Here we go again!

Today is a big day in Pokemon. Firstly, the [2016 format rotation] begins today and of course the biggest news of all, [Pokemon has banned another card!]

If you are unaware of this card, [Shiftry NXD 72], and what the fuss is all about, kindly go check [the post I made about it back in June] (which I will maintain was the first of its kind, but I digress).

Pokemon gave two reasons for why the ban was being enforced:

  • Creates a strategy that frequently wins on the first turn of the game
  • Creates a non-interactive play environment where the opponent has little impact on the outcome of the match

These reasons—particularly the 2nd reason—are very valid concerns for this card, and I even mentioned this is in [another post] I made about the deck (feat. video by pokedecks​). To allow this card to be played in this manner is not within the spirit of the game.

I think that the general consensus about this decision is positive. From what I’ve heard this deck has been a scourge on PTCGO’s Expanded since Ancient Origins was playable. On the other hand, this news is a slap in the face for anyone who rushed out to buy a playset, and I’ve heard some have paid top dollar for them where they were scarce.

I just want to bring up another point about [Forest of Giant Plants] before I go. While discussing about the Shiftry ban with my good friend and infrequent co-author on this blog, Jonathan, he mentioned that he felt Pokemon should consider nerfing Forest of Giant Plans (or as it’s commonly called on forums Broken Vine Space, named after [Broken Time-Space]. I just like calling it FGP). Now, I’m not calling Jonathan out; we had an interesting discussion about this, and he can come on here any time and defend his position (`ω´) . He cited that another potentially “broken” Expanded deck could abuse FGP in the form of [Latios-EX/Forretress]. Don’t get me wrong, it is a powerful deck that truly abuses FGP and cards that are also used in Turbo Shiftry like [Devolution Spray], [Super Scoop Up], and [Scoop Up Cyclone], but I don’t believe this deck is “broken” in the same way that Shiftry is, and certainly not powerful enough to have to nerf FGP (if anything, if the deck indeed becomes a problem, maybe Devolution Spray is the card to nerf). The difference being that while Latios/Forretress can get T1KOs on EXs, it is far from being guaranteed, and it simply isn’t consistent enough, plus if the opponent is able to put 2 EXs in play at the start of the game, it’s an auto-loss for Latios. Shiftry is consistent enough because that deck nets wins regardless of the amount of health the opposing Pokemon have.

And that’s all I have for right now. I’m excited that this decision was made, and I’m also excited that the rotation has finally happened. I’ve refrained from posting here and even going on PTCGO since Worlds mostly because I’m tired of seeing and playing with all these old cards we’ve had forever (I’m looking at you, [N]!) But I expect to be slightly more active than usual on here, so look out for more deck breakdowns and other posts in the coming weeks! Until then, happy battling!


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