Black woman suffers racist abuse after taking over @Ireland Twitter account

“A black British woman has been the subject of racist abuse while tweeting from the @Ireland Twitter account.

Michelle Marie, who is originally from Oxford and has lived in Ireland for three years, was shocked after receiving “eight hours of non-stop hate” within hours of taking over the account, which has 40,000 followers.

The blogger and plus-size model was targeted by trolls, with one user telling Marie to “return to your ancestral lands”.

She posted that she was “hurt” by the abuse in a statement posted on Twitter, but said she would do her best to complete her week running the account.

She added: “I expected trolls, and backlash, and criticism. But today I have experienced racism, sexism, fatphobia and homophobia to a degree I have never known. I have had 8 hrs of nonstop hate thrown at me. I am hurt, shocked and appalled.”

The @Ireland Twitter account rotates each week with a new person introduced every Monday morning.

It is run by, an American news website for Irish news, and Twitter users can either apply to run it or be nominated.”

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First FKA Twigs, then Leslie Jones, then Normani Kordei, then Gabby Douglas, and now this.

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Not Just a Cell, a Supercell!

This photo shows a supercell thunderstorm that swept across west Texas a few years ago. The photo was taken near the town of Ballinger, where the storm dumped hail up to the size of tennis balls and produced strong winds that damaged trees and power poles.

A thunderstorm is classified as a supercell storm if it contains a persistent rotating updraft, or mesocyclone. Supercell storms are responsible for some of the most intense severe weather, including tornadoes, very large hail, damaging winds, and floods.

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Omg I just remembered at the party on Saturday, I was on the bouncy castle and my boyfriend said something but he kinda said it in an Irish accent and I was like “why u Irish suddenly” and he was just like “I’m jacksepticeye”

And this kid that was on the bouncy castle gasped and then just silently whispered to his friend “that’s a youtuber” whilst his friend was furiously rotating for no reason.

Les Amis and Myspace
  • Enjolras:had a constant rotation of his friends as his top 8. He rotated it every month and Grantaire would jeer every time it was his turn. Enjolras ignored him.
  • Combeferre:had one of those minimalist pages, with no custom HTML, before it was popular. He does, however, have one of those drop-down alphabetical menu lists of his favorite artists because he loves being a nerd and he loves music. And the artists are all artists before they became popular. It's his pre-hipster phase.
  • Courfeyrac:loved Myspace. It's 2016 and he still owns the domain "" He still uses those old glitter Blingees and once made one as a badge to wear while school hall monitor. He also once advertised a party on Myspace; 200 people came. Courfeyrac did not blink an eye.
  • Joly:started using =] while on Myspace, and never stopped using =].
  • Bossuet:had twice the heart attacks because he had twice the crushes: Joly and Musichetta. At least one of them was always coming online and he'd just seize his heart like, "WHAT DO I SAY?" He even convinced Grantaire he was ill. That was the first time they got drunk together, and the first time Bossuet told Joly he was in love with Joly.
  • Grantaire:used Misery Business as his main profile song when Floreal ran off with that wannabe banker dude. He later apologized when she took him off her top 8 and promised not to let her happiness get in the way of their friendship.
  • Bahorel:was so scene that his profile was seen by thousands, as evidenced by his thousands of friends. His interests included brass knuckles and hairspray, the hair product and the musical.
  • Feuilly:was one of the first to become an entrepreneur on Myspace. He crafted hand fans, posted photos of them on Photobucket, and sold them. The sales really picked up, especially with Bahorel's help.
  • Jehan:used xanga, you sick fucks.
with you

summary: home is where the heart is. shallura.
also read on: ao3
for: @alluran, with a thank you for your kind encouragement to me
part of “the princess and the paladin” series. link to master list here.

She tells him of Altea.

She tells him of home—how when she was young she would wake before the king and the queen and all the knights of the castle and climb the many flights up the tallest tower to lie on the roof. She would just barely make it in time to catch sight of the purple-striped clouds over the horizon, the light of the first sunrise and second moonset spilling over blue-topped mountains covered in evergold trees.

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Also, it’s official w/r/t the host site: I’m going to Uganda this spring for my international rotation.

No, it’s nowhere near where I intended to be (Thailand) but in the end it’s an experience I always intended to have before I graduated. I was a little disappointed to hear that despite applying over a year in advance and making a very impassioned statement about why that was the best site choice for me, all the sites in that continent were full. I’ve been self-aware about not engaging in voluntourism and picked very carefully, looking for a place where I have the most cultural awareness.

