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38. Who is the most protective of the other?

“I had that.” The rotting corpse falls in front of him, headless. She picks up on the childlike disappointment in his voice.

She whips her sword to the side and the blood flies onto the brush. “I know,” and he sees the smirk on her face as she keeps on walking. The next walker has two more by its side and she does it again before she can even comprehend it herself. There’s no smirk and no disappointment, just a nod to the other, an appreciation of the silence. They move again into the twilight and his eyes are flitting between the trees and her steps, his hand resting at his gun; the other clamped around his knife.

“I’ve heard… things,” he starts. She looks back at him wide-eyed for a second before he clarifies. “Around Alexandria. That I’m—“

“You won’t hear that anymore,” her look is stern and cold when she turns and keeps on walking; something under her skin, but something she’s dealt with. He smiles to himself and follows.

“You—what did you do?” he can’t help but chuckle, whether or not he thinks he deserves her defence.

“Didn’t have to do anything. Just had to remind them that the place is still standing, it’s got walls, and that they’re all alive because of—”

The walker stumbles out in front of her then and it barely growls in her direction before she hears the plunge of a knife through its skull, dead eyes staring back with its jaw open. It drops to the ground, dead again.

“I had that.”

“I know.”

(written by @lnshrr)

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  • Obi-Wan, from where he is lovingly braiding Anakin's hair and adorning it with daisy chains: Sorry, what?
Best Songs of 2015

10.  “Gold Steps” by Neck Deep

9. “Motorcycle” by The Front Bottoms

8.  “Drop” by Turnstile

7. “Before The World Was Big” by Girlpool

6.  “Born” by Rotting Out

5. “I Don’t Like Who I Was Then” by The Wonder Years

4. “The Thrash Particle” by Modern Baseball

3. “Hello Euphoria” by Turnover

2. “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar

1. “Heavy Gloom” by The Story So Far

At the barricades: Defenders of the Supreme Soviet in Moscow before Yeltsin’s assault, October 1993.

This year marks 20 years since the tragic events of October 1993, when the Supreme Soviet in Moscow was shelled by Yeltsin’s shock troops and many defenders of socialism were killed. 

“Rot Front" is organizing a series of commemorative actions in these days of mourning. 


The action will take place on 3 October, 18.00 to 20.00 on Druzhinnikovskaya Street.  

The following organizations will participate: ROT FRONT, EIF, the Communist Party, Komsomol (b), “The Other Russia”, “Working Russia”, “Autonomous Action”, “Kolomna Bush” IGSM. 

At the end of the meeting the participants will lay flowers at the memorial to the fallen defenders of the Supreme Soviet.

Leningrad (“St. Petersburg”):

3 October at 18:00 on Nevsky Prospekt, starting from the Revolution Square

 “Prospectus Black October” - activists lined up along the  main street with portraits of young men and women, defending  the legitimate authority and killed by supporters of Yeltsin. 

4 October at 18:00 in the Campus Martius, a memorial service will be held with the participation of  political parties (EIF, the Left Front, etc.), social organizations and  militant trade unions.

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Tomsk, Russia: Rally in solidarity with Ukraine anti-fascists, June 6, 2014. 

“Our event was a success! We distributed 500 leaflets and collected about 15,000 rubles for our Ukrainian colleagues of Borotba. Very pleased that Tomsk responded to our call and actively supported the Ukrainian anti-fascists! Against fascism! Against capitalism!”

Photos and report: ROT Front - Tomsk

((title)) closed rp with coffeeiisms


     The whole ride there, the whole walk up to rotting front doors, and the creep across the squeaking floor boards… Pete was quiet. He felt no need to say anything. Tweek had said yes, and Pete was going to show him. Share with him.

His church.

Well not HIS church, but an old church he happened to come across some years ago, with a tiny cemetery in the yard, fenced up with vine covered spiked rails. The church itself had a bell tower, the bell was resting on the floor, no longer hanging, it had an auditorium, small with a few wooden benches for the church goers, when it used to be in business, a Sunday school room, with 3 desk and nothing else, a private study for a pastor and-, out back, and through a pair of slanted shutters, was the basement.

