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Meet Me At the Carnival [Part 1] // BTS’ V

What do you do when the person you’re looking for is already gone?

Angst, Carnival AU.
Word Count: 5k.

Part 1 // Part 2 [Final]

I’m looking for somebody. Can you help me find him?

The carnival breathes, it spins, it sparks flames like a firecracker; it is alive. You try to stand firm on the ground, but it’s hard when bodies are sweeping past you like a crescendo wave crashing at all the wrong times. They veer off in every which way to breathe in the magic of the circus: dancing bears, elephants wearing funny little hats, tattooed men juggling five, six, ten flashing knives at once. A clown spinning dishes on a knobby stick. Children grabbing greedily at powdered funnel cakes, fairy floss. Everywhere you turn there is something to see, and there is something for everyone who enters this strange, fantastical land.

Please, he’s very important to me.

Having been deemed unsafe and improper by the orphanage, it introduces itself as a peculiar space from the get-go. Since childhood you’ve gathered and become one with tales of the carnival, yet standing in the very place of those stories now, you find yourself taken aback. The activity is simply overwhelming. Attraction-seekers surround you from all the unpleasant angles, pushing you backwards, forwards, this way and that, like seaweed struggling against the surge of ocean water.

“Move, you’re in our way!”

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☼ gods of egypt ☼ // Nephthys

Nephthys, “Lady of the House,” holds a role similar to priestess in the world of the gods. She is the goddess of death, lamentation, and rivers. Roaming the world of the dead, she rules alongside her consort Set, god of violence and disorder. While Nephthys represents death, she exists as a reminder of the inevitable rebirth that follows.

“Her consort is said to be the devil…a wild dog…fire and fury. But she is as compassionate as ever. My goddess is the gentle push and pull of the Nile’s wake, the slowing breaths of those falling asleep. I see her draped in molding veils and surrounded by rotted fruit and spoiled beer, but she remains as beautiful - and as powerful - as ever. Indeed, she is Excellent.”


The pyramid texts of Teti I’s pyramid.

Teti I (2345–2333 BCE) was the first king of Egypt’s 6th dynasty, and was buried at Saqqara. Preserved within his pyramid are some excellent examples of pyramid texts. Pyramid texts are ancient religious texts from Egypt’s Old Kingdom, and are possibly the oldest known religious texts in the world.

The spells (or “utterances”) written are primarily concerned with protecting the remains of the king, reanimating his body after death, and aiding him in ascending to the heavens.

The following is a translated section from the pyramid texts of Teti I’s pyramid (‘Utterance 373’ via: Miriam Lichtheim, Ancient Egyptian Literature, vol 1):

“Oho! Oho! Rise up, O Teti!

Take your head, collect your bones,

Gather your limbs, shake the earth from your flesh!

Take your bread that rots not, your beer that sours not,

Stand at the gates that bar the common people!

The gatekeeper comes out to you, he grasps your hand,

Takes you into heaven, to your father Geb.

He rejoices at your coming, gives you his hands,

Kisses you, caresses you,

Sets you before the spirits, the imperishable stars…”

Photos courtesy & taken by kairoinfo4u.