaming cleanser > pH adjusting toner > chemical exfoliation of the day (either vitamin c, BHA or an AHA. i rotate between the 3. don’t use all of them at once you’ll ruin your skin) > 30 minute wait, tbh i only do like 5 minutes i’m lazy > first essence > toner > serum > another serum > another serum > gel moisturizer > eye creams > finish.

what your ideal basic routine would look like is something like this:

oil cleanse (when using makeup) > foam > BHA > wait > toner > serum > gel moisturizer > eye cream > finish.


so, first things first that’s the most important part of a skin care routine is cleansing. if you wear makeup 2 cleansers is ideal. basically an oil (or balm type, it’s just a matter of preference) cleanser to get rid of makeup, and then a pH balanced foam or gel cleanser. you gotta make sure it’s pH balanced! 

there’s a couple of studies shown that using a cleanser that doesn’t disrupt the acid mantle. so what that basically means is that the ideal skin pH is at 5.5 (which is slightly acidic) and if it’s too acidic or too basic it’ll cause problem to the skin making it too dry or too oily. 

basically, if you cleanse with a cleanser that’s too basic, which most of them are btw at a pH of around 7 without water…, you’ll get that squeaky clean face which is not good at all! i know some people prefer that feeling but you shouldn’t be feeling like that after a cleanse. you’ve dried your face out and raised its pH.

washing your face with a balanced cleanser (5.5 without water, around a 7 with water depending on the pH of your tap water) is ideal and preps your skin for your other skincare steps. look for ones ranging from around 5-5.5. i’ll link some articles at the bottom if anyone wants to read more into the acid mantle and skin pH.

some foaming/gel cleanser recs: cerave foaming cleanser (which is my ultimate fav.. would die without it.), hada labo foaming cleanser (the one in the pump bottle, this), and cosrx gel cleanser.

oil cleansers are kinda tough to find, in my experience.. it took me years to find one that didn’t break me out and it’s not even an emulsifying oil cleanser. just straight up coconut oil that i have to wash away with my foam cleanser. i don’t rec it though, only a couple of people can use it without breaking out because it’s extremely comedogenic.. you’ll have to look around, test a few to find the one that’s meant to be..


next is chemical exfoliation… 

ok first before anything, i just wanna rec something if you live in the us. it’s called curology, which is basically prescription skincare for acne or anti-aging, online. i don’t get anything for basically promoting them but i should because i keep talking about them, they owe me money.. i’ve read soo many reviews about them and how they saved so many people’s skin. i wanna get it so bad but it’s not available in canada.. it’s also literally only $20 per month and that’s for the your own skin tailored prescription, consultation with a derm 24/7 whenever you want, and the bottle is pretty big too.

anyways.. moving on. chemical exfoliation saved my skin. mostly BHA but AHA is just as great too.. 

i’m just gonna talk about BHA and vitamin c.. BHA is an exfoliator (btw, don’t ever use exfoliators with little particles. so bad for your skin) that penetrates oils and cleans out your pores, it’s more recommended for oily/acne skin. i’m not gonna go too in depth, i’ll just post some articles if you want to read more about it! i don’t wanna make this post too long.

vitamin c is for pigmentation! if you wanna fade it, invest in a good vitamin c. preferably one with ferulic acid and vitamin e which prolong the shelf life and also enhance the effects of the vitamin c, if you’re going to buy a serum with l-ascorbic acid. there’s different types like MAP but l-ascobic is the most popular type.

make sure to work your way up when starting chemical exfoliation.. like for example starting off once a week, then twice, then three times. you’ll have an initial purge and that’s normal for like 2 weeks, anything longer than 2 months is breakout. also, you do not purge from any other product other than exfoliants and retinols! so if you experience a breakout from anything else, you’re just breaking out so stop using that product.

BHA recs: paula’s choice BHA (it’s nice, i find it leaves a weird film on my face… kinda expensive though. uses 2% salicylic acid which is a stronger BHA), cosrx BHA.. i think it’s called blackhead? blackhead bha maybe. the one in the see thro white bottle (my goddamn fav, i would die without you)

vitamin c recs: timeless skin care vitamin c (fav), OST vitamin c (not that stable but fades pigmentation really fast from what i’ve read), paulas choice vitamin c (again.. kinda expensive)


toners are easy peasy. just don’t get ones with alcohol plus ingredients you’re into (green tea, licorice, niacinamide, centella, etc) and you’re all good! it’s just another moisturizing step.

toner recs: hada labo lotion (it’s called a lotion but its more of a toner. it has hyaluronic acid which retains moisture.), acwell licorice pH balancing toner (licorice is so good for fading pigmentation!!!), ceracolla moisturizing facial lotion (with ceramides.. so good)


serums are the most important.. also my favourite part of my routine. ingredients to look out for acne prone skin are propolis, green tea, centella, snail, and niacinamide (super good for lightening scars).

i’m into diy-ing my own serums now. which is pretty easy to do with water soluble ingredients.. i do my own niacinamide serum and i’m working on some other ones as well. that’s also an option if you’re interested. 

serum recs: cosrx snail essence, tosowoong propolis serum, pure heals centella 90 ampoule, benton snail bee essence


next step is moisturizers. i’ll just link gel moisturizers, cream moisturizers, sleeping packs, oils and eye creams all together since they’re all function the same.

gel moisturizers if you’re oily, cream if you’re dry..

i know if you’re oily you’re probably cringing at the fact of putting more oil on your face but there’s a few research studies that show putting oil on your face helps stop your face from producing more excess oil.

sleeping packs are just mainly another hydration layer for when you’re about to sleep.

eye creams.. i know a lot of people say they aren’t necessary but i need them. my eye area feels dry as hell without them and also i need that extra brightening around there.

gel moisturizer recs: mizon snail recovery gel, mizon all in one snail, rosette ceramide gel

cream thick moisturizer recs (most of which contain fatty alcohols which have been know to make some acneprone people break out! so beware and patch test): benton snail bee steam cream, cosrx honey ceramide cream, most cosrx creams.. honestly. i love cosrx

sleeping packs recs: cosrx honey sleeping pack, cosrx rice sleeping pack, sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing mask

oils (make sure they’re cold pressed) recs: jojoba oil, argan oil

eye cream recs: mizon snail eye cream, manyo 4gf eye cream (fav! its really thick though so it’s not ideal under makeup)


end! that was soo long.. but i feel like i had to get all this info out..

TL;DR: just look thro the recs .. look thro the ingredients list, see what you like. curology is a really good alternative to a dermatologist! MAKE SURE YOU PATCH TEST!!!!!!!! cleansing is most important, get a pH balanced cleanser. BHA is good for acne prone skin but make sure you read up on it before using.

some good sites about acid mantle:

info about bha and chemical exfoliation:

that’s it i think….i feel like i forgot somethings .. last few parts were written in a rush…. but finish


Jeonghan Icons 

↳ read terms before using