Zlatan Unplugged

The meeting with the reigning champions Leicester ended in an impressive 4-1 win. What was it that made everything come together for United today?

Zlatan: We played well today. Simple and with movement.

Jose Mourinho made a number of changes in the starting lineup, and both Rooney and Fellaini started the match on the bench. How big a part did these changes play in your performance flowing faster and smoother than before this season?

Zlatan: Like all big teams we have many good players. It allows him to rotate the squad.

You didn’t score, but were involved in most offensive actions. Are you happy with your own performance and the role you got today?

Zlatan: Yes. Very good today.

Leicester are reigning champions, but haven’t started this season as impressively as last year. Do you think Leicester still can fight for the title – and can your United after today’s display get back in the fight for the gold?

Zlatan: It will be difficult for all teams as this is a really tough league.  

The Dangers of being an Empath

Danger danger

I am doing the same thing again. Getting along with everyone, being the smart empath that knows and likes everything and that can talk about all topics, and before you know it people think I’m a certain way and think I have certain interests and I say yes to their invitations to do things that aren’t really up my alley and I end up studying and studying until I am knowledgeable enough to rotate along in this world but it’s not mine! it’s not mine! and I end up feeling like I don’t belong and it makes me feel personality-less and very empty, and people are shocked when they find out it’s pushing me back towards depression because I honestly look like I belong there but it’s such a façade, it’s not spontaneous. And then I get stuck in an existential crisis because I find out none of the things I think I like, I like with all my heart, it’s all just so I could get along with other people. It’s not a bad thing, but I’m afraid in the future I’ll be stuck with no real friends and no real personality and I’ll be so lonely, with nothing real tying me to this world.


Mondragón Modelo 1908/15 FSLK

The Mondragón was the world’s first automatic rifle, and was designed by Mexican general Manuel Mondragón. He began work in 1882 and patented the weapon in 1887. It was gas-operated with a cylinder and piston arrangement, now very familiar but unusual at the time, and rotating bolt, locked by lugs in helical grooves in the receiver; it was also possible to operate it as a simple straight-pull bolt action. The caliber was 7mm (.284 in) Mauser with an 8-round box magazine; a trial LMG version had a 20-round box and provision for a bipod, like theBAR; the Mexican Army also used a 100-round drum magazine for a light machine gun variant produced in 1910.

SN 2390. Cal. 8mm. Very rare Swiss manufactured FSLK15 Flieger-Selbstladekarabiner 15 or “Flyer`s Self-loading Carbine 1915” with German developed Blum Patent 30-rnd Trommelmagazine. Appears all matching. Receiver is unmarked save for SN, SIG having removed the original Mexican markings prior to delivery to Germany during 1915. Has unit marking “81.4” above left magazine area. Fitted with original magazine floor plate, the magazine catches having been modified by the German Flying Corps for the Blum magazine, the rifle comes with an original 30-rnd WWI Trommelmagazine in overall excellent condition retaining over 90% of orig wartime blue and marked “5” and “1185” (these magazines were supplied in sets of 6 for each rifle, 1185 being the SN of the rifle originally fitted with this magazine, which is no 5 of the set). An exceptionally rare rifle and even rarer original magazine that would be the centerpiece of any WWI rifle collection. PROVENANCE: Collection of Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess. CONDITION: Very good to excellent. Rifle is in very good condition plus with 95% plus orig bluing, couple of small areas of patina on top receiver. Bore is good to very good with strong lands but dark grooves. Stock shows scattered dings and handling marks, no cracks. Magazine excellent, 90% orig blue.

anonymous asked:

who are some of your favorite musical artists? i need some new recommendations.

Most of my favorite music is worship music so all of my recommendations are gonna fall there (idk what you were looking for tho) and I’m just gonna give a few albums that are on my rotation rn.

- Bryan and Katie Torwalt’s new album Champion is incredible.
- Vertical Church Band’s new album Frontiers is also a current fave.
- Hillsong’s album Of Dirt and Grace is so good. I’m honestly not that big a fan of everything Hillsong but this album got me.
- Housefires - anything and everything by them is something you want to be listening to. They just came out with a new album too, Housefires III. Powerful as heck.
- Also, when Jonathan David and Melissa Helser’s new album comes out - that one is gold. It’s called Beautiful Surrender. Bethel did a free 48 hr. preview and every song was so anointed but it doesn’t come out until September 30th.

Water Swirls, Gulf of St. Lawrence

Orbiting above eastern North America, a crew member on the International Space Station photographed a dense pattern of eddies in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Caught briefly in the Sun’s “glint point,” reflections off the water surface show an interlinked mass of swirls and eddies in the shallow water north of Prince Edward Island. The swirls are generated by the complicated flows in the Gulf.

The stronger flow at the time of this image was coming out of an underwater channel known as the Shediac Valley. This flow appears as a broad mushroom-head of concentric lines (lower middle). Weaker flows appear as smaller, tighter swirls, all with a counterclockwise rotation, in the center and top right of the image. These eddies formed on the shallow part of the Gulf known as the Bradelle Bank; they are caught up in the slow drift of the main west-to-east Gaspé Current.

The swirls disappear across the top and lower right of the image because the brilliant center of the Sun’s reflection point washes out all detail. Astronauts are trained to focus on the half-glint zone—such as the image center—where water features appear with greater clarity.

