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I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT ANY AND EVERY POSSIBLY JEWISH CHARACTER. but i gotta tell u that holster is jewish and the only thing he knows how to make are latkes. that's it. all he can cook is make latkes. but he teams up with bitty (who got his recipe for matzoh ball soup from online, but it's ok as long as bitty made it it'll be good) and on the first night of hanukkah they make dinner for the haus (+ cait, nurseydex, etc.) & holster skypes w/ his family when they light the menorah @ home it's great

you saying that it’s the only thing he knows how to make is making me picture holster’s dinner night at the haus. like every week it’s his day to make dinner and everyone’s just like, whelp, it’s latke time. someone asks him if he’s ever thought of learning how to make something else, he just stares at them for a minute.

what’s his opinion on applesauce v sour cream though?

Kiki’s tips for clean (thin) lineart!

  • Draw big! The bigger you draw the harder little imperfections will be to see when it’s sized down for your online platform of choice!
  • Use a high stabilizer setting if possible! I use sai’s stabilizer at 15! This will smooth out the lines a bit if you have shaky hands like me!
  • Rotate your canvas if you’re having trouble! Sometimes a particular part of your drawing will be easier to line if flipped upside down or at a 90 degree angle!
  • Use lots and lots of layers! That way you can erase without worrying about erasing other bits of lineart!
  • You will draw the same god damn line over and over again, and it will fill you with hate until you finally get it to look right. This is why I hate lineart. I hate it so much kids. I hate it, but these tips help make it somewhat bearable. 

Being able to listen to Namjoon’s, Yoongi’s and Hobi’s personal playlists on Spotify makes me feel like there’s a connection between us and the boys through songs beyond their own music. Like these songs impacted them in some way and now we can share that with them. And that what’s beautiful about the ARMYs and BTS relationship

Context: Our group had come across a menacing group of Cultist and our group was able to land one sneak attack on the Leader before being noticed, though the damage had been very low. After Initiation rolls, the Leader got the first action and defused the situation and requested we talk out our conflict instead.

Our Group and DM talk for a few minutes before our DM points out our (new to DnD) usually chatty Ranger has been quiet this entire time.

DM (ooc): You okay?
Ranger (ooc): Combat stopped…Does the Cultist Leader still count as being harmed?
DM (ooc): Ya, why do you ask?
Ranger (ooc): Since combat was stopped, has Initiation been reset or is it still set?
DM (ooc): There’s no set rotation. You’re all just talking right now
Ranger: I quickly use Hunter’s Mark on the Leader and fire out an arrow at him
Bard (ooc): Wait
Wizard (ooc): Uhm
Fighter (ooc): I don’t think that’s a good idea
DM: Roll it
Ranger: *Nat20 crit and high enough to hit)* Okay, so…That with Crit was 15 damage, plus Humanoid Favoured Enemy which is plus 2. Colossus Slayer says it took damage, so that is *rolls another Nat20 crit) 8 plus…7, and the Hunters Mark of…5. So in total, I deal 37 damage
DM: Uhhh
Wizard: What the actual ****
DM: Um, ya, the Leader is dead. Like super dead. Like, I’m actually too caught off guard that I have nothing clever to say about how you killed him. He’s just so dead.
Ranger: Iunno, just thought I’d try that out
Fighter: Um, maybe we should focus on the rest of the Cultists and talk about this later
DM: No, don’t worry about the other Cultists, they all drop what they’re doing and you can hear them muttering about not wanting to be killed like their Leader. You can even hear some of them talking about how they never even liked that guy. Hell, some even just cautiously go over to the Ranger and just start asking you about what kind of magic you know and if you could teach them
Wizard: Hey! I want my own Cult!


95z being magnets feat. me in the bg

team australians who hate peter dutton

Also people who aren’t in Australia but have a spare five minutes. Guys - this one is urgent. There’s a pregnant refugee on Nauru who is in a lot of trouble. She’s nearly 36 weeks along and her baby is in the wrong position for delivery - feet first. She also has a large tumour (it’s benign) against her uterus. Doctors need to manually rotate the baby (for which you need a hospital with an operating theatre on standby) or perform a caesarean (for which you need a hospital with an operating theatre).

