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Rosyy how do u feel about the last words Bellarke said to each other?


“You too.”

I feel like those words were more of a love confession than either of them were capable of at that moment. To them, saying I love you was a good bye. It was the end of the world. It was, may we meet again. 

What they said was the opposite of may we meet again. It was hurry. come back. be with me. 

They could not say goodbye because they wanted to be together. 

I love you meant goodbye. It was an intention to keep living, or maybe if they couldn’t, to die together. 

The more I think about it. The more tragic it is. 

And of course, rather than hurrying, it is a long 6 year wait.

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Rosyy I know Bellarke will become canon sooner than later, of that im 100 % sure, but this is exactly what i didn't want for Clarke and Bellamy relationship !! The whole kidnapping, handcuffing, locking up and gun pointing its giving major CL vibes and the horrible toxicity that characterized it

Yeah, but you know, Bellamy was not disempowered. Bellamy took his power back and changed the situation, which is something Clarke was never able to do. In this situation, Clarke is Lxa. Bellamy is Clarke. Bellamy is not in a fragile state of mind. He isn’t being preyed upon, he isn’t being used as trophy, his life isn’t being held in place by threats.

Actually, Clarke’s role in this whole episode was very passive, she was in the Lxa role, but she was not acting like Lxa. She let Jaha do it. She let Miller take him down. She let him be imprisoned. She ran away from talking to him. And when it came time for her to take action, and stand in her decision and keep him from leaving, she did not. 

So lookit. We are definitely replaying the lxa stuff, and I think that’s very important. But the way those vibes play out in the Bellarke relationship are very different.

Bellamy does not want revenge on her for a previous betrayal.

Bellamy is of sound mind.

Clarke did not want anything from Bellamy when they kidnapped him.

Bellamy is not separated from his people and support system.

Clarke is also kind of not in charge of this plan. She’s not full on Lxa. She’s not certain she is right but Jaha is and she lets HIM make the plans. In that aspect, we can see how the Lxa situation is still affecting her.

Clarke has taken power over Bellamy, this is true, but their situations are not nearly as unequal as Clarke and Lxa’s were, where Lxa was the indisputed ruler and Clarke was the isolated, disempowered captive.

Bellamy also immediately takes active part in this story, hurting his wrists so he can get medical attention and work with his allies within the bunker. Because he has so many allies, they had to be careful about who guarded him. The opposite of Clarke who was completely cut off. 

Perhaps the most important difference is that Clarke actually listens to Bellamy. She doesn’t try to tell him he is wrong, she doesn’t try to tell him he is crazy, she doesn’t tell him it’s his fault, she doesn’t try to shift the blame or excuse her behavior. She KNOWS she’s done wrong, she just feels she has to do wrong to save everyone, and Bellamy knows this. There’s no gaslighting here. The domination is all physical, without any of the emotional or psychological manipulation we saw in Polis. It was, officially a rescue and then an arrest. Misguided though it was. He is one of their people, not a foreign dignitary or a cute chick you screwed over and haven’t seen in three months. 

Listen. It’s important to look at the similarities we see in these situations and see how they are affecting the characters and the story, but we also need to pay attention to the dfferences. Where is there power? Where is there domination? To be honest, I haven’t worked through the whole thing yet so these are some pretty raw thoughts that might change. But I have too many asks to spend this much time on one answer. Gotta leave it the way it is.

I’m on my way from misery to happiness today~ ♫ uh-huhuh-huh uh-huhuh-huh 

Hello, everybody! I’m Rosyie aka lame  I am really excited to be apart of this group. I have nevah been apart of anything based around the medieval times, or whatever you call it. I’m a huge fan of like GOT and Outlander, but liiike have never had confidence in actually trying to play a part in it (but look at me now, trying to be adventurous this summer). Anyway! You can address me with the basic she/her pronouns, or ya know just call me Rosyie… Just chillin in the basic EST time zone, and I’m also nineteen so yeah, I’m still a baby in my eyes. All the good good stuff is under the cut, so if you wanna plot and stuff you know the thing…just like this and I’ll be at your front door.

TW; Murder mention? Yeah.

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Rosyy im so worried about the ppl in the bunker, are they still alive? Do they still have food, water..? Did Kane make it inside?? Are they living peacefully?? How are they going to make it outside if basically all of Polis ruins are covering the bunker D: omg

Kane is inside. He organized the culling. 

I am also worried about the bunker. It always worried me with all those war like factions who learned nothing. I dont’ know what they’re going to do down there. 

The bunker should be self contained and self sustaining. They should be able to live in there the way they lived in MW or The Ark. An extra year shouldn’t damage that. I hope. 

The politics are scary. 

I was always worried about the rubble of Polis on top of that bunker. But what I think is that with a mining ship landing, they will have miners who have the equipment and expertise to excavate Polis. Because that’s what miners do. Excavate. How convenient.