Small lines of cloud (lower right and upper left) cast shadows on the water in the dawn light.

Sunglint is a constant part of the view from the space station, so sunglint photography is part of an astronauts’ training. A comparison of astronaut images taken 30 seconds apart shows how the view of a place can change, and how astronauts must adapt during photographic sessions.

Astronaut photograph ISS048-E-71829 was acquired on September 4, 2016, with a Nikon D4 digital camera using a 400 millimeter lens, and is provided by the ISS Crew Earth Observations Facility and the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, Johnson Space Center. The image was taken by a member of the Expedition 48 crew. The image has been cropped and enhanced to improve contrast, and lens artifacts have been removed. TheInternational Space Station Program supports the laboratory as part of the ISS National Lab to help astronauts take pictures of Earth that will be of the greatest value to scientists and the public, and to make those images freely available on the Internet. Additional images taken by astronauts and cosmonauts can be viewed at the NASA/JSC Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. Caption by M. Justin Wilkinson, Texas State University, Jacobs Contract at NASA-JSC.

Instrument(s): ISS - Digital Camera

Going into my last week of ob/gyn, buckling down for exams this week. I have a lot of thoughts to share on this rotations, and this year in general, but they’re gonna have to wait. The next 6 months are gonna be pretty tough for me; I’m trying to make time for this blog, but I’m also trying to prioritize writing in my journal, since it provides more freedom and more space to work through emotions and tough situations.

Going to queue up some quotes that I wrote in the notes I’m currently reviewing (since otherwise I’ll probably lose them) and get back to work. Hope you’re all doing well, and hope to have more time to talk soon!

Smash Mouth: Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me

Me, an intellectual: I was informed that the world will induce me to rotate

Cheater Cheater (Final Rose)

Ping pong… the game of champions. 

The game Team SYLV took way too seriously.

“Hah!” Vanille crowed as she danced around to celebrate taking another point. “How do you like that, Serah?”

Serah glared. “I thought we banned the use of modified equipment.”

“We talked about banning it, but we didn’t actually ban it.” Vanille was wearing goggles that could accurately predict the trajectory, speed, and rotation of incoming shots, and her racquet was specially designed to optimise her ability to strike the ball with accuracy and power.

“You’re cheating!”

“It’s not cheating if it’s not against the rules.”

“Is that so?” Serah’s brows furrowed. “Fine.”

As Vanille smirked and served the ball, Serah readied herself. She waited until the ball was in just the right position before her Semblance flared to life. Most people would have considered this an absolute waste of her abilities, but most people didn’t have to put up with Vanille’s gloating.

Serah’s Semblance was a thing of beauty. It allowed her to alter the flow of time both for herself and for others. Combined with her archery, she could shoot arrows that slowed time for the objects they hit or even use her Semblance to accelerate time for her arrows, allowing them to move far more swiftly than they would normally be able to.

But it went further than that.

By combining her ability to slow time for her surroundings almost to a halt with her ability to increase her own speed by accelerating time for herself, she could do things that should, by all rights, be impossible. When used in this way, her Semblance allowed her to catch bullets out of the air or even dodge the drops of rain from a storm.

She couldn’t maintain it for long, but she didn’t have to.

She just had to keep it up long enough to line up her shot and smash the ball where Vanille would never be able to hit it.

Of course, no technique was perfect. Her ability to slow the time of others was contingent on their own abilities. Vanille had enough Aura that Serah couldn’t hold her still for longer than a second or two, maybe even less if Vanille had really tried to fight it, but accelerating her own time meant that Serah could do everything she needed to do and still have time to spare.

Serah hit the ball.

Time returned to normal.

Serah won the point.

“Ah!” Vanille wailed. “You can’t use your Semblance for ping pong!”

“We talked about banning it, but we never actually did,” Serah retorted. “How do you like that?”

“Yes, yes,” Lumina said as Vanille continued to grumble. “But if we’re going to use our Semblances, I should be allowed to use mine too.” Dozens of glowing racquets appeared in the air next to her. 

Yeul could only sign. “Whatever happened to just playing the game?”

X     X     X

Omake: Don’t Cal It That

Serah smirked and gestured extravagantly. Her Semblance flared, slowing time for the mass of Grimm around them and accelerating it for the rest of her team. They went to work, using the precious seconds that Serah had bought them to thin out the Grimm.

“Behold!” Serah cackled. “Za Warudo!”

Vanille, Lumina, and Yeul all looked at each other.

“We really shouldn’t have let her watch that show.”

An idea?

So I know there are people out there with rocking skills at making fake fr items, right?

Consider fake fr items to represent tarot cards, or maybe at least major arcana cause the whole deck is a lot.
An a flipped set but that is should just be rotating 180 degrees within the item card?

Maybe I say this cause I got the idea to draw cards to figure out lore for dragons ha


“Sullivan is sick with the flu!”

Seriously? I thought we were done with that last rotation!

So, I locked Sully in the boys’ bathroom, and had Scot make him some comfort soup, which cured him nicely, so hopefully we’re really done with the flu now.

The rest of the evening was spent gardening, taking care of Elizabeth, having dinner and doing homework.

In the morning, Scot and the kids headed off to school, and Sadie was left home with Elizabeth. She spent her day gardening, looking after Elizabeth and playing computer games, and then called for Elizabeth’s birthday party about the time Sal and Sully got home from school.