Nauru does not have the facilities to do this. The infant mortality rate in Nauru is 30 in 1000 (Australia’s is 3 in 1000) and this woman’s chances, and her baby’s, are not looking good. Aussie doctors believe only experienced obstetricians with neonatal facilities are capable of performing the birth and being on site to treat complications. It’s insanely hard to get a visa to visit Nauru, and as mentioned above, Nauru doesn’t have the facilities regardless.

She needs to come here. So. Here’s what you need to do for her to have a chance of coming to Australia and getting the help she needs.


Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton and Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Alex Hawke.

Dutton’s emails are - AND

Hawke’s email is

Just something short and sweet, you know the drill - edit this email to your liking if you don’t know what to say.

Dear Minister [DUTTON/HAWKE],

My name is [YOUR NAME] and I am from [YOUR STATE]. Recently I was made aware of the plight of a pregnant refugee on Nauru. Both her baby, and her life are endangered due to the baby’s breech position. There are not enough adequate facilities or medical staff on Nauru to assist with what may be a very difficult delivery.

Please bring this woman to Australia so she can give birth and recover in safety.

I await your reply regarding this urgent issue as soon as possible.

Thank you,



Usually we’d wait till next week to start ringing, but time is of the essence here. After sending the email, you need to ring Dutton’s Canberra office on (02) 6277 7860, and Hawke’s Canberra office on (02) 6277 4430.  

If you live in Dutton’s electorate (Queenslanders in Dickson) or Hawke’s electorate (New South Welshies in Mitchell) also ring (07) 3205 9977 or (02) 9899 7211 respectively.

If you’re nervous about what to say, the above email can also be worked as a script to the people on the other end. Insist on the call being logged and someone following up with you on the issue. 

It’s two days after Australia Day, and after swanning about welcoming new citizens and claiming that we’re open for all those who’ve come across the sea, a woman may die despite being less than four hours flight from the health care she so desperately need. Email and call these ministers now.


He catches you in the crowd, behind the ocean of female fans, screaming for attention, there he sees you, quietly smiling to yourself, chatting a bit with what he suppose is your friend. You don’t look at him, so he takes his time looking at you unnoticed. You hair, your cute nose. How your eyes wrinkle slightly when you smile with your entire face. Then your eyes meet his. He keeps the connection for a second, before biting his lip, looking down in embarrassment. 
When the crowd rotates, and you end up in the front line, he looks at you closely, and you feel your face heating up.
“Hi. Do you have anything I should sign?” He is so polite you think, handing him a photocard of the whole BTS group.
“Am I your favorite?” He teasingly asks, and as you nod he grins wide.
“Thank you.” You say, taking the photocard back, smiling like an idiot.

“Before I leave, do you have anything you can sign on?”
“Me?”, you asked surprised, not really connecting the dots.
“Yeah, I would like your phone number if you’ll let me have it.” This boy had some game, and of course you gave the number to him, your hand shaking while writing it down on a piece of torn paper from your notebook.

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He is fully occupied doing a silly dance for the photographers in the crowd, aorund you the other fans are cheering and covering their faces .The second hand embarrassment comes easily with the young member. He is cheerful, dancing around, doing a little goofy face for the camera and then he stops. He suddenly looks dumbfounded, and you notice he stares at you. Others are stating to notice too. You go completely blank too, and your face is probably red as a tomato at this point. 
BTs thanks the cameramen and starting to go through the crowd, as they pass by, some stop to wave at fans, maybe sign something and soon enough, V stops in front of you, taking the paper in your hand. You don’t even have time to stop him.

“Here you go” He says proudly with a smile.. you look at the paper.. his signature is in solid black, all over the small letters.
“That.. was actually my presentation for a school project..” You said, smiling vaguely, not really wanting to embarrass him more, but it was worth pointing out, also because that presentation was due today, and you had worked your butt off on it. Cheerishing it so much, you kept a hold of it during the whole day.
“Oh.” He mouths, looking down on the signature.
“It’s fine though, really. I think my teacher is a fan of BTS, maybe this will higher my grade.” You laugh, and he laughs with you.

“Maybe I can make it up to you some day? Can I have your number?”
Now it was your turn to stand there dumbfounded, blinking at the boy in disbelief.