Pete often came and painted there, on the tombstones, and he had been wanting to do a mural for some time on the graying inner walls of the place.

Almost in a heat of the moment, though there was no moment, just sitting together, Pete blurted out about it and asked Tweek if he wanted to start the mural with him. And he had said yes.

Once inside the old school room, the desks pushed out into the auditorium, Pete began to set up. The floor itself he covered with unfolded newspaper. All the cans of house paint he’d saved up over the years, some full, some half empty, some only good for a few scrapes, he sat in a cluster near the wall. He placed his cd player in the opposite corner, away from the paint commotion area, and pressed play.

Standing back, hands on his light blue overall-ed hips, chewing his cherry chap stick bottom lip, he stared at the blank wall. What to paint… It needed to be good. Something… AMAZING.


Sverdlovsk, Russia: March and rally on the 96th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, November 7, 2013.

“Taking part in the demonstration were the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF), Russian Communist Workers Party (RKRP), ROT Front, Union of Soviet Officers, Children of War, and Komsomol. The rally was attended by about 700 people. 

"Our slogans for November 7:

  1. Long live the Great October Socialist Revolution!
  2. Long live the power of the working people – alliance of the workers and peasants – no to poverty and oppression by capital!
  3. Bring back the social gains of the October Revolution  - Revive the Soviet Union!
  4. Workplaces to the workers, land to the peasants, science and knowledge to the masses!
  5. No to the division into rich and poor – Give priority to public ownership over private!
  6. No to higher food prices and utility tariffs – Production and agriculture under the control of the working people!
  7. Against the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences – We support social justice and a decent life!
  8. Our cause is just, the victory will be ours!
  9. Forward to the victory of socialism – We want a new edition of the 1917 revolution!
  10. Workers of all countries unite!”

Photos and report: RKRP

Tomsk, Russia: March Against Fascism & Capitalism

Tuesday, November 4 - Gather at 12:00, march at 12:30

Rally 13:00 h at Oblsovprofom (Lenin, 55)

#Tomsk #ROTFRONT #anti-capitalism #anti-fascism friends! Once again we remind you: come tomorrow at 12:00 square in front of the youth square (bus stop M. Gorky). A march against fascism and capitalism will start at 12:30. The rally will start in 13:00 on the Oblsovprofom (Lenin, 55). Come with your friends! 


Red March in Moscow, November 7, 2014

March by several hundred communist youth and workers. According to one report, Comrade Alexander Batov of Rot Front and some 30 other people were arrested.

These are forces to the left of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and its “official” Revolution Day march.


Moscow, Russia: Police attack and arrests at revolutionary communist rally marking the 1917 socialist revolution, November 7, 2013.

“According to the activists of the party ROT Front, claimed the rally was interrupted by the police, with a preliminary ban on holding received. 25 people were detained by police. They were charged with participating in an unsanctioned rally and disobedience to the authorities.”


Tomsk, Russia: Solidarity with Ukraine anti-fascists on the Day of the Great Patriotic War, June 22, 2014.

“On June 22, the Tomsk Rot Front Committee held a representational action dedicated to the Day of the Great Patriotic War. Organizers set out to demonstrate the nature of fascism and the implementation what its implementation meant. The action more than once emphasized its relevance in connection with the events in Ukraine, where the real power rests with a fascist junta, leading a war against its own people in the south-east of the country. 

At the meeting were WWII veterans, veterans choir and other creative groups. Deputy of the Legislative Duma of Tomsk area, Rot Front supporter Anton Sharipov, told about the activities of the movement Union Borotba (Struggle), at its underground struggle against the regime in Kiev. He stressed that now more than ever our Ukrainian comrades need solidarity and direct assistance. 

Also young activists of Rot Front made ​​a special stand dedicated to Borotba, where they demonstrated the conditions under which Ukrainian comrades must operate. 

As entertainment, Tomsk citizens were encouraged to kick Nazi symbols laid out by the organizers.

Via ROT Front - Tomsk Committee