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anonymous asked:

Rosyy how do u fell about the idea of something happening between bellamy and raven (in a romantic level) .... I wouldn't mind to be quite honest

In fanon I’m okay with it. I am not against it. I love Bellamy and I love Raven, I have nothing against either of them. There’s nothing harmful in their relationship. But in canon I don’t see it happening at all. 

They did that. They slept together. It was not satisfying. It did not fill any needs. It did not make it better. They did not have that connection. Not THAT connection. It wasn’t that much to talk about. Canonically. 

They are friends. They love each other. They are family. They defend each other and tease each other and give attitude, but I do not see them as a romantic couple. When people complain about Bellarke, saying that men and women should be allowed to be friends without forcing romance onto them, I think that’s THIS relationship. They are great friends. This to me is the platonic relationship that everyone talks about. And it’s a great, supportive one. 

Not only do I not see a romantic chemistry between them, but Raven deserves better. Not that I don’t think Bellamy is wonderful, but he is canonically and according to Raven herself, devoted to Clarke. And Raven deserves to come first, as did Gina. And with Bellamy, Clarke comes first. I mean, you can argue that Bellamy doesn’t feel that way about Clarke, but Raven said it herself, so why in the world would she settle for someone who is devoted to someone not her. 

She wouldn’t and she shouldn’t. No settling. She’s better off by herself than to settle for someone who wasn’t all in the relationship. Not to mention, she’s already had that with Finn, and she already decided that wasn’t good enough for her. 

I know a lot of people love Br.ven so I’m sorry if my perspective conflicts with yours, but I’m just not on that ship. I don’t think that having sex means you have to be in love, fall in love or have a real connection. They did it, and it was in canon. I just don’t think it means they belong together. Sorry again.