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It was weird watching the usually happy man be at loss for words. But he just mouthed something, looking at you smiling when he came up to the crowd to sign whatever it was you held in your hand. Jimin creeped up on to him, on his side but his eyes were still locked onto yours.
“Yaah.” Jimin came in for a side hug, but J-hope just gently pushed on the other man.
“Wah, go away.” He said with a smile, wanting the orangehaired man to leave.
“Hi” He said to you in the next sentence, taking the paper in your hand, and the pen. Signing the paper.
“Hi.” You said back with an equally huge grin.
“C-could I also have a selca?” he nods and moves to your side. He smells delicious.
“If you get this picture, then can I have your number?” You already had your phone up, snapping a picture, and it caught you looking like a surprised fish, while Hoseok were stunningly flashing a smile at the small camera on your phone.

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You held your phone up, filimg the boys as they made an exit from a building. They came close, waving to their fans. Jimin came up the closest, saying hi to your phone and waving.
You were ready to just die on the spot. He was so close. 
“Helloo¨” He said, bright eyes on you, damn he was fine.
“H-hi.” You managed to get out.
“You are really pretty.” He said casually, “Do you have something you want me to sign?” You nodded, and put the phone down, and pulled up paper and pen from your pocket. 

“This please.” You said, he took it, and signed it quickly, giving it back. You also managed to take a picture with him, and when he was about to leave he stopped, backtracked and appeared in front of you again.
“Actually.. Do you want to add me on kakaotalk?”

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BTS was leaving the building, walking by the fans and some cameras. You filmed it with your phone. Some members waved, and walked by, just like he did, your bias, Min Yoongi. But soon his face popped up before you again, 
“Oh!” You said in suprise, and he smiled a bit, tilting his head.
“Can I have your number?” He casually said, as you almost choked on spot.

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He was actually clingin on V as he looked in your direction. You smiled at the sight, and he looked closely at you, realising V with a smile. 
You managed to get it on camera, and as you took some more pictures, the leader approached you, seeing that you held a pen and paper in your hand as well. You handed it out as he was near.
“What’s your name?”
“Y/N” you answered happily. 
“Pretty.” He said as he signed, and ended it with a smiley face.
“Hey, Y/N, I know this sounds weird, but maybe, I could have your phone number?” 
You choked on your words, stuttering out something inaudible.
He smiled, dimples showing.
“Is that a yes?”
You nodded, he took the notepad from you once again, but switched page from his autograph, took the pen from your hand and wrote down some numbers.
“Actually, here is mine. Be sure to write!” And he gave it back, and left before you could say anything more.

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As Jin walked by, you asked him if he could wave to the camera. He stopped, looked at you, smiled and nodded.
“Sure, anything!”
He said, and you held up your phone, he waved happily, pen in hand.”
“Was that good?” he asked, and you replied positivly.
“What’s your name?” He asked, still with a smile.
“Y/N” You said, trying to put your phoen down in your pocket, but being very distracted by the handsome man before you.
“Actually, Can I see that?” He asked, nodding his head in the direction of your phone.
“This?” You said, holding up the phone, and thinking why not, what could he possibly do with it.. not stealing it that was for sure. So you handed it to him.
“Thanks.” He said, sliding it open, tilted it so you couldn’t see the screen, and then handed it back.
“I put in my number… Sssh.” He did a sch, motion, putting his finger up to his plump lips and smiling.
“Please let me hear from you.” He left the phone in your hands again, waved, and then went on his way. You stood there silently, wondering if you were dead and actually in heaven?

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this is how it is now. you jumped into my life and i had no control until suddenly i did. you were everything i wanted but it was just an illusion. we were tangled in the sheets from dusk to dawn and i would have given you so much of me.

this is how it is now. we were so beautiful for such a short amount of time. we were beautiful until you gave up. immaturity is a blockade of its own.

this is how it is now. things change. clocks don’t stop ticking.

i watch your mutual friends rotate from you to me. i watch you avoid my existence. it feels like knives.

i watch you smile when you are with them. i watch you laugh. you are not thinking of me. it feels like ice.

i have been through this before. i think about you out of habit. you’re the one at every intersection, you’re the one in the back of my head. you are painful.

but i have also been through the recovery. it will stop. the pain will stop. the memories will become vague. space and silence will fill the awkward voids and the unplanned glances.

one day you will smile at me in the hallway and it will not sting anymore. my sunshine will radiate. you will regret letting me go, i will be long gone, but we will be civil. we will be at peace. it will not hurt.

time. we just have the give it time