It’s doubly frustrating because my parents were more than willing to set me up with an English-speaking physician in Thailand to learn under, but my school dictates that all international rotations must go through this organization. I guess a bit of buyer-beware to pass on to my other classmates. Hopefully I’ll match with a residency program that is a little more flexible on outreach.

In the end, I think it’ll still be a great experience and I hear mostly good things from people who had gone to this particular site before me.

The Other Bangle

* Static arrived at Gammavil, with his cellphone in his pocket and a map of Gammavil in his paw, that he got from Rover on the train there since his old one was outdated. He looked at the map, and even though the town listings stated Bangle as a resident, her house symbol was not specified on the map. Confused, Static went to one of the nearby residents there and asked of their attention.

Static: Um, sir, excuse me, do you know where Bangle’s place is? It doesn’t seem to be marked on the map for some strange reason.

@the-other-bangle @ask-bangle-tiger

Eye Talk-Giant Cell Arteritis

Day two of the visiting rotation I spent with the other neuro-plastics attending. So at the home institution (and I’m assuming most other places) neuro and plastics are two different fellowships. But here apparently they are one? It’s definitely an interesting concept and there is some overlap between the two but man neuro is hard enough on its own and plastics is the most competitive of the fellowships so I can’t imagine doing both of them. I’ve seen tons of cool pathology already, like the kinds of things you study for the boards (myasthenia, pseudotumor, etc). The attending was super chill (see my earlier post, he literally played Pokemon Go in between patients). I decided to do my post on GCA because I’ve actually seen multiple people now at the home institution and here who have had it or are suspected of it and some have had significant permanent visual loss. 

GCA is more popularly known as temporal arteritis and is the most common primary vasculitis (inflammation of the arteries) in adults. It is a granulomatous inflammation that tends to attack the medium and large sized arteries, like the temporal artery and the ophthalmic artery which is the reason why I’m talking about it in an eye post. It is a disease that affects the elderly and it is one of the few true emergencies ophthalmologists encounter. Prompt treatment can help prevent permanent vision loss/blindness, this is not a diagnosis that can be put off a few days.

Here you can see some of the major arteries in the head, all ones that can be affected by this disease. So it makes sense that these patients commonly present with headache (~90%) with it classically located in the temple or occipital area. Another classic symptom is jaw claudication aka jaw soreness with chewing or talking. This is due to the blood supply to the chewing muscle (the masseter) being compromised.

^The masseter

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  • the paladins telling coran and allura about their galaxy
    • allura gets really involved and overly excited and coran just sits back and watches her with this endearing look in his eyes
      • it’s been so long since he saw her that unburdened and happy - if only for a moment
  • the planets and rotations and the satellites and rovers
  • each of their favorite planets and why
    • hunk’s was jupiter, pidge really liked saturn for its weird hyper angle and the rings, Keith never really thought about it but he saw a picture of mercury once that was really cool
    • now, it’s earth
    • lance: “mine’s still ur-”
    • shiro: “Lance!”
  • lance: “my very educated mother just served us nine pizzas”
    • allura: “she what?????????”
    • lance: “i mean, they took away the pizza ages ago because it was too puny to hold up the categorization for planet but then they let it be a planet again”
  • allura gets really offended when they tell her about pluto
    • shiro tries to defuse the situation (”thank you lance for being the epitome of grace”)
    • allura: “where do you get the idea you can decide a planet’s validity by measuring it’s size?” “altea makes your earth look like a speck of dust how do you feel about that?”
      • “fight me for this small, beautiful planet”
  • “allura, none of US were on the decision committee”
    • *suspiciously squints her eyes at them anyways* “you had better not
    • “we weren’t even born yet???”
  • shiro quietly clears his throat to get her attention “my favorite planet was pluto” and her little markings glow up when she smiles

lordanski  asked:

If you tap something four time under your rules, does it complete a full rotation and become untapped?

Well strictly speaking, you can’t tap something more than once. Currently, multi-tapping only happens in half-tap and double-tap increments.

But yes, if you quadruple-tap a permanent (by half-tapping it right times, double-tapping it twice, etc.) then it would be an untapped permanent.

So I’m getting ready to leave for a urology rotation at another institution for A MONTH and it’s very business profesh but I’m also going to be like living a normal life because I have friends where I’m going

And like

How do I pack for a whole month??? That’s so much shittttttt